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GOD GIFTED PSYCHIC & MEDIUM RACHEL NORWAY is known WORLDWIDE for her ACCURACY. As seen on BIO, FOX News,Comedy Central, South Magazine, As heard on BlogTalkRadio & founder of her own radio show with over 87,000 I-TUNE plays. She has SPOT-ON PREDICTIONS with RELATIONSHIPS, JOBS, HEALTH & FAMILY,
She's a messenger through GOD & the ANGELS with NAMES, DATES & PLACES & translates messages from RELATIVES & LOVED ONES on the other side to you. We together reveal your true souls purpose and spiritual gifts. READ TESTIMONIALS by pressing on this profile and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Rachel takes new clients at this time. Please see her website for further info or to schedule your appointment, use the "schedule your appointment" button below.

Rachel provides accurate readings for reasonable prices. She can connect with detailed information about your loved ones who have passed away, remote view or predict an outcome in your love, career outlook, relationship, family, health concerns, court, past lives, dreams, or paranormal situations in your home. She has over 25 years of experience with Tarot if you feel you want her to use them, however she uses her intuition to read the pictures not the book meanings and is not a necessity since she is born with the ability to connect with the other side and her precognition-being able to see things before they happen.
Reasonable rates for your Private Reading over the Phone, Skype or In Person. She is just as accurate on phone as in person.
Rachel offers Phone, Facetime and Skype Readings which are just as accurate as in person for clients Locally or Worldwide.

She is also a certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master.
Rachel does not sugar coat readings and is a direct reader. She will tell you what she authentically hears being Clariaudient, and feels being Clairsentient. Rachel allows herself to be an intercessor or medium to communicate with your loved ones on the other side. She is a spiritual advisor for your healing and guidance bringing positive affirmations into your life and ideas to make your life more fulfilling as a spiritual counselor.

Rachel is the founder of Spirit World Radio on Spreaker and can be seen on the BIO channel, I-Tunes Radio, Island Packet News and Fox News.

YOUTUBE.COM: https://www.youtube.com/user/ConnectionsRachel


Download on I-Tunes "My Ghost Story" Episode 26 Season 3 to see Rachel on BIO Network.

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Norway is the founder of Spirit World Radio on Spreaker.com. Rachel's paranormal investigation experience and mediumship skills enables her to communicate with spirits who tell her information about why they still dwell in a particular home, building, and or other location.

One investigation in particular, caught the attention of Biography Channel's "My Ghost Story" which Rachel will be airing on Season 3 Episode 26 "The Gasping Ghost" Dec 2011.

South Magazine called Rachel in Dec 2012 to get Savannah's predictions for the upcoming year.

South Carolina's Island Packet Newspaper interviewed Rachel in 2010 for the 11:11 Phenomenon.

Rachel has been seen on Blogtalkradio, TheMixTalk, and I-Tunes Talk Radio, Fox News and BIO Channel

Listed since: Aug 28, 2011


My mother and I have received several individual and collective medium readings with Rachel. We can honestly say, (she is truly gifted)! Her accuracy regarding personal matters of the heart, validating a loved one's character, relocation opportunities, are extraordinary! Rachel always delivers messages she receives from spirit with tremendous warmth and kindness. Several of her predictions have manifested. My mother and I would highly recommend her! She is sweet and ever so kind. :)
I had a telephone reading with Rachel and right from the start she nailed a situation that happened in my life, describing accurately and detailed the manner in which I discovered and handled the said situation. Other things she said were so accurate. I was really impressed. I would recommend Rachel highly!
We flew in to see Rachel this month in Dec to do a group spiritual connections reading with her. She is very gifted. She was able to pick up my fathers accent and his name. My sister read with her back in May over the phone and said the job interview she was hoping for happened in the week Rachel predicted. She got the job. I highly recommend her and cant wait to do another session and this time I'll try Skype since I live a far distance.
We just had our reading with Rachel, and she was great. I would recommend anyone that wants a reading to have it with Rachel. We are very Happy Happy, Happy. David and Kathy. Augusta Ga.
rachel norway greatly exceeded my expectations. Her psychic abilities were spot on, helping me find guidance and understanding in my life. I have had multiple readings with her, some including mediumship in which she made contact with a relative from my past, bringing about much needed closer to an issue that worried our family. Her uplifting nature makes it very calming to be around her, and I like that she gets back in contact quickly, it helps relieve any anxiousness from contacts a psychic.


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