Alex Levy


Alex can connect with spirit guides, departed loved ones, and the Angelic realm. Alex first tunes into his client's energy field then combines multiple techniques to provide insight into his clients. Whether Oracle cards, mediumship, spiritual coaching, or angel messages. Alex lets his intuition decide what is best for each client. His goal is to deliver you divine guidance that is compassionate, encouraging, and empowering to your spirit. He believes we all have the authority and free will over our lives. Though his skills he can help to provide insight and work with you to access your own inner guidance and intuition.

Alex has been featured on radio shows and podcasts demonstrating his gift to audiences around the globe. Alex has studied Advanced Mediumship through the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD).

Additional Information: 

Angel Intuitive Readings with Alex are about deepening your relationship with your authentic self. During the session, I connect directly to your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels, and departed loved ones through the process of Intuitive Reading, Mediumship, and a blend of Spiritual Coaching. I first do a body scan to see how your Chakra's and Aura are doing energetically. This combination of methods allows me to get the best outcome for my clients. I work directly with my Spirit Guides and Angels and often blend techniques and modalities. Alex's readings are not predictive, but rather prescriptions.

Listed since: Nov 28, 2016

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