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Susan St. Jean and The Council of Engma are Internationally recognized for providing Psychic Insight, Evidential Mediumship, Channeled Higher Teachings, Transformative Soul Therapy, and Energetic Transmissions of Engma's Combined Consciousness Frequency Signature. The Collective love, wisdom, and healing of Engma consist of Jesus, The 12 Apostles, Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Raphael, Moses, Muhammad, and Einstein.  

Here is a little about myself, The Council of Engma, and our path of service.

I have been very intuitive and empathic from a young age, I have always felt a very deep connection to animals and nature. From that young age, I felt everything on a very deep level as a "sensitive" and had what I now understand to be an evolved "higher understanding" which I got from spirit helpers.  I have many memories of assisting kids while in grade school as a very young "Dear Abby" of sorts, always writing kids back after they reached out to me with their troubles. Assisting others to "find their way" became a consistent theme from those young years which has continued throughout my life.  

In 1988 I started having unexplainable episodes even while driving, where I knew I only had a few seconds to pull over before I would "shut down." When I was experiencing these episodes, I was aware of my body and where it was but felt "far away" and not in it. I couldn't open my eyes or move any part of my body. These experiences would last anywhere between 20 minutes and 2 hours and went on for many years.

On July 4, 2000, I lost all mobility due to Multiple Sclerosis. While at the hospital being treated with a steroid I.V. to bring the swelling down in my brain, I started experiencing one of my "unexplainable episodes" again except this time I stopped breathing and had a Near Death Experience. During my (N.D.E.) I had an intimate encounter and conversation with Jesus as I was passionately attempting to will the white light away by communicating my strong desire to stay and serve God in this dimension. After the experience of Jesus unifying my energy with the Christ Consciousness, my previous sensitivity to the unseen realms heightened significantly in vibratory frequency. Since that time, I have been living my path of service upon the Earth Plane and am internationally recognized for illuminating truth and empowering people as a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Medical Intuitive, Healer, and Animal Communicator.

On August 10, 2007, Jesus and 17 other Ascended Masters introduced themselves to me as The Council of Engma. I was having a hard time sleeping when all of a sudden, so clearly and loudly I heard, "We are the Council of Engma and you are our seer. The fruit of our wisdom will lie upon your lips for the world to review. We have been with you for thousands of Earth years and you have been our sleeping prophet endowed with Universal Truth. The time has come for you to awake and through this Council’s wisdom, you will bring enlightenment to your peers of your dense world... Be Still, Be Quick, Be Ready."

Engma explained to me that my "unexplainable episodes" that started in 1988 was when my journey with them actually began. They continued by explaining that because their Combined Consciousness Frequency Signature is such a high vibration they had to take me out of my body to gradually download it into my consciousness, for it to then be safely anchored into the dense physical body over a long period. Engma has also explained that the reason I had such a deep and passionate desire to "will the white light away" in 2000, was because my soul knew it was meant to fulfill this journey of being the channel of their higher teachings and healing, along with emanating energetic transmissions to others of Engma’s Combined Consciousness Frequency Signature. 

I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and claircognizant in my Mediumship when connecting with loved ones, guides, Ascended Masters, Arch Angels, and beloved pets. Psychically, I can bring forth information within the aura from this and other lives.  As Soul Therapists, it is through Engma's undeniable vision into one’s human consciousness, that they guide clients to a deepened awareness of the human ego to assist them to connect with the loving state of their soul. As a Medical Intuitive, I can see inside the physical body similar to an X-ray and am told by Engma certain areas of the body that needs assistance. As an Animal Communicator, I can communicate with animals telepathically and assist them to help their humans better understand their feelings, stressors, or pain.

