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Vito LaNave
Vito LaNave


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Ft. Lauderdale-Miami, FL


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Known Worldwide Rev Dr. Vito LaNave Spiritual Medium and Psychic SOUTH FLORIDA MEDIUM
Rev Vito is a Medium with over 50 years’ experience in the field. Vito serve an apprentice in the 1950's with Rev. Mae Merritt York of the Temple of Truth located at that time in Binghamton, NY and St. Petersburg, FL. He began giving messages from the platform at Central New York Spiritualist Camp at Freeville New York. Vito has many years’ experience connecting with Spirit. You can feel secure what is channeled through him is what you need to hear.
Vito presently give readings at his office, in Ft Lauderdale FL (Greater Miami Area) and over the telephone. He has an ongoing Medium unfoldment circle class throughout the country and appears on the platform at many spiritual centers in Miami and Ft Lauderdale, FL
Readings are done face to face. However telephone readings are available for those out of the area. Vito also does Spiritual Counseling, Holistic Life Coaching and NLP for those that request it.

Additional Information: 

Vito has a Doctorate Degree from the University of Metaphysics and a member of the International Metaphysical Ministry and the American Metaphysical Doctors Association. He is certified in Spiritual Mind Treatments and Spiritual Counseling. Vito started to give messages from Spirit in 1954 and was working on the platform of Central New York Spiritualist Camp in Freeville, NY as a teenager. He was trained by the world famous Rev Mae Merritt York who was a Physical Medium.

Listed since: Mar 30, 2014


I spoke with Dr LaNave who is spot on. His advice is clear, descriptive, and prescriptive for muddled situations. The call ended faster than I wanted due to my clumsy use of technology. But I definitely will give him highest regards!
I went to see Rev LaNave during one of the darkest times in my life. He was very very kind to me and was extremely accurate with his messages from my Angels. I can honestly say he changed my life.
I had a very warm and humbling experience with Vito. Thsi was the very first medium experience ever for me, I am 39. The insight I received was very valuable and I feel a new charge of Spirit and growth. I recommend this man, he was fairly accurate and the way he pointed out the personality of each person that had messages for me was astonishing. Great time!
I absolutely LOVE Rev. Vito.....he is very easy to talk to and gentle. I have learned so much from him already and am excited to continue my work with him. Rev. Vito gave me messages I NEEDED to hear...not what I WANTED to hear and that is what has kept me moving forward. He is an honest and caring medium and you can feel his wonderful and calming energy when you meet him.
I do have a true belief in the "beyond" however, Vito was the first psychic I ever went to and I must say, he was sensational! He hit specifics that could not possibly have been known by anyone, but, those who have passed. Even the generalizations fit perfectly with the specific messages I received. I left knowing the presence I have been sensing was quite real and and, luckily, kind and loving. Vito amazed me with his ability to relate so much to me. Thank you, Vito!
I had a reading this Vito and it was very highlighting. Over the years I've seen many different psychic's and Vito by far is the best hands down. He was very attentive to me and he took his time to help me see through my thoughts and concerns. He helped to reassure me of what my spirit has been telling me along. I thank God for the blessing. I will continue to pray for my miracles and favors to shine upon my life.
Vito is fantastic. I have used the same readers for over 30 years, but now age has caught up with them. I am now in Florida and wanted a reading in person. I just returned today from my second wonderful reading with Vito. He told me very deep spiritual things that will improve my life. He is very accurate and on top of that, he is the sweetest, most generous Psychic. Plus, he is like my older readers, accurate, warm and reasonable.
My reading with him went fantastic. I have no complaints. He was friendly, easy to find, and accurate. Thank you!
Vito LaNave is amazing! I loss my partner a year ago and I was desperately needing confirmation that he was still with me in spirit. Vito was able to channel messages from my partner.. The reading was 100% accurate. My sadness has turned into joy. Mr. Vito is kind, sensitive and gifted.

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