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Caroline Brown
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Ever since she was a child, Caroline has received messages guiding, directing and at times, warning her about things to come in the future. She knew at a young age that she had faith in a higher source and has received signs to confirm this trust, throughout her life. Caroline’s channeled readings are done with love and compassion as she relays information that comes to her via thoughts, visions, feelings and a sense of knowing. Not only does she receive messages from guides and angels but also from loved ones that have crossed over. She has found that her guides favor assisting you with past and current life experiences while making her readings similar to a life coaching session. Her readings have a way of helping you get to the core of the problem while teaching you how to heal yourself through the process. Caroline is truly honored to be able to assist in your spiritual growth as the guides use her to help you gain clarity about your journey in life. This is done in the most gentle and loving way while still relaying the unfiltered message.

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Caroline has received her Advanced Certification through The Anastasi System of Psychic Development and is a Reiki Master.
Caroline is also a certified and licensed Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader and Life Coach based on the teachings of Louise L. Hay
Caroline attends mediumship workshops and works with mentors to continuously develop her mediumship. She completed Success Coaching training with Robert Holden and another Coaching course with Robert that touched on the Enneagram.

Listed since: Jan 12, 2015


I have used Caroline for years and have always gotten such amazing insights, support and guidance from her. Her compassion, unconditional love and information that I receive from her readings have been so helpful to me. She is very connected, grounded and is a clear channel of light and love. I recommend Caroline to all my friends and those that are looking for loving support. I am so grateful to Caroline and always look forward to connecting with her. I love her very much!!
Caroline and I met through a mutual friend several years ago. Caroline is one of the most loving, welcoming, nurturing, supportive and caring individuals you will meet. I've had readings from her, taken the "You Can Heal Your Life" workshop taught by Caroline as well as have participated in her mentoring classes. I've done a significant amount of healing over the years and I owe it all to her guidance, connection with spirit and teachings. Caroline is a true blessing and treasure! <3
From the very first reading I had with Caroline, I knew she was special. She is able to shine light and provide insight in areas of my life that I have helped me to release and process events. Not only am I amazed by what comes through her readings, but her delivery is so compassionate and loving. I feel such a sense of inner peace after a reading with her. She is exactly what I was looking for and has a client for life out of me.
I had a session with Caroline in 2014 that completely changed the trajectory of my life. Another recent session brought me the clarity and wisdom I needed regarding health of loved ones and my abilities to rise above the challenges ahead of me. First and foremost, Caroline acts with love and kindness. She communicates information and then works to ensure that you, the receiver, have complete understanding of the messages in a therapeutic and empowering way. I highly recommend Caroline!
Caroline is a loving, caring and STRAGHT TO THE POINT person. I cannot thank her enough for her advices, recommendations together with all that comes with her sensibility to combine her life experiences with her gift of being able to percive energies and guides that brought me important messages at the right time that they were needed.
Caroline Brown at Sharing Love and Light has been a life-altering force for me. She has helped me through the most difficult times with compassion and support, and by giving me workable actions. I cannot recommend her highly enough -- she's ethical, honest, funny, tough and tender. I truly adore Caroline and her services, and hope to stay connected to her for a long, long time.
I have been working with Caroline receiving readings and coaching for 6+ years now. I call Caroline my 'secret weapon' as she is so incredibly gifted at helping me get out of my own way and using her intuitive, divinely guided skill set to steer me towards my highest and best. The way she connects with your guides and channels that through to you in a loving way void of ego is unparalleled. She's amazing and her work is inspired.
I have known Caroline for several years now and have used her wonderful, evidential based services as a medium for myself and my family. She is a compassionate person who has always helped us through the spots in life where we needed assurance that our loved ones were doing well in the afterlife. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of her gift.
I have been speaking with Caroline once a year for the past 5 years. Her intuition is so helpful and insightful. She truly has an amazing gift but more than that she offers guidance beyond the reading. She’s compassionate, comforting, and understanding. When you add all that to her readings, it makes for such an inviting experience. Something she told me a year ago would happen, out of the blue, happened today. I look to her for not only foresight and help but also guidance and wisdom.

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