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$150.00 -60 Minutes

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Always TEXT For Quickest Response 770-655-5215


NEW CLIENTS: Summer Special- Schedule a 60 Minute Reading NOW-$150.00. For a limited time only.

READING BACKGROUND: Helene has been an client favorite and established reader on Bob Olson since 2010. She has been on Good Morning America, FOX News, CNN, The Miss Howard Stern Show, The Bad Girls Club, Oxygen, TLC, Sirius Radio, CBS, ABC and more. She was the star of her own radio show “EVERYTHING PSYCHIC AND MORE,” from 2011-2013 with a high numbered and devoted listenership. She reads for clients from every walk of life including, students, stay at home Mom’s, teachers, nurses, physicians, CEO’S, professionals, those in all aspects of the entertainment industry, alongside athletes, artists, musicians, and more.

READING SPECIALTY: As a 25 year accomplished and veteran reader, Helene is one of the most genuine, caring and prominent readers in the US and abroad. Specializing in “Relationship Readings,” she reads on business, family dynamic, etc., when needed. Although loving, kind and warm, she is the epitome of being direct. She tells clients what they are SUPPOSED to know, as opposed to what they WANT to hear. She provides crucial and verifiable clarity to women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and ALL ages, who might be going through an upsetting breakup, an unforeseen divorce, alongside those afraid of leaving their CURRENT relationship, for the fear of never meeting anyone else.

***PLEASE TAKE NOTE. Because Helene works with the majority of women who GENUINELY want to know if their current relationship will give them what they need for example, Helene does ONLY quality, principled and ethical psychic work for clients in need. Because Helene is a reputable and caring reader, general surface and entertainment readings, including low grade snooping detective work, are not areas that her reading abilities are suited for.

SET APART FROM OTHER READERS: Because Helene has always done MORE than just read, being certified in an abundance of metaphysical and spiritual modalities, allows her to get to ROOT CAUSE of your situation. This not only results in determining the best ROAD for you to take, much of your session might be be spent on the EXACT MAP to get there. She always works with the highest good of all concerned.

WHO SHOULD SCHEDULE? As a spiritual reader, Helene has high standards in the clients she take. She only accepts clients, who she feels would benefit from the way she works.

INITIAL CONSULTATION: It is highly suggested to *text now,” and schedule a 5-10 minute telephone conversation to discover that Helene is the right reader for you. This is not a session, but a 5/10 min conversation about what you want.

SUMMER SPECIAL- Hurry! CALL or TEXT NOW! $150 -60 minutes for a LIMITED TIME ONLY (Normally $185)

(Contact Helene Today -Day/Evening/Weekends)

Accepting: Zelle and Venmo
*30/45 minute readings NOT recommended for 1st time clients.

Additional Information: 

* Over 25 years of experience as a compassionate and accurate reader.
* Voted on several of the "Best Psychics in Atlanta" list.
* Voted one of the "Best Relationship Readers in Georgia"
* Certified in Past Life Regression
* Certified in Law of Attraction
*Certified Deeksha Blessing Giver
*Certified in Psyche K ..and much more.
*Master Tarot Coach
*Mediumship Training

