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Teresa is a gifted psychic-medium and medical intuitive, with over 30 years experience. Over the years, she has proven herself to be a very accurate reader with an innate ability to connect with those who have passed on before us. She accepts her gifts with deep gratitude and considers it an honor to convey the messages she receives with clarity, compassion, integrity and respect. Her mission in this lifetime is to help others find their way and provide answers through the use of her gifts and unique insights. In preparation for each reading, Teresa asks God for protection as she connects with her higher self, her spirit guides, and the angelic realm. A reading with Teresa is one you will not soon forget.

Listed since: Dec 27, 2020


I recently had a reading with Teresa and was so very impressed with her extraordinary ability to provide such insightful messages with such amazing accuracy. She is truly a remarkable intuitive. Her warm disposition is comforting and the precision of her instinctive communications will leave no doubt of her gift.
I contacted Teresa to review some quite intense health issues I've been struggling with. She worked to pinpoint the starting points of the problems and made suggestions for seeking out the right help with as much direction as possible and went out of her way to help in other ways. So far she seems very kind and understanding. I'm looking forward to following up on the suggestions in order to determine if they will provide the resolution I need. I would recommend her.
I came to the reading hopeful but skeptical because of doing the reading over the phone. However, there were things Teresa said that she could not have known otherwise; they were too accurate and too detailed to be guesses. One thing that impressed me was how adamant Teresa was about not knowing anything about me and making sure I didn't reveal personal details to her. Throughout the reading, Teresa was extremely kind and gave me all the time I needed to ask questions. She is the real deal.
I just received a brilliant Medical Intuitive Reading by Teresa. She was extraordinary. She scanned my body and saw so many issues I was having. Some I didn't realize too. She was able to feel emotions, events, issues I had in my past and also coming up in the future. I am so pleased. She is so worth working with. She is also very gentle, kind and generous. I was able to ask as many questions as I needed until we were done. God bless her! Jan -4-15-2021
Teresa is amazing. She described me as well as living and departed family members as if she knew us! I was truly surprised to hear VERY accurate descriptions of my mother and grandmother who have both passed, and these were so detailed that there was no doubt who she was talking about. It was uncanny! Teresa is truly gifted, as well as warm, kind, and easy to talk to. I will definitely be contacting her again.
I am so glad I chose Teresa to provide a reading for me. She is warm and caring and makes you feel at ease the first moment you speak with her. Teresa was spot on with her reading and provided information no one else would know about family and health issues. Teresa has amazing abilities to connect with your body to identify issues as well as connecting with spirit to feel comfort that our loved ones are always with us. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift!I look forward to another session!

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