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I am a Psychic Medium and Medical Intuitive. I am a Certified Medium through the highly respected Forever Family Foundation, a Certified Advanced Psychic Medium and a Certified Master Teacher of Advanced Psychic Mediumship through the LWISSD (Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development)

I offer Psychic, Psychic Medium and Medical Intuitive readings in my office in Roswell, GA, via phone and video. All sessions are recorded.

Medical Intuitive Readings:
My Medical Intuitive sessions are specialized readings that focus on your entire “system" and how each element is affecting all the others:
your physical body
your energy body
your soul

Ideally, everything in your system is balanced and working in a whole, integrated way. When there is an imbalance (especially in the soul or energy body), you may experience physical symptoms (disease, illness, pain) or a general lack of good health.

My medical intuitive readings help to shed light on potential imbalances in your system and how these may be affecting you.

Psychic Medium Readings:
For almost everyone, the experience of connecting is affirming, healing, and comforting. A feeling of peace and warmth comes as your loved ones let you know in their own personal way that their unique spirits live on in safety and love.

Why are readings with me so powerful? It comes in the moment you know, without a doubt, that the energy I have connected with really is your loved one. Your loved ones give me specific information that will be personal and meaningful to you, and that I could not have known or guessed on my own. Their personality and style will come through in the reading in the same way it did in this world – Dad’s wit and playfulness, Grandma’s tough love, Sister’s loving warmth, Mother’s way of "telling it like it is." They will come for you, and I am just the vessel of communication.

As for me, I am grateful for these gift that touches hearts and brings new understandings. It is a privilege to bring the positive messages and energy of the other side into our lives on this side.

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Kind Words from Clients:

An Amazing Experience
I can't say enough how much I thank Amy for her help in connecting with my deceased loved ones and providing answers on issues that were unclear. The information she was able to provide, her kindness and sincerity, the factual accounts, everything about the experience was simply amazing. I was able to feel peace on some issues by reconnecting with my loved ones. I received information that explained things I did not fully understand. The experience really lifted some of the heaviness off of my heart. I invited 3 of my deceased loved ones to the session without telling Amy. All 3 of those loved ones came forward during the session. Amy is truly a special and gifted person and I highly recommend her.

As a non-believer...
I was pretty stunned at the accuracy of Amy's information. I have referred several people to Amy and she has impressed them all as well. If you believe in psychic phenomena then Amy is surely the person to connect you with your loved ones. And if you don't, well, you just might see possibilities after a session with Amy.
Amy is Amazing!

Amy is simply amazing! I’ve had both a medium and psychic reading with Amy and both were incredible. During our medium reading she was able to connect to several of my family members. She was incredibly accurate and even perfectly described their personalities. The messages that came through for me were very comforting and I have no doubt that they are with me all the time. During our psychic reading, Amy helped me to understand things that I’ve been struggling with and gave me a lot of clarity; I think she knows me better than I know myself. I would definitely recommend Amy to anyone and, in fact, I already have to several people who were all thrilled with their readings. I can’t thank Amy enough for her understanding and compassion.

Listed since: Dec 30, 2008


Amy is the real deal. She was able to connect with several family members that crossed over and provided a truly enlightening session. I highly recommended her services.
It was my first time having a mediumship reading and it was the most memorable contact I had with my late husband I will always treasure. Amy captured his personality and communication style with ease as if she knew him but most important he was relaxed with Amy and brought my late mother with him as well. It was a joy. I will have another reading again! She is awesome.
I've had three readings with Amy and she has been amazing every single time. She connected with my grandmother right away and gave me detailed, specific information that confirmed 100% that my grandma was there. She also guided me through the purchase of a house, relationship issues, and personal development. I trust her completely and will be a client for life. I recommend her to any of my friends who are looking for help.
Amy gave me the most beautiful reading being the medium communicatorn between my late hubby and myself. She conveyed my hubby's personality & language to a T. It was amazing, caring , thoughtful and understanding. She gave the best gift I have ever received in life! Thank you Amy March 2011
I've had 2 readings with Amy so far and both of them have been right on! I've received readings from other psychics, but Amy is by far my favorite! Not only can she speak with people on the other side, but Amy also does Animal Communications with pets both here and who have crossed! Can't wait to see her again!
My reading with Amy was right on. I was able to communicate with my husband and knew it was him as she was very accurate in describing his personality and the symptons he had during his illness. Also the things he liked to do. She was also very accurate describing my kids and what was going on their lives. I would definitely recommend a reading with her.

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