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Everyone has a Soul Story. Are you ready to read yours?

It can answer those big questions like why you're here, what's your purpose and how to live aligned to it for maximum fulfillment, success and happiness. And who doesn't want that?

Your Soul Story (aka the Akashic Records) is the Book of You - a multi-dimensional spiritual biography that holds your entire history of experience through all times, spaces and dimensions. Your Soul Story can help you:
- Understand your purpose
- Release invisible blocks, fears and resistances that interfere with your health, happiness & well-being
- Receive insights, information or inspiration so you can elevate your health, relationship of any kind, or your career/business/finances.

Your Soul Story reading can open you up to healing, inspire solutions and help you move through any situation or circumstances with more grace, peace and happiness than you might have imagined possible.

Think you might be ready to take your Story off the shelf? The website is full of information on the what's, where's and how's of doing just that.

Don't forget to download your FREE Soul Story Connection Kit on to shift a pain point in 3 simple steps!

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So, how do I begin to tell you how I got here doing something I love and helping others to do the same? Well, let’s see …a long time ago in a far away land...

Actually, it wasn't that long ago. Or even that far away for some of you! I was born in London, England with strong intuition, but it took nearly over 30 years to see it as a blessing rather than a curse. Being told I had a disease with no cure led to exploring other ways of healing and a whole new way of living and loving life ... read more at!

"My reading with Alicia was so very enlightening. First, she has such a calm and serene presence, even over the phone, that I immediately felt comfortable and connected with her. She was able to make remarkable connections with a few souls with whom I was connected in unexpected ways. I was truly able to feel the emotion and love coming through. She was also able to provide validation about some experiences I’ve been having, as well as help provide clarification regarding a big decision. They way in which she guided me was so gentle and very enlightening – I’ve not experienced this with others. I am so very grateful for the knowledge Alicia has imparted and I cannot wait to speak with her again." Anne Mastropietro

"Before my reading with Alicia, I was experiencing anxiety from post-traumatic stress . After my reading, I feel like the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders. I was able to talk about my trauma and see the beauty that came from it. I felt light-hearted again. Before the session, I was unable to go out without feeling overwhelmed and my reading immediately released that feeling. The best part was connecting with my father and a couple friends who have recently passed away. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alicia. My reading was life altering. " Laura Connelly

"As part of my Akashic Record Certification, I had my first Akashic Record reading ever last week. Alicia was amazing and I felt the connection she had with the Record Keepers were very strong and free flowing. I was told my connection and love for horses goes way back and that I can draw on these ancestral skills today – this explains a lot! I also got some amazing and very practical, step by step advice regarding my business. Something that was very welcome, and I am in process of implementing these steps right now! A little nugget about what may come in my love life was much appreciated too! All in all an awesome experience and I am very much looking forward to my next reading!" Vibeke Francis, Reiki Master Healer & Teacher,

