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Psychic Aria Norman utilizes a plain-language, targeted, focused approach. Within a conversation that feels like two friends talking, she delivers extremely thorough psychic reporting, and maintains a relaxed sense of fun and humor. Aria's readings, via her guides, are intensely particular about words and phrasing. Efforts will be taken to make sure that your psychic reading is understood, by you, in language that is precise and exact. Aria receives a psychic 'ping' during your reading if the language, or even just a single word being used, needs to be more clear, or empasized. She often hears words clairaudiently. When this happens, if the context is unusual, she will recognize and immediately act on the need for their definitions to be looked up. These look-it-up moments will always make a greater, deeper recognition of the message. Most of the time, the words looked up and defined are being used in the archaic definition, or they are rare or complicated words. Clients have said this indicates that Aria is tapped into venerable, scholarly guides. She is fond of reminding her clients "You will not be listening to my personal opinion. And if I happen to mention my personal opinion, it will be for contrast, absolutely not for advice! Instead of my opinion, you will be listening to that which is annexed on your greater behalf." Yet Aria manages to sound modern and relaxed during your reading despite the connection into precise language, spirit elders and universal wisdom.
Some of Aria's long-time clients volunteered to aid the writing of this bio. Here are a selection of their phrases they attribute to her:
"master diagnostician"
"master detective"
"a psychic with surgical precision"
"uncovers a lot of layers in one session"
"cuts though the noise"
"intuitive prowess and communication skills"
"a whole new level of clarity, sophistication and usefulness."
"when it comes to answering questions psychically, ask a question, an answer comes out of her like a vending machine and it doesn't stop till you 'get it'. "
"She uses no cards, and has no organized group belief systems. Her readings are very pure."

Psychic skills and psychic coaching skills:
Aria excels at performing psychic coaching for business and career success. Here are a few examples:
Are you headed for a meeting and you have goals for that meeting? A pre-meeting reading with Aria will assist you in making sure you get the most meeting achievement and forward movement.
An interview? Your pre-interview reading with Aria can prepare you several ways. The most important way is to let you know the motivations and intentions of the person(s) interviewing you in advance, in addition to the conditions you may find waiting for you in the company culture.
Investing? Or professional research? She can tune in and give you intel before you move forward, so that your time and resources are maximized.
Relationships? Romantic, workplace, family, community, online. . . Aria's guides have taught her that relationships are life, eveything is a relationship, even relationships to inanimate objects, or relationships to habits or processes. Aria can look inside the mechanics of your relationships, assess, bring understanding. Her guides typically will advise specific new behaviors in addition to showing previously unseen angles you may have never thought of before. When Aria looks at your relationships, typically the reading will help your whole life.
Parent-child issues? A very important reading! Parent-child relationships are particularly blinding. Many problems come from an unseen place. Aria will look at how you and your child or parent can help each other. She will show you each other's deepest intentions, and where those blind spots are, what you owe and what you don't owe to each other. Parent-child relationships clear up fast when blind spots are given clear vision!
How is your corporate team? Aria has a half-day program to build teams and individuals.

Would you like a better functioning overall life? First, Aria can look at you and tell you who you are, how you use your energy. This gives you a view of yourself from the standpoint of the guides who give loving wisdom from the beyond. She sees how the guides and angels see you. Second, do you you know exactly and precisely how you, personally, are psychic, all the time? Everyone is psychic, no exceptions! Aria can uncover exactly how your unique psychic ability operates in your everyday life. Her how-you-are-psychic-everyday reading is not encouragment to trust your vibes, nor the santized, the one-size-fits-all "Step one, meditate, step two be aware" This is very different, unique to each person, and highly specific. You will reconize yourself.
One-on-one coaching for psychic development is available for all levels, beginner to advanced. Aria has been successful in bringing professional psychics to their next optimal levels.

Additional Information: 

Aria Norman is an excellent psychic entertainer for social events. She is also a fantastic psychic development educator for one on one coaching, workshops, and corporate team training. Her corporate team training is unmatched!
Visit, click on parties and events, or google Aria Norman Psychic Evolution.

Aria was born to a family of psychics, and Aria is the first of her family to use psychic ability as a full time career.

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Chicago and Kansas City

You can also text 773-609-1434

Listed since: Jan 16, 2018


Wow! talk about accurate! Amazingly accurate blown away by the message received that in 48 hours presented itself. I’m Grateful to experience the magic that is Aria. Aria has delivered kindness, wisdom and clarity to me several times in my life when I required it most. Aria's is friendly, loving and clear with her messages and guidance in one word POWERFULL! Jj
The worst that can happen after a session with Aria is that my day gets better, my mind is more peaceful. The best thing that can happen, is that I have clarity and am able to make choices that I didn’t dare to dream were possible. My possibilities open up and I feel grateful. Even when I have a session that is in between those 2 options, I feel love, I heal, I grow. Every time.

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