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Tess Tetrault
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" I was born to help people heal." How may I be of service to you? I have a lot of tools in my spiritual toolbox, and I'm not afraid to use them!

Tess was born into a spiritual way of life, and raised Catholic. She had always seen spirits as a child and was even frightened by them.

At the age of 12 she almost drowned on a river in New Hampshire and had a “Near Death Experience”. This awakened her psychic gifts even further.

At 18 she received the gift of the Holy Spirit. (Now referred as 'Light Language') When Tess was only 20 yrs of age she married her soul mate and after conceiving a child, he died by accidental overdose -suicide.
That was the beginning of her spiritual journey to discovering how spirit communication can be healing. Tess studied Reiki and meditation for several years and became a Reiki Master in 2005. Her profession of choice was dentistry, and while caring for her patients, their loved ones in spirit began to show up. The enfolding started there and many patients would enjoy a reading along with their cleaning.

She was trained in Past Life Regression therapy and studied with Dr. Brian Weiss in 2008.
She has also studied psychic development and mediumship with the world’s most respected and well-known mediums for over 15 years such as James Van Praugh, Tony Stockwell, John Edward, Maviss Patilla, and several others.

“There is a great amount of healing that takes place when we receive messages from our loved ones in spirit. I have witnessed the healing, and transformations.”

Tess has also studied Theta Healing and is a certified Theta Practitioner. Theta healing is a healing modality that replaces limiting subconscious beliefs that keep people stuck in destructive or negative patterns.

Tess channels loving energy and messages from St. Germaine, White Feather and Archangel Gabriel.She teaches on many metaphysical subjects such as guides, Past lives, Angels, chakras, auras, psychic development, manifesting and many other subjects.

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I can read in person, phone and Skype or Zoom readings. Because the connection to the realm of spirit transcends time and space, the connection is the same regardless of location of reader and sitter. My office is physically located on the Treasure Coast of Florida (east coast between West Palm Beach and Orlando) . You can find a calendar of events on my website.
I hope to help you with closure and healing, as well as the privilege of serving the spirit world. Most often connecting you to your loved ones, can be a life changing experience! God bless !

Listed since: Jun 1, 2015


Tess is simply amazing. As soon as I sat down, she put me at ease with her nurturing and kind personality. She knew things, the type of things only I know. I was definitely floored and astonished. I have been to other psychics, but Tess is so accurate that it brought tears to my eyes! Her only goal is to help, and her accuracy and honesty is absolutely refreshing! I will go back, and I absolutely recommend!
Recently a friend recommended that I give Tess a call to help me with the pain of losing two of my favorite people. I am a bit skeptical and didn't expect "great" results. She nailed a couple of things that only my buds knew. I left the call with a "Cheshire Cat" grin and felt I connected with my friends. Pretty sure they are with me when I speak to them now. I plan on setting up a group appointment with Tess in the near future.

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