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Humble compassionate & uncannily accurate are just some of the ways in which former Hollywood Psychic Medium Syd Saeeds clients describe his readings.
(also considered to be one of the top 20 Spiritual Advisors in the world today.)

He is honored to be listed on Best Psychic Directory alongside many of his gifted peers. Syd prefers to avoid the limelight despite his showbiz roots. Instead dedicating his gifts & time for the greater good of his ever loyal, loving clients.

Throughout his website & readings, Syd wishes to share with the world his wisdom, insights and indeed love for his fellow man as well as the "Gift" that Spirit has bestowed upon him in conjunction with some of the intricacies of the human psyche.

"Syd does not believe that one's destiny is completely pre-ordained as we all have free will and freedom of choice to influence the future outcome of our lives".

Before booking a reading with any psychic it is imperative to do some research, read the persons testimonials etc and most importantly trust your intuition regarding the reader.
Chances are if you do not feel some sort of connection with the person beforehand, you will not have a satisfying outcome to your reading.

Above all, a reading should be a positive, enlightening, uplifting experience whilst
enabling you to move forward in life with some form of clarity.

Over the past 20 years of doing readings, Syd has proved himself to be a very popular Psychic-Medium renowned for his great accuracy and humble attitude with an ever-growing client base all over the world.
Please check out his website where you will find further testimonials, Insight & Inspiring words written by & about this extremely gifted, truly Spiritual man.
Respectfully with love

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TESTIMONIALS WOW Syd read for me and so many of his predictions made sense as well as the information he had on me being spot on. You have given me hope for the future and also you gave me the strength to get through the funeral today, massive thanks for that!! Oh and unbelievable he knew where the sodding TV remote was that went missing and that blew me away. If i doubted anything this along with your knowledge of me and my work made me believe. Thank you so much. heartily recommend this man! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Syd, just wanted to say a massive thank you. You will recall a few weeks ago, I was feeling down, dejected and ready for packing in the acting. You warned me off doing that and told me to hang on as you could see that I would get a part on a particluar TV show this year, even naming the show. You also told me that there was even more to come in 2012, possibly a regular character in the same show. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Syd, Last week I received a call from my agent stating the casting director of said show wanted to see me and today, and I gt the part. I really do not know how you do what you do, but I am glad you do it. All I can say is... Thank You and Roll on 2012. ANON ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi Syd, thank you do much for your wise words. Although only time will tell if what you say comes to light, you have given me hope and confidence to continue. We have never met, yet your advice on how to proceed is spot on as I know now that what was my downfall, and by correcting that, what you saw for the future hopefully will follow. Thank you again. Anon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Syd loved chatting to you last night even if it was 12.30 am British time and I have to be up at 6.30 am!! I am so blown away at how accurate you are all I had to do was mention a name and you were able to tell me everything even down to how some one walks!!! lol!!! There are lots of other things you told me which you had no way of knowing and by you telling me finally put my mind at rest over lots of matters. May your light always shine brightly, I am soo proud to be your sister, may you be blessed in all the ways that your heart desires and much more besides!!! x x Sheena ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SYD - You did it again! I asked you about a friend who had gone into hospital and was not answering calls ... 3 weeks ago ... you told me what you thought the situation was including what was actually wrong with him .. and how ill he was and had been very near to death .. and an empty bed ... and white sheets ..... TODAY I got confirmation that you were 100% spot on .. that you had told me exactly, practically word for word what he told me himself! ... Love having you in my life .... Trust and Believe in you 100% ... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU xxxxx Anon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Syd you are so on the money with your reading and guidance cannot believe that things are now happening as you saidwould be the case this year for me - people you can trust this kind and selfless gentleman you can only benefit with knowing the comfort that he is telling you the truth as I have experienced this first hand - a true person can only give you truthful advice!!! Thanks so much xxx ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You're too good Syd that it's almost scary, but a good scary!!! Thank you .. Anon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Syd .. the secret admirer showed his hand tonight .. unexpectedly and was just as you described lol ... spot on again! .. Anon x ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Listed since: Jul 16, 2011