Above my own Psychic and Mediumistic abilities Engma knows us on a soul level. Therefore, they connect with each client on both the human and soul level quickly, and Engma highlights key areas that need to be addressed to raise the client's awareness, power, health, and vibration. Some clients approach a session thinking they know what they want and need and instead leave transformed in ways they didn't even realize needed assistance. Our goal is to help you see your life from a higher perspective by unveiling whatever is in your highest best to release and realign, so it no longer stands in the way of you experiencing authentic happiness and the abundant love you innately are. Client testimonials speak of sessions with Engma and me as highly accurate, healing, and profoundly transformative. 

I and the others have witnessed miraculous energy work being channeled by Engma. Their healings are all-encompassing of mind, body, and spirit with testimonials of healing hearts, eyes, knees, legs, feet, spines, lungs, hearing, being able to suddenly walk without canes, phobias, emotional issues, increased energy, and more. People have also spoken of feeling energetic sensations in certain parts of their body at the same time I was describing in detail what I was seeing as I watched Engma perform surgeries on them. Time after time, whether in large groups or private sessions, people experience Engma's life-changing and palpable energy. 
I effectively assist people with Spirit Communication whether they are grieving from loss, or need/desire communication with loved one's who are unable to communicate through the physical body due to things like Alzheimer's, being in a coma, or in their transition process. Other areas of assistance include helping clients understand themselves and others from a higher perspective.  Achieving deeply transformative results that bring healing on all levels and unveiling our client’s highest potential in the evolution of their human and soul aspect is always our desire and goal.

I have donated my time to help work on missing person cases, meeting with Spirit and family members along with working out in the field with State Police and their dogs. I have been instrumental with the location of the bodies and helped pinpoint suspects by name and description, which ended up being the same men that the police had as their prime suspects.

I am committed to helping people heal through enlightenment, empowering themselves by their free will choices, and bringing into fruition the joy of their souls. I give you my promise to always have your highest best in the forefront of my heart and mind so that each of you can come home unto yourself as a light-filled, spiritually-seeded expression of God.

In the Heart of our Oneness,


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Engma and I would love to assist you on your journey! Here are some Testimonials so you can see what clients are saying about our path of service. You can find many more on the website: and our Facebook Page:

I am also in the Portland, Maine area (June through November) for those interested in scheduling me for In Person Private Sessions, Public Events, or Private Circles in your home.

In Light,


As I walked along my spiritual journey, I met an Ascended Master, who would not give his name. He said I could call him AWAN an acronym for the phrase Angel Without A Name. AWAN would speak to me through the trance mediumship of Rev. Carl R. Hewitt. Through AWAN’s teachings, I learned that theologians had repeatedly edited the Bible. I began comparing the translation of specific Bible verses in 463 Bibles. Eventually AWAN appointed me to be his Scribe to write down his vast body of teachings. I have written four books: My First Encounter with an Angel, My Second Encounter with an Angel, My Third Encounter with an Angel, and Crossovers: The Origin of Homosexuality. These books contain Awan’s teachings, along with historical research to corroborate 100% of AWAN’s theories. Since Rev. Hewitt’s transition to the World of Spirit in 2005, I had been cut off from a pathway to a living source of higher Spiritual knowledge, until I met Susan St. Jean.  When most people realize that they need more spiritual wisdom in their lives, they turn to a holy book, such as the Bible. These people fail to realize the Bible is a lifeless book, that was written by men (perhaps through inspiration). They also fail to realize the text of the Bible has filtered through the minds of translators, and editors, who repeatedly weave their own theology into the Bible’s text, which dilutes or distorts its spiritual truths.  A smaller group of people seek spiritual wisdom through a living source, through Angels or Ascended Masters who often speak directly to humanity through a human instrument, or medium. This source is living, and dynamic, and can provide wisdom customized for a specific receiver or a specific situation. One of these living instruments is Susan St. Jean. Through her mediumistic gifts, Susan brings forth the wisdom of Engma.  This council works in harmony and provides the most inspiring messages, to aid humanity in their effort to reawaken the Spirit within. For we are all spiritual beings residing in a physical body. However, our spirit often forgets what its purpose was for coming into this human existence. Engma’s messages help us to awaken from this spiritual amnesia and provides us the tools to use to live a truly spiritual life. There are not many living sources of wisdom available to the spiritual seeker, and one really has “hit the jackpot” when discovering Engma, and incorporating the teachings in one’s life. Susan St Jean is one of the few mediums, who is a true instrument of the Spirit. She places her complete trust into the hands of Engma and follows their instructions implicitly. Most mediums have not put aside their own ego and do what they think they should do. As a result, Susan is a very clear channel. I found when I have had a reading with her, she is able to focus on my concerns, and then Spirit and Engma provided the guidance I very much needed. Furthermore, Susan is very genuine. You can feel her empathy for you when you are in her presence. I have recommended several of my friends to Susan, and they also were thrilled with their readings and were extremely impressed with the caring and nurturing aspects of Susan’s guidance. If you are looking for a genuine medium, who is down to earth, and “tells it like it is” then I would highly recommend Susan St. Jean.

