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Aria was born to a family of psychics, and is the first in her family to make a professional career of metaphysics and healing. Aria was born an interdimensional adept, an Empath, post and pre-cognitive, and a seven-clair psychic.

In 1973, Aria was fascinated by her improv training with Martin deMaat at Player's Workshop of Second City in Chicago. She watched as Marty taught improv by giving his students notes for scenes -- notes which would actually be highly accurate psychic readings by Marty -- about why each student made the improv choices they did. After delivering the psychic reading aka as scene notes, Marty would ask them to play the scene again, yet choose a different and more true, more "right" path in the new scene. In this way, he was a psychic healer, and surprisingly he was Aria's first and most important psychic readings teacher.

In 1994, Aria began nine years of self-directed training in various forms of energy healing. Beginning with Mark Earlix' The Art of Healing, and training with Mark exclusively for over three years. Aria was in the very first seminar Mark Earlix taught in the Chicago area.

In 2002, Aria was told she "had to" give a psychic reading as the first section of a spa service called an 'Intuitive Blend', at Chicago's Ruby Room, where she was employed as an energy healer. She had never thought of herself as psychic or intuitive, but after the first few sessions, her psychic reading career took off suddenly, and in a very big way. Aria left Ruby Room on good terms and with gratifude. She went on to teach her own Creation HealingTM energy healing after her guides showed her that she had, over time, developed her own healing modality.

Aria taught and continues to teach and coach psychic and mediumship development in one-day workshops and one to one phone sessions.

She gained a wide audience for her public psychic channel events by performing group readings in Satsang-style in several Chicago groups, most notably Preston and Emily Klik's wildly popular 'Give Peace a Dance'.

Aria has entertained, given fascinating and fun psychic readings, at hundreds of events and parties since 2005. Her psychic reading focus is rational, logical, and verbally accurate communication. In 2011, the Chicago Tribune interviewed Aria, and named her " . . . a psychic evolutionist”.

Aria's readings have strength in their words and phrasing. Almost every word you hear in a reading with Aria has been carefully chosen by her psychic information guides. Aria and her guides make every effort to make sure that you understand your reading in those exact chosen words.

Professional Success
Once you provide a short accurate description of your goals or problems, Aria can tune in on highly specific intel, so that your time and resources are maximized. Aria has worked with consultants, product developers, Hollywood writers and producers, medical researchers, therapists, inventors, real estate and wealth management professionals, technology managers, hotel and tourist destination projects, and more.

Business/Career Readings
Aria excels at performing psychic coaching for business and career success. Are you headed for a meeting? Do you have goals for that meeting? Do you wish you knew what other's goals are for the meeting? A pre-meeting reading will assist you in making sure you get the most benefit. Do you have an interview coming up? Your pre-interview reading with Aria can prepare you several ways. The most important way is to let you know the motivations and intentions of the person(s) interviewing you in advance. She will also tune into the conditions you may find waiting for you in a company’s culture.

Psychic Life Coaching
Would you like a better functioning overall life? First, Aria can look at you and tell you who you are, how you use your energy. This gives you a view of yourself from the standpoint of the guides who give loving wisdom from the beyond. She sees how the guides and angels see you.
Second, do you know exactly and precisely how you, personally, are psychic, all the time? Everyone is psychic, no exceptions! Knowing your primary psychic gift can help you in your everyday life. Aria can uncover exactly how your primary unique psychic ability operates in your everyday life. These how-you-are-psychic-everyday readings are not encouragement to trust your vibes, nor a sanitized, one-size-fits-all "Step one, meditate. Step two be aware.” This reading is very different, completely unique to each person. You will recognize yourself.

Aria looks inside the mechanics of your relationships, and brings understanding to you. She can access the motivations, intentions, and emotions of specific people. Her guides typically will advise specific new behaviors for relationships of all kinds, give you insights. and most importantly, show you previously unseen perspectives you may never have thought of before. Parent-child relationships are particularly challenging, in that many problems come from an blind spot. Aria will look at how you and your child or parent can help each other, exactly where those blind spots are, what you owe and what you don't owe each other. When Aria looks at your relationships, typically the reading will help your whole life.

Psychic Development
A personal favorite, on the phone or in person, in small groups or for individuals. What could your life be like if you had proof that you could trust your intuition?

Psychic Entertainment
A very large part of Aria's work is as an unforgettable and fascinating psychic entertainer for social events. Fun and funny, lively and warm-hearted, Aria is very mainstream-friendly, and will ensure your event is an extraordinary experience for all.

Some of Aria's long-time clients have described her as:
"master diagnostician"
"master detective" (non-crime related)
"a psychic with surgical precision"
"connection to ancient teachers"
"logical unfolding"
"uncovers a lot of layers in one session"
"cuts though the noise"
"intuitive prowess and communication skills"
"a whole new level of clarity, sophistication and usefulness."
"Ask a question, an answer comes out of her like a vending machine, and it doesn't stop till you 'get it'. "
"She uses no cards, and has no organized group belief systems. Her readings are very pure."

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Chicago and Kansas City

Private readings are on the phone.
Video chat readings are available by request.
In-person appearances are available at your party or event, also available booked for by the week or weekend for retreats, wellness centers, yoga studios, bookstores.

Visit, (be sure to click on parties and events)

If you get her voicemail when you call, please do leave Aria a message. She will get back to you asap, thanks!

