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After the sudden death of my brother, my mediumistic and psychic abilities were awakened. The spirits provide me with evidence so that you will recognize it is your loved one communicating as I bring through their personality. I describe your loved ones physically and give messages from them. I also do psychic readings helping with life's problems and decisions.

I've been on many radio shows, and the last invitation was to do a reading for the family on "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"! It aired in March 2014.

I offer group readings also! Please visit my website for contact information and fees!

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My experience with Beth was exceptional. The messages I received from estranged relatives I did not know had passed was very healing. My stepfather who had a severe gambling addiction actually apologized to me. I was speechless. Beth also has a very high accuracy, combined with her loving voice and delight in the reading itself, I felt a great connection with these people, a healing warmth I have never experienced before. Beth was the loving messenger. It was not a matter of fact, but a matter of love. I have worked in the field of parapsychology for 35 years as a teacher, psychic, healer, psychotherapist, workshop leader, radio guest, lecturer etc. I will return to Beth for other messages because she cares and experiences the same joy I do when I read for others. Not many people in this field have the spirit and love of human connection as Beth does. Enjoy her as I have!

Pat McKenna

Listed since: Jul 26, 2007


I recently had a reading by Beth and was really amazed at her answers and the things she brought forth. I was desperate to connect with my Mom that just passed. Beth stated things that she would have had no way of knowing, only my Mamma and myself knew. I will contact Beth again when I feel I need to connect with my Mamma and anyone else who may come thru!!!
We had a reading and was great. She was clear and concise with all her information. Because we have not had anyone pass suddenly, anyone that came through was welcomed.My brother passed 48 years ago and my daughter 44 so I guess I really enjoyed hearing from them and my wife`s father. She is as real and genuine as any person you will ever meet. Plus she recommended some really good coffee. If you have any doubts about having a reading with a genuine person and medium please choose her!
Ive been read by several psychic/mediums...NO ONE could have been accurate !!! If you are considering a reading, get a REA ONE & contact Beth Berry, no leading, guessing, just a gift from God. Thx so much Beth!!! You Rock!
My name is Shante and I had my reading with Beth today and it was heart felt. She connected with my dad and the emotion I felt was over whelming. Her information was concrete and honest, and most of all delivered with compassion. She is highly recommended and I am not a easy please Thank Beth.
I am a hospice volunteer. I have used Beth on a continuing basis to get in touch with patients that have left the planet. She is, hands down, the best that I've ever worked with. Her rate is fair and represents good value.
Beth is so warm and amazing. I have had encounters and experiences with a few other psychis, but nothing like this. It was almost like she knwe some very important loved ones of mine(whom have passed over). She was so very accurate with details and made me feel very relaxed and calm. She is a beautiful spirit herself. Thank you so much Beth. I highly recommended a few of my collegues to give you a call.
Beth Berry is a very gifted psychic medium. She gave me advice to continue on in my career, which I have and she was to say the least correct! She is very comforting and when she tells you the a name of a past loved one you are wanting to reach and tells you about their personality it is SO amazing! I encourage anyone wanting a reading to contact Beth she is a very GIFTED psychic medium and so sweet! An angel in my eyes! Love Amy Lynn
We had never had a meeting with a medium before and weren't really sure what to expect. Beth and her friends made us so comfortable. She helped in closing some doors and bringing peace to us both. We will never be able to repay her for what she gave us. She is someone that you know you will have in your life forever.
I received the best reading of my life today! It came at a time when I was needing to connect with my mother, who passed 10 years ago in January. She started the reading with a picture perfect description of my mother, including her name! With Beth, there was no fishing for information or communication that didn't make perfect sense. If you REALLY want someone who connects to the spirit world in an accurate, loving, beautiful way, you MUST call her!
The reading with Beth was confirmation on issues in my life that have caused me pain. The pain is gone and I am free to live a spiritual life. Beth is so comforting and allows messages to flow from loved ones who have passed on. I look forward to another reading with her.
How fortunate I feel to have had the opportunity to speak with Beth today. She was the first medium I've talked to. There have been some issues with the loss of my mom and nephew and she was able to "hit the nail on the head" when it came to knowing things and characteristics about them. She was able to finally give me some peace just by sharing her gift. It was a beautiful experience that I will forever cherish.
Curious and searching for answers to my puzzling questions, Beth has brough forth knowlegde and peace that I have been waiting to hear. Looking for some reasurance about my own beliefs, Beth with her sun-beam bright smile and down to earth way, gave me comfort and a greater understanding about my life and my grandmother who I love dearly and past away. She also ignighted my love for writng and I thank her for showing me that I have always held the key all along....
Beth is amazing! She is kindhearted, friendly and fun. My wife came through and acknowledged our engagement anniversary, which was in 2 days. She also said she wanted our daughter to have the heart stone ring, lost for 29 years, which unexpectedly showed up the next week. I received many unknowable validations that day. Beth eased my grief by giving me reason to believe my wife is still alive, always by my side and waiting for me to join her in the glorious spirit world of Heaven. Thanks Beth!
Truly a gift from God. Beth’s spine-tingling accuracy will have you in tears with goose bumps from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.Her ability to connect along with her own caring spirit provide a unique combination of healing and comfort.You will be forever changed after a reading with her. It’s like coming home when you speak with her.In a world where psychics are a dime a dozen, it is a rare find to get the real deal. Beth is the real deal-all who find her are sure to be blessed!
While dealing with the death of my mother, my best friend, I experienced an apparition in my home. I later found myself 2 houses away from Beth. At that instant I knew God had sent me to Beth. Her messages, descriptions are accurate and her compassion put me at ease. Beth is truly gifted and the love of her gift shines through. Thank you Beth for your healing comfort and enriching my life in so many ways. I am blessed to know you and call you my friend. Kathy
After the sudden death of my husband, I started reading about death and spiritual connections. One evening on the internet, I came across Beth’s website and decided to contact her. When the date she suggested just happened to be the first anniversary of my husband’s passing, I felt an immediate connection. Beth has helped me so much; she is so caring and personable. I let my friends listen to the tape with me and they could not believe how accurate it was. I will always be grateful to Beth.
Four years ago, my two sons were killed in a car accident on the way home from high school. Life’s been a nightmare. Nearing a breakdown, I looked for a therapist and by coincidence came across Beth’s website. She connected with them and their personalities came across intact from the other side. There were so many amazing messages of love and hope from my saintly boys, the cloud of grief that enveloped me dissipated and was replaced by a feeling a serenity. I wholeheartedly recommend Beth
My readings with Beth have been accurate & filled with love. My father passed away unexpectantly, and I called Beth for a reading. My father came through, so accurately and lovingly, through Beth. It is an experience I always come back to for solice after his death. It was something I will always treasure, always love. She is filled with love and laughter, and it permeates throughout her readings.

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