Yoshie Miakoda Chihara


Hawaii Psychic Medium Yoshie Miakoda Chihara PAS CSNU.

We help you connect with your loved ones in the Spirit World.
-An Award Holder in Evidential Mediumship (Spirit Communication) for Private Readings and Public Platform Demonstration from the World's Largest Spiritualist Organization, the Spiritualists' National Union of Great Britain.

-Awarded The 2013 Arthur Conan Doyle Prize for "achieving a very high standard in completing the Platform Accreditation Scheme (Mediumship Certification) by the Spiritualists' National Union of Great Britain."

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Offering telephone, Skype, Vibe, and private in person readings. Please visit our web site at http://www.yoshiemiakoda.com or www.spiritualsolutionshawaii.com for more information. We will be honored to be part of your spiritual journey here on earth. Also offering mediumship development workshop and seminars.
We look forward to serving you.

Listed since: Mar 29, 2010


Yoshie is so Awesome. She brought closure and understanding to our family when we felt there was nothing else.
My family and I, 5 of us had a group session with Yoshie. It was a mind-blowing experience. Yoshie connected with so many people in my family and friends who are no longer here in the physical so accurately. She told us things that we had forgotten about. It was an incredible experience. We all cried and laughed. It was so much fund but enlightening experience. Our family thank you from the bottom of our heart! Yoshie is amazing.
Me and my sister had a reading with yoshie and it was so amazing. We had a lot of family members and friends come thru. Yoshie is such a loving person and on point. She told us things in detail about our love ones it was life changing. We cried tears of joy and we even laughed with some of our loved ones. I will always remember this day it was worth every dollar and more. I'm already thinking of going back. I have family members and friends that also will be booking a reading. Thank you yoshie❤️
Such an amazing experience. Yoshie told us things that nobody else would have been able to know. I felt like I was visiting my loved ones and it was priceless. Thank you so much for giving me closure and peace, from the bottom of my heart.
I would like to thank Yoshie very much. My son and I were very pleased with our reading. Some things we will have to figure out as they may be coming up. The one person I was hoping for did not come through so I will probably schedule another reading. She explained that that spirit probably let everyone else go first, which sounds right. We were very pleased with our session. I needed the closure from my parents and sister and she gave that to me. I so respect her and her gift.
Hello Yoshie, Thank you for your time and being flexible in having a distance reading as I was unable to get to your place, to see you in person due to my condition. Your reading valuing highly human's potential gave me courage, to see myself with hope continuing to move forward along with my plan which I have established within my power over the past years. It was such a great confirmation to allow me to just focus on my work to do for now/new without having doubt and fear.
Dear Yoshie, I am still on cloud nine tonight from the reading I had with you today! Wow what a wonderful early Christmas present, thank you! Another great 60 minutes full of laughters with my loved ones. Again you are such a gifted and talented Medium, so grateful to have found you. I'ts because of your warm personality that the spirits come thru, I am sure of it. FYI I harvested lots of fresh ginger today and enjoying a cup of hot ginger tea! Monique C Honolulu, Hawaii
I had a session with Yoshie a few days ago and I feel so much more at peace. I was a bit skeptical before I walked in to see her but i been in grieving over a loved one and something free me to her. Yoshie immediately described my loved one and gave me his message. So much hot filled in my heart!! I got that closure that I needed and the grieving process is so much easier. I know now there really is an afterlife. She is a beautiful person.
I was in deep grief from a recent loss of my beloved mom, and trying desperately to reconnect with her. I believe I was guided to Yoshie, who is not only beautiful in appearance, but more beautiful in her heart. It was my very first time to have a session with a medium, and I was quite nervous about it. Yoshie put me at ease. I was amazed with her accurate interpretation; the words and the tone she used were exactly like my mother. Thank you Yoshie for such a wonderful experience!
Yoshie is the best medium on this island, no doubt about it. I have seen Yoshie on several occasions and every time she comes thru with details and events that she could not have known. She is caring and fun and I believe that our loved ones can communicate clearly because of her personality. We just had so much fun and lots of laughters with my last reading because of the messages that were coming thru. Thank you Yoshie, you made my day! You are the BEST.
My session with Yoshie was amazing, she knew nothing about my family and my deceased relatives and she was right on! They came to her and relayed information to me through her. I believe in Yoshie and her abilities and will see her again soon!
I have had several readings with Yoshie, and I keep coming beck because it is so much fun to have her communicate with my "dead people!" She was able to learn who they were by correctly interpreting the details they provide to her, so I knew who was coming through. She was able to connect with them so closely that many aspects of their personalities were able to shine through from wherever they are now. Wonderful affirmation of our eternalness!
Just came out of a reading and I'm flabbergasted! It's mind boggling how much she knew about my deceased brother, those things that even my own family didn't know! It truly was a transformative reading experience. I totally feel calm and so happy now that I know my brother is fine and watching over me! Thank you Yoshie for the amazing reading!