~ Sidney Schwartz  Pastor of Gifts of the Spirit Church.  Author of The Channelled Book Series My First, Second, Third Encounter With An Angel, The Golden Thread Mediumship In The Bible, Crossovers and others.

​After wrestling an entire week about whether to attend a session with a medium (something I had never done), I found myself walking into the room where Susan St. Jean sat. I had walked four months, thoroughly drenched with such grief that each day, hour, minute and second seemed a struggle. I was always a half-breath away to losing myself. Words, from a song on the radio, ‘The inside out of my soul cries out’ resonated deeply and left me reduced to tears on my way to work, one morning. On July 17, 2012, I had received a call that my beloved younger son, Tim, had passed away. My reading with Susan, four months later, left me with an incredible sense of peace and was my very first step toward healing. She conveyed very articulate and accurate events and details of my son’s character. I continue to be comforted that Tim is extremely happy and safe in this next chapter of his journey. Even though he is no longer physically here, I know he is with me in spirit. Susan has an amazing gift. I have made several referrals to friends, who have also had great experiences, as well.

~ Cheryl Mills

Encountering Susan St. Jean, and Engma has changed my life and stopped my life long search for the truth about God, the Universe, and the true meaning of life on Earth. My healing was also life changing! Susan, Sandy Hamblin, and I were doing some energy work, and as we were Jesus came to Susan telling her to bring our hands together, after doing so Jesus then tied our hands together with big fisherman’s rope. After a few moments the energy was so strong as Jesus stepped into Susan her body started shaking then suddenly our clumped hands leaped to my heart. I opened my eyes in shock and looked at Sandy mouthing to her, “I just asked God to heal my heart 2 seconds ago!” This pain in my heart had been present for quite some time. After that day I have not had the pain at all. Another huge part of learning the process of living and learning on earth is Spiritual Contracts which Susan skillfully does workshops on along with other topics which are so instrumental to our spiritual and emotional evolution. Susan and Engma have assisted me on so many levels personally and also with opening up my own spiritual gifts through the many energetic transmissions they have gifted me. My life has been infused with such abundance and growth since meeting and working with Susan and Engma. I have so much gratitude and love for them touching my life.

~ Loretta Thurlow

​My experiences with Susan St. Jean have been life-changing. I find her to be a deeply connected, highly intuitive person who is deeply committed to helping others. I was highly skeptical when I first met her, in a group reading. But she immediately captured the attention and hearts of the group when she started offering detailed information to specific individuals that clearly "clicked" with them in profound ways. Tears, laughter, raised eyebrows and jaws dropped-- very soon we were all taken by what Susan (and Engma) had to offer. I went back to see her on my own because I felt like I was still supposed to receive something. And honestly, I was just as skeptical the second time--in my head. In my heart, I felt like I got this transmission, an initiation of some kind. I cannot explain it to this day. But it was real, and powerful, and Susan was the one who was able to offer it. I walked away with a clear course of direction for a major life event coming up.

