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Humble compassionate & uncannily accurate are just some of the ways in which former Hollywood Psychic Medium Syd Saeeds clients describe his readings.
(also considered to be one of the top 20 Spiritual Advisors in the world today.)

He is honored to be listed on Best Psychic Directory alongside many of his gifted peers. Syd prefers to avoid the limelight despite his showbiz roots. Instead dedicating his gifts & time for the greater good of his ever loyal, loving clients.

Throughout his website & readings, Syd wishes to share with the world his wisdom, insights and indeed love for his fellow man as well as the "Gift" that Spirit has bestowed upon him in conjunction with some of the intricacies of the human psyche.

"Syd does not believe that one's destiny is completely pre-ordained as we all have free will and freedom of choice to influence the future outcome of our lives".

Before booking a reading with any psychic it is imperative to do some research, read the persons testimonials etc and most importantly trust your intuition regarding the reader.
Chances are if you do not feel some sort of connection with the person beforehand, you will not have a satisfying outcome to your reading.

Above all, a reading should be a positive, enlightening, uplifting experience whilst
enabling you to move forward in life with some form of clarity.

Over the past 20 years of doing readings, Syd has proved himself to be a very popular Psychic-Medium renowned for his great accuracy and humble attitude with an ever-growing client base all over the world.
Please check out his website where you will find further testimonials, Insight & Inspiring words written by & about this extremely gifted, truly Spiritual man.
Respectfully with love

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TESTIMONIALS WOW Syd read for me and so many of his predictions made sense as well as the information he had on me being spot on. You have given me hope for the future and also you gave me the strength to get through the funeral today, massive thanks for that!! Oh and unbelievable he knew where the sodding TV remote was that went missing and that blew me away. If i doubted anything this along with your knowledge of me and my work made me believe. Thank you so much. heartily recommend this man! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Syd, just wanted to say a massive thank you. You will recall a few weeks ago, I was feeling down, dejected and ready for packing in the acting. You warned me off doing that and told me to hang on as you could see that I would get a part on a particluar TV show this year, even naming the show. You also told me that there was even more to come in 2012, possibly a regular character in the same show. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Syd, Last week I received a call from my agent stating the casting director of said show wanted to see me and today, and I gt the part. I really do not know how you do what you do, but I am glad you do it. All I can say is... Thank You and Roll on 2012. ANON ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi Syd, thank you do much for your wise words. Although only time will tell if what you say comes to light, you have given me hope and confidence to continue. We have never met, yet your advice on how to proceed is spot on as I know now that what was my downfall, and by correcting that, what you saw for the future hopefully will follow. Thank you again. Anon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Syd loved chatting to you last night even if it was 12.30 am British time and I have to be up at 6.30 am!! I am so blown away at how accurate you are all I had to do was mention a name and you were able to tell me everything even down to how some one walks!!! lol!!! There are lots of other things you told me which you had no way of knowing and by you telling me finally put my mind at rest over lots of matters. May your light always shine brightly, I am soo proud to be your sister, may you be blessed in all the ways that your heart desires and much more besides!!! x x Sheena ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SYD - You did it again! I asked you about a friend who had gone into hospital and was not answering calls ... 3 weeks ago ... you told me what you thought the situation was including what was actually wrong with him .. and how ill he was and had been very near to death .. and an empty bed ... and white sheets ..... TODAY I got confirmation that you were 100% spot on .. that you had told me exactly, practically word for word what he told me himself! ... Love having you in my life .... Trust and Believe in you 100% ... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU xxxxx Anon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Syd you are so on the money with your reading and guidance cannot believe that things are now happening as you saidwould be the case this year for me - people you can trust this kind and selfless gentleman you can only benefit with knowing the comfort that he is telling you the truth as I have experienced this first hand - a true person can only give you truthful advice!!! Thanks so much xxx ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You're too good Syd that it's almost scary, but a good scary!!! Thank you .. Anon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Syd .. the secret admirer showed his hand tonight .. unexpectedly and was just as you described lol ... spot on again! .. Anon x ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Listed since: Jul 16, 2011