You can also text 773-609-1434

Listed since: Jan 16, 2018


After every conversation with Aria, I feel a sense of peace and clarity. She has never steered me wrong. Even when a reading doesn’t make sense or resonate at the time, it has a habit of coming to fruition with time. Her coaching style mixed with her precise psychic abilities (although she never gives herself enough credit for it) not only gives me clarity, but also makes me feel empowered and in control of my own destiny. I’m very grateful my friend referred me to her years ago.
I've met several top local psychics through the work that I do. Aria Norman is the only one I turn to when I need answers and direction around a sticky or confusing situation. I was drawn to her warmth, humor and down to earth manner. Her energy work is spot-on and her readings deliver helpful insights. To get a taste of Aria check out her lively and entertaining discussions on her Psychic Psybling program with her brother Jamie on Facebook.
Aria has helped me immensely. Her readings are accurate. Her energy healings are extremely powerful and very effective. She’s calm and centered and has appropriate boundaries. Her guidance has helped me so much and I have felt a profound shift feeling less anxiety and worry and more joy and happiness.
Aria is a genuine intuitive - so many of the things she has said came true but what makes her work really special is the wisdom, generosity and intelligence that she brings to the reading. My fondest dreams felt possible and her advice was rock solid; practical and true.
I have been going through a particularly difficult time this year, and have needed to reach out to Aria more lately than in years past when I would get readings from her. Typically, I am very self-reliant, and very intuitive in my own life, however, there are times where we need the help of others. I feel so deeply blessed to know Aria, and be able to tap into her talents. She helps me through areas of my life I am unable to see clearly, which in turn helps my intuition.
Aria loves her gift and lovely shares it. Her gift is the capacity to alert you of multiple dimensions interacting in your mind, soul, and being. Beyond the reading, she did some "clearing" of energies in my being. I not only felt it when she did it but reminds present in my mind and soul as a very useful resource. Her gift is also manifested in her deep caring and very clear communication. I am surprised to be writing reviews of this sort, or at all, but one has to share the blessings.Thanks
I highly recommend Aria if this is your first time getting a reading or if you've been getting readings for years. Aria herself is a delightful, kind, caring, and ethical individual with clear communication. I feel I am never left with any unanswered questions and sessions are always thorough. I am so grateful for the helpful insights and cannot say enough wonderful things. Do yourself a kindness and book a session with Aria. Cheers to your journey!
In Aria you with find someone willing to really work to find the answers your seeking. She understands that you are coming to her for specific needs, and allows you to get directly to the point, not telling you information that could be told to anyone... She also will help you with your own intuition, should that be something your interested in. She is a wonderful coach, and teacher! Aria is kind, thoughtful and very professional. I would never hesitate to recommend her!!
Where to begin. I've been working with Aria only a short time, but I feel as if she has helped me heal in the last couple of months more than I have in my 40 years on this planet. And I've been in intensive therapy since I was 16. Thank you again, you beautiful, divine gift and teacher/advisor. I could say more, but trust me when I say Aria is the real deal. She has integrity & handles her clients with grace & compassion. You'll be glad you chose her as part of your spiritual journey.
Aria was delicate and understanding. She told me things that blew me away about my situation and even offered my guidance to follow up on outside of our call. To me, that shows she truly cares about her clients, not just trying to make an extra dollar. I hope what she says comes to pass.
Aria was spot on in sensing many truths about my situation (like, uncannily so) and was able to offer clarity about future possibilities. She was smart and and kind in our session, and was able to be very honest. Really recommend her.
I’ve been doing readings with Aria for a few months now and I can’t even describe how much she has helped me, she’s always so positive and everything she says has been accurate to date. She is extremely professional and I love talking to her! Thank you so much!
I started my call with Aria and i was anxious as hell, tightness all in my back, neck and shoulders. Aria understood everything I was looking to learn about, she was kind, sensitive to my needs and my anxiety... she delivered her answers confidently and was honest on everything she could feel and couldn’t. She worked so hard for me. She kept checking in with me too to make sure i was still interested in continuing. By the end of my call, I was so very relaxed, all my tension was GONE.
Aria gave me a very insightful and accurate reading. She's the real deal. I highly recommend.
Aria is thoughtful and more insightful than any Psychic I have talked to. Her calm manner is one to return to. When you first speak to her, you will be anxious to talk again when that call ends! Aria listens closely and picks up everything about you. She gave me an idea about something that was causing me anxieties I have made the suggestion she gave me part of my life. I am more relaxed and am thankful. Aria is accurate. She is honest and clear. Call her and feel better.
Are you ready to look within and do the inner work to grow and change? Then reach out to Aria. She blew me away as a clear and accurate psychic that really cares! More recently, she has been coaching me in refining my own psychic skills as I begin giving professional psychic readings myself. She clearly sees and conveys my challenges, keeps me accountable and relentlessly supports me as I resolve them. I am a better reader now and doing what I love because of her help. Thank you Aria!
Can't say enough about Aria's skill as a Psychic and Medium. She nailed it and nailed it genuinely! Her reading accuracy, business professionalism, combined with her authenticity as a person and a communicator with Spirit is so refreshing. Highly recommend...
Wow! talk about accurate! Amazingly accurate blown away by the message received that in 48 hours presented itself. I’m Grateful to experience the magic that is Aria. Aria has delivered kindness, wisdom and clarity to me several times in my life when I required it most. Aria's is friendly, loving and clear with her messages and guidance in one word POWERFULL! Jj
The worst that can happen after a session with Aria is that my day gets better, my mind is more peaceful. The best thing that can happen, is that I have clarity and am able to make choices that I didn’t dare to dream were possible. My possibilities open up and I feel grateful. Even when I have a session that is in between those 2 options, I feel love, I heal, I grow. Every time.

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