This is the first time I am leaving my testimony here for Syd. Have had multiple readings with him. He has been hitting the mark with an ongoing circumstance . He readily picks up other people's energies and clearly sees the situation. Just like the speed of lightening, the wealth of information he gives during a reading is insurmountable. He is ethical, non-judgemental, compassionate, humble, highly gifted and extremely accurate with details. He is very quick,on point does not waste your time.
Syd, is the most amazing psychic....I have had readings with Syd for years...I can honestly say, he helped me get thru some really tough life situations...with his God given guidance, I made it thru to a bright new future ...his pinpoint accuracy in his readings, still blows me away -"Syd said that would happen" is a constant thought, that will come to mind... He is a kind, honest, gifted psychic... I am grateful having Syd as my go to Earth Angel for guidance... He is the Best there is !
Syd is truly the best! I've had several readings with him and I'm always grateful to have that connection with him. He has helped me through several difficult times. He's not only the most accurate psychic I've spoken to, but he is very kind, honest and has a great sense of humor. His accuracy blows me away though and he is the one person I turn to when I need help. He's fast, accurate and time is well spent with him. He has a good heart and words are just not enough. Love you Syd!
been reading with Syd for years now and not only is he extremely generous with his time but he is compassionate and will get to you right away. I asked him questions about work and relationships and as always he provided guidance, reassurance, and hope for the future. Whenever I need answers to pressing questions I always make an appointment with Syd right away as he is ALWAYS spot on. He is a truly wonderful, honest, compassionate good man and a spiritual advisor.
Syd is fast and concise and cares about his clients. He will not lie to you to keep you calling. He is very honest and the readings are always very focused to get in as much information as possible. He does not want to waste your money which is why he tries to be quick and to the point. He is also very accurate. He is totally worth the money and is the best psychic I have used.
Syd is always so kind with his words when he gives his readings. I continue to do business with him because he is so spot on with his accuracy. I have sought counsel fro him now for 14 months and he has not let me down yet. His kindness and patience is just another attribute. I have to say that he is one of the finest in his field and I will continue to do business with him. He is one of a kind. I hope everyone reads this recommendation he won't steer you wrong!
I have had many reading with Syd and what can I say the man is on the money all the time- here is a recent example - i had a reading in November and he said he saw my boyfriend looking at rings - he said Maria don't be surprised if you don't get a ring for Christmas- I got a ring for Christmas !!! and the first thing i thought of when i opened my box, is OH MY GOD SYD WAS RIGHT AGAIN the second thing is said is OH MY GOD MY RING IS BEAUTIFUL I love my Syd
Syd is helping me through a very difficult time of my life. Predictions about my relationship have happened just the way he said. He not only explains what will happen but offers suggestions as to what I should do. Syd's compassionate and very easy to talk to. I will continue to call him in the future.
I spoke with Syd 3 months ago, he told me there was a good job coming up that I was just going to walk into and he Said it would be right before the new year, at the time I couldn't imagine what he was talking about but at the same time I was excited because every time he has ever told me anything it has always come true, well once again he was right! A company I worked for in the past opened a new office and called me to see if I wanted to take it over, Amazing!!! Syd is the BEST in the World
Syd has helped me through a very difficult period, and he has never waivered on his predictions. Predictions with my job and finances happened just as he said. I have been so overwhelmed at times, and he is always there to help. I adore the way he delivers information, and he delivers it with the utmost integrity and compassion. Syd genuinely cares for his clients, and his beautiful energy leaves me feeling so much better after our session. Thank you, Syd, from the bottom of my heart.
I never had a reading with Syd, but I have to write to say how impress I am about his honesty and professionalism. I had paid for a reading and he contacted me explaining that he is booked until February. In the email he also gave me his phone number to contact him. I was so delight, he offered me to rerun the money which he did during our phone conversation. He also was very sincere and express the love he has for his clients. I wish I will be able to have a reading done by him!!!!
Thank you so much Syd for being so honest, and having such a big heart.
Here i am at the start of what is year 6 after which i had my first reading with Syd when he told me id realise my dreams and ambitions by the time i was 42. Now hearing this at the age of 37 REALLY didnt appeal i gotta say!! "But im gonna be even older!!" i lamented to him, and he just said "yes but you wont look it!"..Now i start the year with the FABULOUS news ive been offered a role in the NEW "Bend it like Beckham" musical on the westend. WOW! Syd, WOW! Who knows what tomora brings THANK Ux
I don't think I can find the words to express how thankful I was to talk to Syd today. I have felt so overwelmed. Syd did not have to ask me questions. He knew exactly what he was talking about. He gave me insight that made total sence. The things that he told me were things that he would not ha e know if he was not truly psychic. With his help, I think I might actually be able to get some sleep, and some peace to help me carry on. If you read this Syd, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I have had several readings with Syd and he is always extremely accurate, I will never call anyone else because it simply doesn't get any better then Syd. He is absolutely our amazing!! Very professional and very fast.
