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Cristina Saunders

Cristina Saunders
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Nearest City: 

Fort Collins


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$2.00 / min

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My gift of psychic insight through use of tarot will answer your questions regarding romance, employment, relationships, business and finance. Conversations with me will allow you to address sensitive and private matters and overall concerns that you are struggling to resolve.

My purpose, mission and commitment is to support you by providing clarity and insight - no question is too direct, sensitive or confusing - please unburden yourself by asking about whatever is on your mind.

I will share with you what comes through regarding those you ask about, your children, pets, work life, love life and perhaps the afterlife as well. These messages are yours and I am blessed to share them with you - our conversations remain confidential.

You may request a reading through the Click 4 Advisor portal, email me or call - You will find my contact information listed on my website. For any request, please list 2 to 3 dates and time frames that would work for a reading (so I may quickly confirm).

Situate yourself in a place free of distraction, where you can focus on your questions and the reading. Some clients prepare themselves with a pen / paper to take notes - often, I will indicate to you certain cards that have significance in your readings (it can be very insightful to see what cards may be surfacing repeatedly during readings, so we can address them specifically)...if you'd like a call scheduled ASAP, please don't hesitate to ask.

I've been reading tarot for nearly 8 years and for every reading, I request that Source allows me to be a clear and open channel to the messages of light and love. Because I am an Empath and a Psychic Medium, each reading is exclusive to you.

Thank you for visiting, I've been expecting you.

Additional Information: 

I am an Ordained Minister, attuned for Reiki I, II and III (ART) as well as a Karuna Reiki I and have several years of experience in performing this form of energy healing on friends and clients. After being attuned, I was drawn to reading Tarot and have been doing so for 8 years. Working with my Rider-Waite deck most often, I read tarot 3 days a week at Northern Lights Crystals, Books and Gifts in Fort Collins. Under the handle iHearTarot, I have a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, where I post daily tarot card readings.

I have meditated under the direction of Brian L Weiss MD (author of Many Lives Many Masters), am a current student of palmistry and continue to expand my horizons through transformational work such as WorldWorks Leadership training and the women's group, Arkitekt.

Tina is hands down amazing with what she does. She is the epitome of professionalism, has a way with her words that's very connective, and respectful. For anyone interested in discovering more about Tarot or themselves, I highly recommend her services."
Noah Thomas - March 25, 2017

"Just had a reading, and it was lovely! It was insightful and seemed to really apply to my personal situation. I left this reading feeling like I had been helped in my life and it put me back on track. She was very sweet and knew I needed a reading before I did! Thank you so very much! Highly recommended!"
Alisha Rowe - February 7, 2017

"Just had my first ever Tarot reading, graciously channeled through Tina. Wow! I feel lighter as I walk my path."
Caitlyn Marie - March 28, 2017

"Mind blown! I left my reading with Tina C. feeling clear, confident and more excited about my future. The reading with her eased a lot of my concerns and I felt more connected and sure of my path. Her reading was so accurate and soothing. I highly recommend her!"
Cassandra Osterberg - January 9, 2017

Listed since: Apr 7, 2017


Cristina shows up in the Spirit of Namaste towards the querent. She zoomed into the circumstances surrounding a love one immediately during the reading. I took notes and look forward to the unfolding of events. She had my promise I would give updates of those things that come to pass. I use to read Tarot for others. Numerous times, I was hired to do parties. What strikes me most about Cristina, she is for real, she really cares.
I was guided to Christina at a Holistic Fair sometime ago. Immediately sitting down with her I felt a surge of energy and still do everytime I enter her space. She reads cards and uses her intuition to get the truth...even if it stings a bit. If you are ready for a truth filled experience see her. You won't get any fluff. Only realness. Several things she's said have come true already. And my situation was very complex. Seeing her has helped me heal tremendously and I will continue to see her.
Christina gives honest guidance, she's a very good tarot reader. She's nurturing and understanding of what your going through. She tells you the truth not just what you want to hear and she's very optimistic and supportive.
I have had two tarot readings with Tina and am amazed at her ability. Each reading that I had with her answered my questions and gave me a clear sense of direction. She truly has the gift of psychic insight and I highly recommend her!
Working with her has been a joy. She understands my needs and understands how to deliver messaging that I can understand. It is clear she has honed her skills and I will be returning for more.
Cristina has read my cards several times over the years - all readings have proven to be spot on target with both short and long term predictions proving to be accurate. Cristina is always professional, practical and best of all compassionate in her readings. I have never been anything less than awestruck in what Cristina manages to "know" without having any exposure to areas she details. Cristina is a true talent - she can be trusted to connect with life that is otherwise invisible.
This young woman is truly gifted..born with an old wise soul., she has amazing intuition and insight ... I am privileged to know her.. she is truthful and uses her wisdom to give you insightful information to help you guide your own path. Bravo wise guru

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