~ Shannon Lynn Thompson

Engma knows your soul, your heart, and encourages you to live and love fully, authentically, embracing all that you are and fulfilling your soul’s sacred contracts. Having a channeled session with Engma provides laser focused truth, it may be the elephant in the room, it may be addressing something you see from a slightly different angle, which creates the needed shift. As a child I would be told God knows everything you do and my logical mind could not fathom this; Engma’s channeling has deepened my faith. If Engma says it, ask yourself, how is this true because through my experiences with them, I have learned it is always the information I needed at that time to advance. Unconditional love and compassion flows through the channeling. It is healing, uplifting and empowers free will change. Engma’s energetic transmissions introduce you to their higher vibrational signature, helping raise and set your vibration at a higher level. As my vibration increases I experience everything, everyone in a clearer, more connected way. My compassion and empathy grows as judgment and sense of separateness decrease. I speak with Engma and my spirit guides throughout the day, asking for assistance in providing guidance for my soul’s evolution and to speak through me in the highest interest of other’s soul’s evolution. Through Engma’s channelings and energetic transmissions it is easier to release my “small self” and live from my Soul perspective as a Sacred Vessel.

~ Cheryl Hartford

This past weekend I stayed at Temple Heights where Susan was the medium/energy worker. I had a private session with Susan along with a half day class that changed my life. If you haven't already been in her energy, then the time is now.... Amazing spirit, teacher, and she explains in a way that you understand. She starts where ever you are, and goes from there. She has a loving, kind spirit, and is so connected to the higher collective (Engma) that words can't even describe it. I got to spend the whole weekend with her, in her energy and my ears never stopped ringing... Like this high pitched, super fast vibration that you could also feel opening your heart! I can not describe the difference a weekend can make when it's spent in Susan St. Jeans energy!

~ Deborah Wickwire Infante

I have had several readings over the past few years with Susan and have come away with more information to help me walk my path. This past reading was absolutely amazing Susan channeled Engma and when Susan came over to me I could feel such incredible energy and actually started sweating. Susan explained that it was because she was emanating Engma’s energy. All of a sudden I could actually feel them working on my broken ankle. It was amazing! Then Engma told Susan to place her hands on my crown chakra and the back of my chest (I was very congested) and when she did I got even warmer. Even after I left I still felt Engma with me through the end of day. Thank you Susan and Engma for facilitating a great experience and healing!

~ Beth Newman

​Hi Susan,
I plan on attending your gallery reading Friday night and your Open Forum Events with Engma sound interesting to me as well. I look forward to hearing your (and Engma’s) response to a question I have. You see—the session I had with you during your participation as a subject for my Ph.D thesis on Mediums and Communication with the afterlife has stayed with me—the “realness” of how you were with me is what has impacted and makes me want to keep pursuing the exploration of all this even though I finished my Ph.D. over a year ago. Best wishes, Elliot

~ Elliot Benjamin

My first experience with Susan and Engma was shortly after my mom passed. I went to a gallery reading that Susan was hosting. I was amazed when she came to me and asked if I was having some sort of medical issue that was impairing my ability to drive because I had just recently been diagnosed with epilepsy and lost my license due to the seizures. Later that day I had a private reading with Susan and asked if my mother could be reached. When my mother did come through to Susan she addressed my concerns, and as she showed Susan the cemetery Susan described it perfectly. I had been worried that my mother had been buried in a place I knew she had never wanted to be. I was also told by Engma that I was feeling too much stress and to relax by taking walks in the woods on the path I use to walk on as a child when I was upset. Then Engma showed Susan the path in detail and she started to describe it to me. I couldn't believe what I was being told. Everything was so precise and factual. I have never felt so peaceful and relaxed as I did when I walked away from that session.