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Listed since: Mar 31, 2010


I reached out to Helene after receiving many readings about the same issue with an ex partner. Most predictions did not come to light which I understand there is free will and things can change at any moment, but I still felt compelled to find more opinions anyway. Helene finds the source of the problem and explains her read in detail. She even ask you to repeat back what you heard to make sure you understand and follows up with you afterwards, which makes her stand out from others. The best!
Helene is my spiritual sensei! I have had several readings with her and keep getting "called back" to her to chat several times a year. Originally it was to gain insight on a relationship, but I realized how valuable she was in *all* areas of my life. I even called her a few days before my wedding. Her sweet and honest spirit, accuracy, and life tools she provides keep me coming back over and over again. She is so lovely to talk to and enhances my life in more ways than I can explain!
I have had 2 readings with Helene. They were 1 year apart. I felt the strong desire to reconnect with for the second reading her after finding and reviewing my notes from our first reading. The accuracy and clarity a year later showed that she has a true and honest talent and she is exceptional at what she does. I will forever do readings with Helene going forward as she helps me clear up the complications of life. Highly recommended!
I was troubled with my work environment and behaviors of my immediate supervisors and needed to understand these relationships in order to find a resolution that was emotionally healthy for me. Having a session with Helene not only gave me a feeling of calmness and peace, but it also gave me a deep understanding of myself, my needs, and hope for my future. I highly recommend anyone to seek Helene's psychic guidance and wisdom. She has an extraordinary gift.
I had my first reading with Helene last week and I must say this lady is the real deal. She not only advised me how to avoid a bad relationship, but how to get out of it. I learned things about this person that only she was able to provide. I will without out a doubt use her again. I was so impressed that I am purchasing a reading for my daughter from her. You want the facts contact Helene.
I truly appreciate Helene timely response during a time where extra guidance and assurance was needed! Helene's care and concern give's a positive insight over important matter's so you are able to move forward with courage & faith that you are doing what is best! Thank you so very much Helene!!
I have had over ten readings with Helene over the past 2 years. The past 6 months has been crazy for me due to an unforeseen divorce. Honestly I don't know how I would've gotten through it without her guidance. Helene helped me to clear things up and stay level headed. She is very honest and straight forward and tells it like it is. In order to get the most out of your reading with Helene, you need to be open to anything she might say, good or bad, and understand ultimately, YOU have the power.
Helene has been such a wonderful person to work with. She is straightforward and uses her gift wisely. She has a way of communicating to you exactly what you need to hear and she knows how to make you feel as though there are guides watching out for you. She is very talented and I cannot wait to get another reading with her. Thanks Helene for all you do!
Wonderful! I have limited experience with pychics, so I was a little hesitant to call Helene. A close friend kept discussing her wonderful conversations and help she's received from Helene, so I thought I'd give it a chance. Helene was amazing and helped to clarify so much of the craziness that I've been dealing with in my life these past several years from a past bad relationship that continues to harass me. I'm very glad I called and plan on doing it again-soon. I very much recommend Helene!
Helene Frisch was wonderful! I was a new client, having received a referral from a friend who is a long time client of Helene's. She was very prompt getting back to me after my initial contact. Helene was spot on with some of the problems I have had, and where I needed to spend my energy. Due to Helene's encouragement I am following a dream that I had but did not have the confidence for. I would definitely recommend Helene to my friends and will continue to use her as my intuitive counselor. Nia
I have had 2 readings and look forward to another in the near future. She contacted me immediately and I had a reading within a few days. She is so likable and easy to talk with. She is very honest and pushes you to be also. One her predictions came to pass the very next day. I would recommend her to anyone.
What an amazing experience it was to talk to Helene. Issues I needed cleared up she was able to give me insight therefore allowing me to make future decisions clearly. I would recommend her to anyone that is willing to take good guidance and direction from a true psychic. At the beginning of our session the first thing she said was Are you moving? I was totally moving in the next month. I knew from that second she could really feel my energy and provide what I needed to move forward in my life.
If you are looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear, the Helen isn't the person for you. If you want good honest guidance then I would highly recommend. In order for this process to work your have to be open to good, bad or something that may not even be ready to happen yet because LOA hasn't had a chance to respond. Helen gave me the peace of mind that I needed and the clarity to make the decisions I knew needed to be made. I found a friend also in the end.
