Shelia Powell

Shelia Powell
Shelia Powell


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West Palm Beach


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$150.00 Per 1 hour/ $80.00 per half hour

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Email preferred


Shelia is a psychic empath connecting to the other side to give her clients clarity, guidance and direction. She is a warm, brilliant 'reader' with years of experience. She connects to her clients within a matter of 10 min with validating information and compassion. She has been known to cry right along with her clients. Shelia’s abilities are generally classified as Mediumship, empathic, claircognizant, clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairgustant, medical intuitive, Reiki

Additional Information: 

Services:Regular Psychic Medium Sessions (1hr or 1/2 hour) Past Life
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Listed since: Feb 21, 2008


I was impressed with Sheila Powell’s physic empath ability, when I saw her on Ghost Hunters. I recently arranged to have an appointment with her. She was fantastic, right on the mark, and dealt with all the family members that came to me, from the other side. Sheila put me at ease the moment I met her and I had the feeling I had known her for a very long time. I received some very good information and closure that I desperately needed. I look forward to my next appointment. She’s phenomen
My stubborn uncle-in-law Robert came thru with a message for his wife/my aunt. Accurate dates and health info was confirmed later. I was advised on a situation that was draining me financially and emotionally. Altho it was hard to hear bad news, I'm grateful to Shelia for her guidance in this confusing time. I was comforted by the messages from my mother, whose voice was unmistakable. I'm hopeful now to know there is love and peace after life to look forward to.
By far the most gifted medium I've encountered. Incredibly accurate and with an amazing ability to make you feel at ease. Shelia truly has been blessed with the gift.
Shelia gave me much insight, and hope. I think that she was put in my path to show me that I am not alone, because for so long I have felt lonely. Knowing my grandmother is with me is such a comfort, and seeing her is a delight. I thank Shelia for bringing her thru for me!
I am elated that I followed my intuition and contacted Sheila. She is as real as they come, providing a personally unique psychic experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again to gain additional insights about the path I am taking, gaining additional spiritual advice. It was a pleasure, so if you are feeling any trepidations concerning whether you should go for her or not, trust what your gut instinct is telling you and that will guide you into making the best decision for you in the NOW.
First off, let me just say that the television does not do Shelia any justice! She is so much more attractive in person and has beautiful eyes. This was my first experience and to be honest, I felt I could not catch my breath in the car on the way over, but she put me right at ease, and I was very comfortable. Thank you for that.
Shelia is such a warm and personable medium. I respected her for her upfront stance in that she never made promises to me. My visit was not what I expected as the Spirits decided that I was not to hear from my mother or father and Shelia explained the situation to me. With her help and a very special young man she was able to help my mother cross over which provided me with a sense of peace. Shelia has become such a wonderful friend and so full of optimism. Shelia, thank you for all you do.
A lovely woman who knew about certain family members and me..before we had even had a chance to speak. She gave me information first, and then I could ask questions. She was stunningly accurate and incredibly lovely to speak was like talking to your best girlfriend and i am so delighted I found her. Highly recommend Sheila to anyone who is ready for a reading. She even responds to my emails when I just want to say, "Hi". Isn't that sweet?? I just loved her to pieces!
Someone who truly cares about others. Very empathic, honest, accurate and patient. Know the heart of the matter real quick. Listen without being judgmental. A great experience! Truly gifted and compassionate!
I immediately felt comfortable in Shelia’s presence and quickly curled up on her couch and relaxed. Shelia was able to accurately describe my three sisters and brother in detail. Shortly into the reading one of my sisters that passed away two years ago came through. The details that surrounded her death couldn’t have easily been guessed and I have no doubt Karen was in the room with us. I will always be grateful for the peace she gave me through a difficult time.
Sheila is someone you can phone or email and get the same results as meeting her in person. I have had her help in all three ways. I like her straightforward style and her compassion. She told me about past relationships and my children that she could not know. She uses nothing, except for her connection spiritually, to give you the information you need. Looking for someone who is the real deal and good at what she does? You’ve found her. Contact her. Sandy Pitzel, Saskatchewan, Canada
Shelia is a blessing from GOD put here on earth as an angel of light to guide in our time of need.She has helped guide my path through many trials.She is very gifted in her vision, empathy,insight & intuition.She always returns phone calls or email & has called just to check up on me.She is loyal, trustworthy, and confidential.She has helped me to understand issues, guide me though tough times in my relationships and career. She gives insight into the future with hope and light. R C Memphis,TN
I had my first reading with Shelia a few weeks ago.For me it was a true blessing to hear from my friends and parents who passed.She was able to accurately describe their personalities.Sheila even went into my past lives.She gave me a name and the war I fought in.To my astonishment I researched & found info.What is even more strange,I went from MA to visit a friends Mom PA and visited the park I was buried in.Of course I didn't know that in 1980.That was the only time I ever visited PA.
Shelia came for a reading a month ago.I was a skeptic at 1st, but she was right on target about everything.Most impressive was my granddaughter who has a large hemangioma on her head. We asked her opinion on this matter and Shelia said that it was wrapped around something but she would be fine. A cat scan done a week before said it was fine and would shrink so when I heard that,I thought,WRONG! A week later the Dr.ordered an MRI and he said the hemangioma was wrapped around the carotid artery!
Talking with her is like talking to a good friend. I am given peace of mind, security and trust in myself. Learning about my animal totems and sprit guides has taught me how to make my life stronger, happier and richer. I have learned to trust my intuition. It is through the readings that I was able to protect myself and my child from abuse. I was able to find inner strength to deal with the death of a parent. I will continue to call on Shelia as a friend and mentor for as long as we are able.
About a year ago, I was facing the decision to take the reins and direct my first film for the Methodist Church. With Sheila's guidance and direction, I was able to see the path that God wanted me to take. The film " Voice of the Prodigal" has wrapped and is being edited. I am so thankful for Sheila's vision that was so empowering for me in this situation! -Beth M J Albany, GA USA

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