~ Betty Roy

I want to take this opportunity to let others know of my experience sitting in a healing circle with Susan and Engma. The Love and Healing was palpable! The energy was amazing. The messages that came through were life changing. I made an appointment after that wonderful experience for a private session with Susan. Her reading was very spot on. I look forward to attending another healing circle with Susan and Engma in the future. Susan is a blessing to everyone here on this Earth! With Much Love and Gratitude,

~ Terry Jean Willette

​I'm still feeling buzzed from the enlightening workshop and private session with Susan last weekend at Temple Heights. She spoke the language my soul resonated with. Susan and Engma answered my many questions concisely. She was able to connect to me in a way only spirit would know. Afterwards, I was left with a profound personal knowing that I wasn't alone and that I'm on the right track. What she shared about soul contracts made perfect sense to me. I highly recommend anyone searching for spiritual guidance seek a reading with her. She's a good soul!

~ Adelle Carter

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Listed since: Aug 16, 2017


Susan and I Skyped for an hour and I can say that I felt very comfortable and that she felt as present to me as if we were in the room together. I was happy that she was able to pick up on things in my life without me having to explain everything first. She knew what my major troubles were and provided messages from spirit that were comforting, relatable, reassuring and understandable. I asked specific questions and was given guidance that I’ve been able to apply to my life for the better.
I recently took a few weeks to decide on where to have a reading. Intuition and signs have always been a big part of my life and they led me to Susan. I was not disappointed. Susan’s reading was not necessarily what I wanted to hear but what I NEEDED to hear. She quickly moves past the esoteric BS and gets to the soul of what’s happening, reminding me of my divinity and helping me to recover the spiritual spark of who I really
My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting with Susan for a reading. Susan is very down to earth and welcoming and was very easy to talk to. She made us feel relaxed and at ease and made sure we were comfortable being together in a session as she stated things could get personal. Susan brought forth messages from family passed as well as those that are still with us but unable to communicate. She and Engma were able to advise us with difficult situations providing a clear path forward.
I was very moved by Susan's reading and accuracy. She had a very comforting spirit and made you feel at ease immediately. I have been to several mediums and Susan is by far the one that I feel most drawn to continue my soul evolution with. She was able to connect to spirit before we even began and the reading just felt so genuine and like revisiting the past and great insight into the future with helpful advice to evolve and live life as we were meant to - with Love. You won't be disappointed.
Susan St. Jean gives the most powerful, thought-provoking and loving readings a Medium can give. She has a true gift from God. My wife, my daughter, my sister and I have all had sessions with Susan and each of us has benefited from her beautiful readings. In addition to giving us messages of love and support from passed parents, she has connected us to the souls of friends, relatives and pets that we weren’t thinking of or have thought about for years. She is the real Deal!
My wife asked me to read Susan's bio on an upcoming spiritual fair. I decided to give it a try. I spent 15 minutes with her. I told her I was stressed out. She suggested she could do some energy work on me. She barely touched me and wow! I felt the moving energy from the Hevan's. It was amazing. It was a feeling like nothing I have ever felt. Afterwards I went outdoors and cried. When I stepped inside, It was if I knew I was stepping into a new life. I now pray to God and Engma. Thank you Susan
My life has been infused with such growth since working with Susan and Engma. They have assisted me on so many levels and have also healed me. In one session Susan, Sandy Hamblin and I were doing energy work and Jesus stepped into Susan. The energy got so strong Susan’s body started shaking then suddenly our clumped hands leaped to my heart. I opened my eyes in shock and said, “I just asked God to heal my heart 2 seconds ago!” Ever since that day the pain in my heart is completely gone!
I have experienced several encounters with Susan and Engma. Having been to many psychics and mediums over the years I find Susan's channeling of the soul group Engma to be easy to connect with and able to provide information from the most complicated scenarios to simple and easy personal questions. Susan is able to channel high vibrational energy from Engma which is very beneficial for both physical ills and emotional difficulties. Whether she is teaching or channeling it is not to be missed.

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