I am a new client to Helene Frisch. She answered all my questions. Everything I wanted to know was projected at least one year into the future, so I have no way of knowing how many things will come true. I did feel comfortable during the session and would go to Helene again. She is very down to earth while fun and interesting at the same time. She does ask you to be prepared in advance, which I appreciated. Without knowing me, she described my contentment. I think she has a real gift.
I had considered having a reading for some time and after seeing the reviews and biography of Helene, I chose her. She is so sensitive, caring, and insightful- I can't say thank you enough for all the information she brought to me! I look forward to a future reading with her!
I have found Helene to be honest as she holds nothing back,her insight is truly amazing.I have had several readings with her and will continue to do so.Her readings are direct and to the point and have been spot on.
My readings with Helene the past 6 years have been so helpful & accurate. Particularly during our daughter’s college search process, Helene rated several colleges we were considering based on their overall fit for our daughter. Helene's recommendation was spot-on accurate! Two years later, our daughter is so glad she chose this college over the other choices. Any reading I've had with this gifted women has been so insightful & clarifying, and I feel like I have her as a friend for life!
Helene has always able to tune in to me quickly and catch what is going on with me and the personal relationships closest to me. She is very patient and is great at explaining the way that others feel about me and may be unable to communicate directly especially guys I may be dating. She is very caring and considerate with how she delivers any news to me in a way that keeps me coming back anytime I am having a crisis. I would definitely recommend her others. She is great.
From the moment I booked a reading with Helena I could feel that I had made the right decision. She not only had a genuine sense of warmth and love but I was moved by her very strong caring personality which allowed me to open up completely. While her reading was completely honest (even if it was something I did not want to hear) and true, she delivered it with a true sense of love and sensitivity which I completely appreciated. I have and will continue to recommend Helena to everyone!
So i wanna thank ms helene she was right about everything so is very cool will have you laughing! I appreciate her honesty i can't wait for my next reading!
From one clairvoyant to another, on a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give Helene's reading a 100! I've had many, many readings the past and would have to say this, absolutely, hands down was the BEST reading I ever had. Helene 'dialed' right into my concerns and gave clear and concise answers to my questions. My questions were answered before I could ask! I would recommend her to any and everyone seeking warm truth and clear validation. Thank you Helene!!
I remembered from months ago reading that Helene was very "hep" on business matters, so called upon her for help to get some projects rolling. Although she did not profess to be an expert in business, she was a firecracker loaded with great ideas she shared, along with her enthusiasm. It was obvious she wouldn't leave any stone unturned in helping my family and me be successful! Thanks so much!
Helene is very thorough, precise, and caring. She is also warm, professional, and friendly. I am thankful for her insight, truthfullness, and guidance. She truly has a heart to help people with her gift.
I found Helene through your website. I had specific questions on my mind, which she helped me with and eased my mind, but the most fantastic thing was that she picked up on something in my life that I had been dealing with for many, many years, but pushed aside because of not knowing what to do or where to go. This needed my full attention now and she helped me on how to go about solving this problem with the best possible outcome for all. Thanks Helene!
I've been around psychics all of my life; my Great Grandmother, Grandmother and Mother were psychic...I've had readings with great psychics and the not so great ones as well...Helene was spot on with me. She brought up things that she could not be guessing at. I was impressed with her accuracy and her overall genuine interest in my life.
The first time I had a reading with Helene, she made me feel at ease and very comfortable from the beginning. I've had readings from other psychics before, but Helene has been right on the mark with her timing as well as facts. I have even invited Helene to my future wedding with the love of my life that will be coming soon. I would highly recommend Helene to anyone.
Helene makes a connection with me each time she reads with amazing accuracy. She has described current and future people in my life! Helene shared health issue concerns that my doctor confirmed and treated. For over 1.5yrs I've been trying to buy a house always to find each transaction went bad--as Helene read. In my last reading she said I would move within the next 30 days. 27 days later,I closed on a home and am moving! Helene is a gifted,open-minded, trustworthy, and highly spiritual reader!
I had two readings with her.She is very accurate and honest.She is straight forward and very precised about the details.I needed help and guidance.She provided all that and much more! And she was right about everything so far! I am planning to have regular readings with her.I highly recommend Helene!
Helene was very, very accurate with her details. I have very high expectations when it comes to accuracy during readings, Helene really met my expectations. She was very helpful with answering questions. I paid top dollar for this reading but I got a top quality reading. I recommend Helene ! I usually do not take the time to write my review for things but in this case I want people to know she is actually the real thing.
Great reader, honest, forthcoming, patient. I stongly recommend Helene, she helped me when I needed help. I will definitely use her again during a time of need.

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