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Messages from those in spirit come with love, support, humor, healing and wisdom. Every reading is profoundly different. I connect with your Passed loved ones, Angels and Guides, and I read energy of all kinds including auras, medical issues, energy of land, homes and businesses. I also work with psychic youth and their parents to assist with support and a healthy navigation of these abilities. My abilities have been with me all my life and I have had an adventurous path winding my way through religion, conservative community and family. I have had many people who have transitioned from this life to the other side and now I have returned to this work full is why I’m here.

I see, hear and feel the spirits and subtle energies coming through in the readings and give as much detail as possible. Many times, what doesn’t make sense to me in a reading is exactly what connects with my client. I give clear, direct readings free of edits and interpretation with as much detail as possible. Readings are usually a little over an hour and I schedule all Readings with plenty of time between to allow for the all the information to come through and feel complete.

Whenever you’re ready, the connection and messages are waiting for you.

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Located on the Hawaiian island of Maui and offer in person Readings as well if you find yourself in my neighborhood. I do my best to offer a variety of phone reading times to allow for most time zones. Please call or email me to book an appointment. It’s a pleasure to be of service and I look forward to reading for you!

Listed since: Oct 24, 2019

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