Listed since: Apr 11, 2011


I love working with Alicia. She's most geniune--after her sessions, I feel much clarity and lightness; experiencing growth and expanded awareness. She gently and intuitively guides you in exploring where you need to go. Working together, she'll assist you in understanding what needs attention, and then, guide you in letting go of whatever needs to be released.
I have been struggling for a few years with a growing sense that I am not living up to my full potential because I am scared that I am just not good enough. I've never understood where this fear came from, and, until today, couldn't seem to move past it. But within minutes of entering my Akashic Records, Alicia found the root, and with her loving and compassionate guidance helped me heal the part of me that was so hurt. I thank my lucky stars that I stumbled upon her somehow - she is amazing!
I met Alicia on Facebook when I was exploring to learn about Akashic records. I am learning from here about how to open mine and others records to assist them. Just recently I have had a chance for a reading from her. Alicia is so gifted. She has been able to take me to the areas of my life where I needed some guidance and assurity if I am on the right path. She has been able to get into my past life and helped me to see how those gifts from my past life can help me in my present life.
Alicia gave me my first SoulStory reading the other day. It was such a magical experience. A recording of the session was sent to me but I took a long time time get up the guts to listen to my voice. Finally, I got myself to sit down for a listen thinking I would cringe, which is what I normally do when I hear myself. This did not happen which surprised me. For the first time I was feeling comfortable in my own skin. Thank you Alicia for your nurturing, transforming session.
My first Akashic reading with Alicia was literally life changing. The shift that occured for my husband and I shortly after has revealed a beautiful truth we never knew existed. She has this amazing way of revealing to you your higher self. I highly recommend Alicia for anyone that is seeking to increase their inner strength and create more happiness and well being.
Alicia is a grace-filled, crystal clear channel of pure LOVE. The radiance of this LOVE underlies all of Alicia's work...spiritual coaching and intuitive reading at the highest level.
I absolutely love Alicia and feel so blessed to have found her. She has so many gifts and has such an earthy, inspiring and loving way of communicating her messages to you. She helped me clarify my relationships with many people closest to me n a time when I needed the insight, and also provided me with some practical yet profound tools to create more joy in my life and my business. Have your soul story done, you will have such a renewed perspective on your life. I wold recommend her to anyone!
This is my 3rd session with Alicia in the last 8 months. 3 different subjects: sense of self-worth, soul purpose, and relationships. Each time - I experienced a continuous and progressive energy shift towards greater self awareness and personal evolution. Once she establishes the sacred space and she 'taps' into your personal auric energy - it is experience like no other! Highly intuitive and mindfully gifted. Genuine and authentic. She is the one! There is no other like her!
Wow - what an exceptional reading. I am going through a growing/transition phase in my life although I an 45. Alicia was able to confirm I on the right path, even provided resources to further my success. Our connection was instant and empowering. I highly recommend her to all. She utilizes intuition with her coaching background for outstanding results. She will be a resource for me for years to come I can tell already. Don't wait to change your life for the better. Contact her today.
I just had my second reading with Alicia. Like my first time she amazed me. She helped identify issues right on and explained ways I could get over them. Her voice and tone indicates how much she cares for those who call her. Thank you Alicia.
My time spent talking with Alicia left me amazed, excited and inspired. It has taken me a couple of days to fully absorb everything Alicia shared with me and I am left feeling very satisfied and more curious than ever. Alicia put me at ease and her kindness meant so much to me. I definitely will be working with Alicia again as I continue down my path of enlightenment and healing.
I was really impressed with Alicia and would highly recommend her-- and already have to my mother. She spotted my issues right away and helped me find ways to heal both over the phone and in daily practices. She is kind and smart and clearly very intuitive!
Alicia was extremely accurate in her reading of me. She mentioned many things regarding my rearing as a child that were right on target without ever asking leading questions. She is very lovely and kind and it was about the most positive reading I've ever had with a psychic. I came away with a much better feeling about my deceased father with whom I had a difficult relationship with while growing up. For that I am most grateful and finally at peace with. Thank you Alicia.
I have worked with Alicia several times. It has been incredibly helpful in understanding my purpose for being here, as well as having a deeper understanding of those who are in my life. Not only is Alicia kind and never judgmental, but she is one of the most visual intuitives I have ever worked with. She sees things in vivid and holographic ways that have really helped me have perspective on this life and the nature of our world.
Call right now--I mean it! I had a reading with Alicia yesterday and feel anyone and everyone who has any questions about their Soul Story or wondering how to get back on track in their Life can sincerely benefit from her warmth, integrity, insight, healing and compassion. From the moment we first spoke, I was washed over with a sense of calm & peace, and knew Alicia would discover what I needed to hear to heal and regain the love and joy in my own life. Just call--you'll be thrilled!!!
I had my first reading with Alicia. The moment I heard her voice there was a sense of calm. She is very friendly, humble, nurturing and compassionate. She does a wonderful job of explaining things through her intuitive abilities. My session with her was very helpful and I can't thank her enough for helping put things into perspective.
First, WOW! She connected with me immediately. She was spot on and in a positive, supportive and kind way. She helped me so much get through a difficult situation. She was very respectful and I felt safe to work with her. She didn't try to sell me more sessions or healing or candles, which showed integrity. In fact, she is the opposite, not wanting anyone to be dependant on her. She offers a safe space in her lovely, positive, open hearted way.
I have never been so humbled by any experience in my life as by my over-the-phone reading with Alicia. Once a non-believer in psychic guidance myself, my defenses were cast down the instant I heard Alicia’s voice on my voice mail returning my call for help. I knew I could trust her & I was SO right. I was floored by Alicia’s sweet, nurturing, and uncanny ability to unveil my unconscious past with her immense talent. Thanks to her, I can move forward from self-doubt and LIVE in self-awareness.
Alicia is a gifted intuitive & Akashic Record reader. She validated & answered questions about concerns I had, before I even posed the questions! She addressed past life occurrences w/ such clarity, that it shed an immense amount of light on, & brought awareness & understanding to present circumstances. It was a succession of crystal clear AHA! moments! Alicia works from a very kind, nurturing & gentle place and when working with her, you feel a vibratory lift. I highly recommend her!
Amazing. Truly. Alicia's intuitive and energy healing skills have been a vital part of my life and growth for years. Be it personal, professional, financial, health, grief or love, she has helped me shift, heal and better understand myself and my life circumstances. Her intuition runs uncannily deep, and her ability to share even the most difficult-to-hear information with grace, compassion and strength is such a rare gift. There is always a bigger perspective, and Alicia can always help find it
Over the past 10 years, I have worked with Alicia on a number of personal issue. She has helped me to understand myself, my motivations and how to work through my challenges. Although she does not know my personal history, when she opens my records she has been able to see my life and my blocks and helped mto shift things. After a session I feel that I have the strength and wisdom to move forward. I have worked with her to understand family tensions, career challenges and personal growth.

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