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Half-hour - $90.00; One hour - $135.00

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I work with the Angelic realm and many Spirit guides who provide me with the information to assist you. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, empath, medium and healer.
It is an honor and a privilege for me to assist you.
At the age of three, I was very aware of the Spirit world and spent much of my time in the crack between the worlds. To this day I remain with one foot on each side, this is home for me.
I provide information which brings clarity to that which you seek helping you gain understanding about your situation, at times you may not receive the answer you want to hear though the truth will always set you free... once the truth is accepted. My desire is to help you achieve greater peace, wisdom and to connect you to the Divinity that always resides within you.

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We all want to love and be loved even those who won't admit to it. Won't you love yourself enough to start unraveling all that was dumped on you? You can be FREE to live your life filled with the goodness, beauty and truth of WHO YOU REALLY are.

.Healing Inner Child, Adolescent, Adult
.Release, Shame, Pain, Fear
.Connecting to your Higher Self
.Connecting to your Future Self
.Connecting to a myriad of Unseen Friends
.Finding your Power Animal
.Entity release
.Soul Retrieval
.Space clearing home, office

Listed since: Apr 25, 2016


I have been to Elayne 2 times and I found her readings extremely meaningful. I am physician and a true skeptic in psychic readings, but she said some things during those readings that were so accurate that I had to believe them. I have recommended her to at least 2-3 different people, but I always warn them to not see her unless they are ready to hear the truth and have an open mind. I highly recommend her to anyone who want to find answers in their life.
Elayne is a very dear special friend of mine. I can always count on her for honest good advice. Recently she gave me some advice which turned out to be totally true!! I treasure our friendship ! Thanks for being you. Debbie
Elyane helped me through a very difficult time after my brother passed, and with some deep issues that have been with me for a very long time. Her insight is amazing, her compassion is so deep, and her talent for healing, for knowing exactly what you need is flawless. I can't thank her enough for what she helped me through. She is a very gifted healer and I would not hesitate to contact her with any issues that crop up. She is a true blessing to anyone who knows her!
This was my first experience with a medium and I was pleasantly surprised. Elayne was great at making me feel comfortable. Although I was a little skeptical at first, as the session continued her comments were spot on, gaining my trust in her ability. She was able to connect and answer some questions I have had for years, which removed a great weight from my mind. I intend to have further sessions with her.
Elayne has been a constant support in my life. She has helped me through so much. My cancer diagnosis... with amazing healing. She was my first call when my husband died suddenly. I am so greatful to have her insights, guidance and support in so many ways. She brings me a sense of honesty, clarity and peace.
Working with Elayne has been a joy and blessing. Her readings are clear and always on point. It's such a gift to have insights into the areas of life that cause concern. Elayne recently blessed my new home. The house feels amazing and I learned how to keep the energy positive. I'm very grateful to Elayne for sharing her gifts with me.
My readings with Elayne are always uplifting, insightful and very clear. She is caring, sensitive, and highly tuned in to the Angelic realm. I am always amazed with the readings and I leave with my questions answered and a renewed, refreshed energy about my life.
Elayne is an extraordinary medium and person. She is not only excellent at her work but is genuinely concerned for you as a client and makes sure when you leave your cession that you have had all your questions answered, feel safe and secure. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking enquiry from the Angelic Realm, you are in for an amazing experience. God Bless you Elaine
Elayne's calm and nurturing nature contribute to the power of her readings. Elayne soothes and comforts my questioning and anxious nature with the information she "downloads". Along with the her abilities, she also suggests practical ideas to incorporate into my daily living. Elayne, by far, is the best in town!
I first met Elayne for an in-person reading when I was visiting Atlanta. Having no experience with psychics, I didn't know what to expect. Elayne was full of information and delivered it in such a kind, gentle manner. I have since incorporated Elayne and her connection to my guides as part of my personal journey and growth. She has helped me to realize the importance of self-love and been instrumental in career and relationship choices. Elayne is incredibly talented and I highly recommend her!
I have been scheduling appointments with Elayne for over 10 years and I am so grateful for her amazing abilities/talents/gifts. The sessions help me spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically. I am able to move forward with greater confidence and peace. She is able to pull things together and deliver them in way that speaks to me. I have never experienced such empowering clarity anywhere else. Elayne is truly connected.
Elayne Reiner possesses amazing psychic abilities and has provided me a road map for my future. Her positive nature has bolstered my confidence for over 20 years. She has given me the ability to accept what I cannot change in my career and my personal life. She taught me to accept myself as I am and to move forward with a positive nature. In short, she has given me a road map to navigate my life’s path. Elayne is definitely the wind beneath my wings.
Elayne Reiner is a truly profound and gifted psychic, healer and medium! She is an Angel on Earth with exceptional compassion and empathy!. Her heart is divine, her talents extraordinary and her miracle of vision guides you to your cherished knowing and your most authentic path. Contact her now and you will be so delighted to hear the joy and wisdom in her voice and the music in her laughter. If you would like guidance, help in following your dreams, more healing and peace: contact Elayne now!
As it so often happens, Elayne and i met at a time in my life when I was going through what a call a Game Changing Experience. She is insightful and especially kind with her work. Her loving spirit shines through with every session. My experience in this realm is limited, however Elayne has always given me the direction i need at the right time when i need it.
Elaine was referred to me by a dear friend. I am not in the habit of consulting psychics, however, I was at a personal crossroads and seeking spiritual guidance. Elayne, is straightforward & knew things about my particular situation that no one could have possibly known. As a result, I made a very good decision that has made a positive difference in my life.
Elayne is the most talented psychic I’ve ever had reading by. She’s truly a gifted medium who picks up energy unlike any psychic I’ve had readings from. She’s given me incredible insights and direction. I consider her my spiritual guide. B. Faulk
I have had readings with Elayne and she is right on target. There were several issues that kept me up at night until Elayne.. she helped me ease my mind, she gave me clarification, guidance and insight. I was blessed to have my friend gift me my first reading and the rest speaks for itself..
I have been getting readings from Elayne for about 7 years and I can honestly say that she has had a huge positive impact in my life. She helped me with a career choice and I am very happy in my work life as a result of her guidance. In terms of relationships, her insight to the situation at hand is always accurate. She is able to connect to my guides which gives me insight to different situations and lets me know that I am never alone. She is also a gifted energy healer
Elayne is a wonderful person.She has provided me with comfort and clarity in helping me through some very challenging life events. I recently lossed my husband and Elayne has been instrumental in guiding me in my worst moments. She has a very special gift!
Elayne is amazing, kind and gentle, guiding all the way. Her insight is at a high level, and she can truly help with healing the soul. Thank you Elayne, for helping, to know you are there with guidance is important.

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