Syd is amazing, if you want a true psycic reading call syd! Omg he is shocking. Don't waste your money on anyone else! Thank you Syd.
Acute intuition, deep and unparalleled insight, wisdom, compassion, empathy, sensitivity and humility. Syd Saeed embodies all these qualities and more. He is, without doubt, the most gifted and genuinely caring psychic whom I have had the privilege and pleasure of knowing and consulting regularly on a de facto basis.Syd is extremely professional at all times, always deferential and respectful in the way he communicates with you and dedicates time to understand your questions and issues.
I have to say "Syd is in the top of his feild for a good reason". He has given me 3 reading each extremely accurate about what is going on in my life. Even quoting the exact things "I say to myself" confirming there is a definite connection to the other side. I had an idea for a new business and he told me what my vision was without any questioning. I highly recommend Syd with no hesitation. Kelly Garner
I tend to be very careful (and reluctant) when writing testimonials for psychics. However, I have absolutely no reservations whatsoever when it comes to Syd! He is amazingly accurate in describing people and situations and his predictions about a new job came true as well as the time frame he said it would come about. On top of that, Syd has a beautiful heart and soul! He will always be my go-to person for any guidance I may need. He tells the truth & leaves you with a sense of hope and optimism
Dear Syd, I reached out you when I felt lost on March 27th, 2012 and we talked the next day. You told me that I would land a dream job in 4 to 6 weeks, before the end of April. Guess what!? I started my new job on 23rd of April, 2 days before 4 weeks. All important things that you told me have becoming ture. I just want to tell you that you are amazing! I am a big fan of yours. I will call you again whenever I need a help. Actually I already called you 2 weeks ago. Jennifer
In a word amazing – I find his insights to be accurate and his advise proved to be spot on. I would recommend Syd to anyone with a difficult problem, his insights can be counted on as facts and data.
I have talked to Syd a couple of times. He has been spot on with situations, people involved, personalities, everything. He has a big heart and it shows. I'm looking forward to seeing if his predictions come true. Thank you for being so kind and amazing with your gift. He's the real deal.
Genuine and spot on and such a kindred spirit is Syd. He has read for me twice once via skype and once via messaging. His first reading predicted an event to a happen and it did much sooner than i expected and he was sooo spot on with details. I am still waiting on developments regarding other details given and I do not doubt that they will come to fruition. Syd will be straight up with you and the decision is yours to take. I won't be seeking guidance from any other again...!
I cannot believe that in my midst there is a "seer" such as Syd (ooooooh! all rhymes that does!) and trust me, i have seen LOTS of psychics in the last 20yrs to know within the FIRST 60secs whether theyre going to be any good or not..i love the fact that Syd will tell you it ALL, not holding back until you have given an "extra tenner" he just tells you what he gets..thats one trait i hope he never loses..cant WAIT for our next "conversation" things are slowly starting to unfurl....this is REAL!!
I highly recommend Syd, through the darkest periods of my life he has given me hope and inspiration to pursue the path I walk on. He has an amazing aura and works from his heart, whilst speaking the truth in an empathetic way. The truth is what sees you through, Syd has been so accurate with his information. He is the real deal and there is not another psychic I would go to as I trust Syd immensely.
Syd's psychic ability is uncanny. He is a genuine intuitive with exceptional ability of clearly seeing any situation. His answers are focused, offering clear, in-depth explanations. His words are positive, uplifting, and his knowing details verify his spiritual connection is pure, and trustworthy. Overall his positive guidance leaves one better equipped to handle one's individual challenges, and life lessons. Thank you, for your help. I encourage & highly recommend everyone to seek his counsel.
Syd is an amazing medium. He has read for me now a couple of times and has been so accurate and spot on with all the information he has given. He is very empathic and very honest person who works with the utmost integrity. I would recommend him highly. Thank you so much Syd xx Love and light Audrina xx
I recommend Syd highly - not just as a guide but as a person. Syd reminds you that there is much more to this world than what we see with eye. You will consider yourself "lucky" after speaking with him. Respect Syd -James
THE REAL DEAL! Yes, Syd is the real deal and he has helped me immeasurably. A very sincere, sensitive and down-to-earth guy, who works from his heart, with integrity. He sees everything just as it is and speaks the truth, whilst giving gentle, but wise information. I trust his advice without doubt. Thank you Syd.
Syd has been a friend of mine on facebook for a couple of years now, I dont know how we met but I remember saying hi one evening and ever since then have always kept in touch, whether it be a quick "hi, how are you?" or inbox messages back and two. Either way I have always had a special link with him. He has helped me through a really tough time & his readings are spot on every time. I am truly blessed to have him as a friend and I thank god for this. A gifted soul who I'd highly recommend :)
I was all ready for quiting the acting profession, the rejection was getting to me. I contacted Syd to ask if I was doing the right thing. He told me to hang in there as it was soon to be my time. He saw a role in a soap, even naming the show and another possibly larger role next year in the same show. Two weeks later I recieved a call asking me to audition for that very show & I got the part. Only a small part in one episode but it was exactly how Syd said. Roll on next year Thanks Syd
I’ve seen a few psychics over the years and I began to think all psychics where rip off merchants playing on folks vulnerability; asking lots of questions to coach information out of their client. Syd never did this; his reading was so spookily accurate that I am no longer a sceptic! Syd Saeed is a beautiful person inside and out and I will never use any other psychic again. Syd Saeed is the one for me!
syd is the most spiritual person i have ever had the pleasure to work with, he read me like a book from day one and constantly his uplifting words and readings guide me through this tough life. love you syd xx
Amazing, Accurate and Actual reading done based on my present situation. Syd is a very wise guy who sees beyond! I have taken on board his reading and not yet disappointed. Thank you very much.x.
I've had Syd read for me and he was spot on. Almost scary!!! , but Syd is an amazing person and I thought I would give it a shot...AMAZING is all I can say!!! Syd has an old soul that see's beyond...Thank you, Syd! :-))
Syd, Has read for me on 2 separate occasions. To say he is phenomenal is an understatement. He told me things that nobody else knew. Everything he told me was exactly how my life has played out..He hit on everything and I do mean everything that was going on and has happened in my life..Read People that I have dealt with to a T... Incredible and what they have done to me..... not only is he beyond amazing, he has a heart of gold and is an amazing. soul.....
Syd has been reading for me for over a year and in that time has been 100% spot on with all his readings. He also reads for close friends and family and is developing his mediumship skills. I cannot recommend him highly enough! .. Had lots of readings in the past but wouldnt let anyone read for me now except Syd! 5 stars for love, relationship career and destiny readings from me .. humble, caring and down to earth.


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