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Rated on Chicago's top ten best psychics. I come from a family of psychic mediums. My mother had the gift of being a medium which was passed down to me. I noticed at an early age that I was able to see events in the future which came true. At first, I hated it but with the help of my mother I was able to accept and use my gift to help others.

A big turning point in my life was when I became ill with pancreatitis and double pneumonia. Doctors told my wife that I was not going to make it and I should be flown to another hospital that specialized in pancreas issues because mine shrunk so much that they thought I needed a transplant. While I was in the hospital I went into a coma and had a near death experience. It was the most amazing experience of my life.

When I left my body, I went into the most beautiful light that I have ever seen. I was still me but I did not feel the same. I had no more pain and everything was serine. The light embraced me and gave me the most comforting euphoric feeling that I have ever had. I realized that I was looking at the world in a new way and everything was fluorescent and brighter. There are more colors on the other side than there is here on earth. I felt as though this is where I was supposed to be. I felt as if I was home.

All of a sudden my mom appeared with my aunt who passed several years earlier. I felt so much love and understanding. For lack of a better expression my mom showed me how easy it was to get around. Traveling is very easy to do on the other side. We almost instantly went to Las Vegas where I saw my brother in law gardening. I saw what clothing he was wearing and what he was gardening for which when I came out of the coma I told him what he was wearing and doing. He told me that I was exactly right!

What seemed like a short time was really a few weeks. All I remember is my mom pushing me back into my body. I tried to resist because this was the most peaceful place that I have ever been, but she told me that I was not done here yet. I immediately woke up surrounded by my wife and doctors. I officially had a near death experience.

I've been psychic my whole life but it has taken a lifetime to come to understand it the way that I do now. After my near death experience I was able to see spirits clearer. My psychic abilities are much better and I am able to use my gift to help others. My spirit guide, Carl is the source to all of my information.

Now that I have been on the other side, I understand the spiritual world better and am able to help spirits pass along messages to loved ones who are in need of comfort.

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Rated on Chicago's Top Ten Best Psychics

Listed since: Aug 4, 2012


I’m so thankful to have a telephone reading with Andrew. He provided predictions and insight that were spot on with my career, family, and child. In 2021, he had a reading with my sister that predicted that i would have a son. I didn’t understand it at the time since I was pregnant with a baby girl. Unfortunately, i ended up having a miscarriage with my baby girl. Fast forward to 2023, I now have a beautiful son born earth side. I’m amazed with Andrew’s gift and would highly recommend him!
WOW. I am going to get to the point. I did a reading with him 2 yrs ago and he made 3 predictions. 1. 2 babies are about to join my family on a niece or nephew side. Both of my nephews had their first child last year. He said I had lower abdominal issues but I was going to be ok. Last year I had a tumor removed. No clue it was there. He also said I would meet the man I will marry in Oct/22 I met someone 10/22 . We are not married but I feel he is the one. I had another reading today .AMAZING
Andrew is outstanding and was able to reveal things with me I did not imagine. He knew things I never spoke of to anyone or even to myself out loud. My husband and I will be in listing his advice I personal and business affairs. He has become family.
I had my first phone reading with Andrew this week. It was excellent! He connected with many of my loved ones in spirit and gave me very specific messages from them that only I could validate. Amazing! Andrew also described a few events upcoming in my life that I look forward to seeing come to fruition. I highly recommend Andrew! He is very kind with a great sense of humor. He is a truly gifted psychic medium!!
I had a reading with Andrew and I can honestly say that he is AMAZING! He connected with my loved ones who have past and described in detail many things that only I would know to be true! He was very kind and really helped me find closure for my aunts recent passing. I highly recommend him, he definitely helped me find healing and comfort in knowing that my dearest loved ones are syllabus with me! I
I did a reading with Andrew and he contacted my son who had recently passed to the other side. It was spot on and amazing. I left with a peaceful heart knowing my boy is still with me. Thanks Andrew
I'm A little late on writing this review but, Andrew has changed my life in so many ways! My reading was 100% accurate and I'm looking forward to seeing him again. I tell all my friends and acquaintances to see him, he's that good :)
I have had 2 email readings with Andrew and each time he has amazed me by his detailed email readings. He is fast in replying back which is great if we are seeking answers urgently. I highly recommend his email readings.
He is amazing! He was able to describe events and people in our lives that I have never told anyone about.I was very skeptical but he is the real deal. Take up to date pictures with you and he can tell you all about that person. I took old pictures and he told me about that person at that time. He did ask if I had any up to date pictures, I was sad I didn't.
Andrew amazed me! He started telling me things about my life without asking any questions! Things about my parents,my child and just life along with a photo I had shown him. No one else could have known what I pray for.he said I should know parents who are passed give their approval for what I prayed for,when I pray I have actually asked for their one could know what my heart prays for unless I told him! Go see Andrew you will never question what he tells you
If you want a good reading...Andrew is the BEST! I have seen so many different psychics over the years and he really puts everyone else to shame.He was able to tell me right away about my occupation, love life and he even knew my neighbor was having an affair after showing him a picture. I've never known any psychic that can look at a picture and tell you all about that person. He also hit it on the spot when he connected with my deceased mother. He gave me specific messages so I knew it was her

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