Yoshie has a wonderful way to bring spirit alive. With her specific details regarding the person in the spirit world, there is no doubt that my loved ones are still around me and taking part of my life. Through her mediumship she is able to bring back memories which I have almost forgotten and which give me proof of survival. I can feel her passion and dedication to this work and how deeply she is connected with the spirit world. She is truly a channel to the spirit world.
I found Yoshie in the fog of my grief and heartache. I intuitively found her and booked her without any hesitation. She was so kind to accommodate my family and myself into a medium session. She gave us comfort in communicating with my mother who had just died as well as other family members with important messages to us. So much healing has taken place because of her insight. I have seen her regularly since and I am so grateful for the spiritual guidance that she eloquently gives.
Yoshie is incredible. Her accuracy and ability to tune in to what is going on with you and what your true path should be is incredible. She has also been able to communicate with and identify with loved ones who have passed. There is no denying her accuracy because she pointed out clues and characteristics that she could not have known. Her bedside manner is very kind and generous. I have been going to her for years. I have consulted other psychics/mediums but she is the most talented.
I have had two amazing sessions with Yoshie, who is a very warm, caring and accurate psychic medium. Immediately, upon beginning our session, she contacted several relatives with accurate physical and personality descriptions so that I knew who she had contacted. Information Yoshie provided regarding my concerns was very helpful and much needed. I highly recommend her as she is a very skilled, accurate and compassionate medium.
I have experienced readings with Yoshie, and each time, I was amazed at her ability to tune in and be so precise with the information that came through. She is very sensitive and caring and without a doubt, Yoshie is extremely gifted as a medium! I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to connect with loved ones who have passed on.
When we visited my family in Hawaii, My girlfriend booked a reading with Yoshie for me as a present. I was blown away. Everything was spot on, exactly on point. She connected with my deceased parents so accurately and knew even when and how they passed. She even repeated the exact words my mom said before she passed. She also described my cousin so accurately and how he was taken to the other side...from a tragic accident. I don't know how she does it but she is incredible! Thank you Yoshie!
Yoshie is perhaps the most accurate psychic medium with whom I have had a session. Physical and personality descriptions of spirit persons are spot on, as are descriptions of relationships. Yoshie is patient, thorough, caring and skillful in facilitating dialogue with spirit persons. At the beginning of the session, Yoshie is able to immediately discern its purpose and concerns to be addressed. Having participated in classes she has led, I also recommend her as a teacher for mediumship.
I went to my first mediumship reading with Yoshie hoping to connect with my loved ones, but still wondering if I would get enough proof to convince me 100%. Yoshie definitely delivered. She was able to connect with my grandmother who had passed and described her with such detail. Yoshie knew her name, Ann, and also knew that she had a stroke leaving her right arm incapacitated. She is the best medium I have ever known. I highly recommend a reading with her.
I entered my session with Yoshie being very nervous. I was completely impressed with Yoshie. She, not only brought my parents, who had passed, to me but she had a wonderful personality which made me feel so relaxed and comfortable, like she was a long time friend. What she expressed about my parents could not have gotten on line. Everything she revealed about my parents was very true. Yoshie was outstanding and I would recommend her to anyone.
Yoshie is a warm, caring, loving soul who has a genuine concern for her clients. She is an excellent medium and I have had the privilege of receiving spirit guidance and taking mediumship classes from her. She is always so positive and uplifting and a pleasure to be around. She is much more than a psychic - she is able to facilitate deep connections and healings with loved ones that have passed over. I highly recommend Yoshie for connecting with spirit.
Yoshie Miakoda Chihara is an excellent medium I have been in contact with Yoshie for many years and throughout that time she has on numerous occasions gave me some wonderful evidential information from my loved ones in the spirit world.
Yoshie knew the most astonishing things about my grandma who recently passed and our relationship. I went in with no expectations and I was completely blown away. I got some closure on some things! Definitely need an hour with the amazing and talented Yoshie!
Yoshie was such a caring,warm and talented Medium that she was able to connect with my extended family today! It was such an amazing experience and this was my second visit and both times she was successful. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to contact their loved ones. Yoshie you are truly gifted, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now I am at peace knowing that my family are all together. SMC
I had a wonderful reading with Mia. Her loving guidance from my Spirit Guides regarding my gifts and the direction I am to take with my work was so valuable, accurate, and comforting. Mia also delivered a loving message from my dear Grandmother whom I miss. She also gave me a message from my deceased Grandfather whom I never met, but now feel close to. Thank you, Mia, for your loving gifts of Spirit. You are a terrific Psychic Medium and you helped me a great deal!
My session with Yoshie Miakoda Chihara: My husband and I were desperate in connecting with my sister who died of cancer three years ago in April. We had several readings with so-called “mediums” in the past, but none of the mediums were able to connect with my sister. I remember our coming home feeling extremely heavy hearted and disappointed. We found Yoshie's website. I told my husband that this would be our last try. We were extremely pleased that we gave our last try. Not only was she able

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