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Sharon Pugh

Sharon Pugh
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$145/30 Min Phone Reading & $195/45 Min Phone Reading

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Sharon Pugh is Internationally Known and highly respected, TRIPLE TESTED and holds TWO CERTIFICATIONS as a Psychic Medium. Sharon is a PUBLISHED AUTHOR who has worked with several major TV Networks and well know Radio Shows. She CONNECTS VERY QUICKLY as Sharon understands your time is valuable. Sharon Pugh is published as one of the top evidential mediums in the world with a true tested ability to communicate with passed loved ones in spirit. Her Psychic and intuitive abilities won her Fabulous Feedback Award of the year over top world Psychic Mediums. Areas of expertise: love, career, connecting with spirit, psychic real estate, past lives, prophecies, grief, feeling stuck in life, animal communication, energy healing, energy scanning

This true Georgia peach was born and raised in the Deep South. And with a father who served as a remote viewer for the FBI, it was a matter of time before Sharon realized her specials gifts. At twelve years old, Sharon acknowledged her ability and began to harness its strength. Recognizing the positive force behind her metaphysical connection, Sharon has had the privilege of advising a variety of people with a vast selection of concerns.

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Psychic Medium Sharon Pugh is also founder of Psychic Real Estate, a new and exciting concept to buying, selling and investing in real estate. Sharon has extensive experience in front of a TV camera and has worked with NBC, CBS and Grafton Street Productions. If you're interested in flying Sharon in for a TV project or Public Event, please contact her at 404-437-5336. She's internationally known as the Southern Style Medium with humor and loads of personality.

Listed since: Jun 3, 2013


First time calling. I think she was the only one I've called on here who was even remotely correct. She picked up the unresolved issues. Says he should be coming back around right around Mayish. That's too long of a wait but she was honest. She called it like she sees it. So thank you. Blessings.
Medium Sharon Pugh has been reading for me for several years now. She's also read for many of my friends who've attended mediumship parties I've hosted. Sharon's gift is incredible - not just in what she shares but in many kind ways she touches people. I've witnessed Spirit work through her to heal hearts and bring smiles and laughter to worried, sad faces. Sharon has also brought messages of joy and bright hopes for the future. For me, Sharon's gift has brought peace and truth. She's amazing
I met Sharon as a fellow equestrian, so initially, I was unaware of her abilities. 3 years later, Im continually bowled over by her ability to communicate w/ the other side. I witnessed her transform a lost, depressed young girl, whose father killed himself. Sharon detailed his memories of his daughter & things she'd achieved since he died. The girl went from rebellious, rigid & stoic-to weeping in Sharon's arms & finally in her mother's arms, reuniting her to the mother she had withdrawn from
Sharon gives absolutely the best and most accurate readings that one could ever hope for, and she does so in a pleasant, like you've know her your whole life manner.

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