Blew me away!!! Before I started talking.... I could not get a word in, he works very quickly and to the point and I was left feeling a fortunate to be able to speak with him!! He was so kind and considerate delivering his messages...very detailed and precise..nailed timelines and I cannot wait to speak with him again..I hung up with a huge smile on my face...
Syd I have had several readings with Syd and I can honestly say this wonderful man has a true gift!! He is extremely accurate and has told me things that brought tears to my eyes as I knew it could only come from my family that has passed on....Syd, I would love to connect again real soon, Thank You so very much!!! Doreen
I just had a reading from Syd today and once again he fills me with a sense of peace, hope, and validation that I sometimes forget. Syd has one of the kindest hearts I've ever known and truly empathizes with his clients. He never asks you for info but instead starts speaking to you like reading a book. He has become a trusted friend of mine and is very generous with his time. His predictions have come true for me before. I trust him. Go for Syd he is a gem! Bless you Syd, thank you always!
I just spoke to Syd, and I know that for the rest of my life I don't need to speak to anyone else. Syd remembers who you are and makes you feel instantly lighter and valued, even if you are feeling frustrated or down. Syd does not ask questions, and insists for you not to give information. I've had other readings with Syd before and he pin pointed someone I would meet exactly, even down to the time frame! I feel peaceful and reassured, thank you Syd! Many blessings to you!
Syd is a thoughtful, dedicated professional psychic. He was able to read my current situation and future ahead and gave me a true validation of my experience and what my intuition was guiding me to believe. Spirit truly communicates through him and he reaches out and touches your inner guide in the process! He gave me plenty to think about and put to rest..what a great sense of peace! A true gifted psychic and excellent human with Syd , you will receive a true gift of spirit!
I love, love, love this man! He is genuine, compassionate and honest. His readings are spot on, not only about the future, but current situations and life circumstances. He offers guidance and support in a very sweet, non-judgemental way. A true healer of the highest regard!
Accurate, Honest and totally Amazing. I have had many readings with Syd & each time his words have been correct. This last year Syd has offered guidance & support through some difficult times i have encountered. He is not one of the best.. HE IS THE BEST. No time wasting & straight to the point. Syd connected with me and didnot tell me what i wanted to hear. Honesty & clear vision is what he showered me with. i can look back & say each reading has been powerful & a fundamental tool to my success
I finally had a reading with Syd recently, and all I can say is WOW. He immediately knew things that I do not even speak out loud. Very gifted man, and his heart is pure and caring. He is so compassionate as he gives information and advice. I highly recommend a session with Syd Saeed. He is a joy to talk to, and jaw dropping in his accuracy
Syd is my go to guy that I have consulted with every three months for the past year. His predictions have always been correct, even when I thought there was no way! He is so genuine and gets a ton of information out in just 15 short minutes. Please try him....he is wonderful!!!
Everything Syd has told me over the last year had Happen just like he told me! Syd is the Best physchic I have ever talk to, he tells Me things that I have no idea about and with In Weeks it will happen!! Don't waste your money calling Anyone else! Syd is as good as it gets!! Trust me If you want the truth and a real psychic reading call Syd!!
Absolutely stunned. He’s Unbelievably accurate and descriptive in detail. I adore you Syd! You truly are gifted and also fun to talk too I feel like I have found a long lost friend in you! Amazing! I TRUST HIM 110% I WISH I WOULD'VE FOUND HIM LONG TIME AGO! Thank you so much Syd! Best wishes in New year!
This is an update. EVERYTHING Syd Saeed has ever told me so far has come to pass. I respect this man and his GOD given talent to the FULLEST. Syd is humble, funny, and very generous with his time. He has become a good friend. I am HIGHLY recommending Syd to anyone who needs answers to their life's situations without the fluff. He will NEVER steer you wrong. EVER. If he says to you in a reading with him "I'm Adamant" you better believe what he's told you will come to pass. My go to Counsel
I had yet another amazing reading with the uncanny Syd Saeed. This man is beyond amazing and uncanny to say the least. He is the real thing!!! He told me things that no one else knew. Situations that have occurred in my life. When he tells you something you can bet it is true!! He has helped me with my pets . He saved my little dog from a deadly allergic reaction to the medicine he was taking. For that right there I will be eternally grateful. Not only that so much more +.Amazing kind soul
Syd Saeed is the most AMAZING psychic! I have been Calling him for over a year and every Thing he has ever told me has come to pass, he Starts talking and answering questions before you Even ask him, leaving you speechless , he is The only real psychic I have ever found and the only One I will ever call, he's the best on the world!!! Don't waste Your money calling anyone else, Syd is the REAL deal!!
OMG, Syd is incredible. Its my second reading with Syd he picked up on my situation right away! He is best Psychic out there. He really cares about his customers and pays attention to what you are saying and he knows what is going on before you do. I personally think he is one of the best. Just try him. he knew exactly what I was going through without me saying anything. It was amazing.Thank you I am so grateful I have called. Your reading is the MOST ACCURATE EVER. Thank you so much!


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