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Regina Byrnes
Regina Byrnes


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Daytona Beach


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$175 for a 60 minute reading

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(386) 255-1120


Welcome, there is no mistake that you ended up here. If you are looking to hear from a person or pet who has passed, if you are looking to communicate with the pet(s) you have with you now, or if you are simply looking for some guidance and advice on topics such as health, relationships, or career, then you have come to the right place. Through use of my mediumship and psychic gifts I will be able to:

Offer you opportunity to hear from your loved one(s) once again

Share a connection to your departed loved one(s); whether it’s a person or a pet on the other side, they long to connect with you too

Provide you with peace in knowing that they are okay and not alone

Deliver evidence that you are not alone as they are still with you in spirit

Communicate with your spirit guides to receive assistance on your life path

Read your aura (your energy) to bring awareness and enhancement to your gifts and strengths

Voice your pet’s thoughts and feelings and provide answers to any questions you may have about their well-being

My intention is to communicate messages with love and compassion while providing you with encouragement, hope, and optimism for your future. You are right here, right now for a reason; now is the time to take action!

Listed since: Apr 6, 2014


Regina was so kind and compassionate. I recently lost my best friend and she helped me with the "why" question and reassured me that Shadow was safe and pain-free. Regina...thank you.
I had my first reading this week with this young lady. She was spot on with the person we were looking at. With her reading as well as the direction she advised me to take I believe my future will be much better. I was impressed with her ability and clarity. I will is her again.
Wow!! Where do I even start?! I’ll admit I didn’t know what to expect and I went into my session with an open mind and heart. I can honestly say it was the BEST experience I’ve ever encountered in in my life. I lost my brother and I got that chance to say and ask all the things I needed to know to for so many years. Regina was absolutely amazing,caring and professional. Thank you for being the connection between us and our loved ones.
Regina’s incredible spirit talents have offered me salvation and comfort through her messages of mediumship. I am more than confident in my recommendations of her.
My mom and I recently received a reading from Regina for my mom's birthday to bring her some peace on past events. Regina was so kind and took the time to explain everything she was seeing. She was able to explain my three past cats, their personalities even down to the medicine/food they were eating. She also explained my grandmother perfectly and was able to give us the closure we were unable to receive. My mom and I will be receiving another reading within a few months. I highly recommend!
I needed help with a rescue dog and asked Regina what to do. We spent an hour going over all the things that would help and then she spoke directly to my dog and assured him that he wasn't going anywhere. Knowing he was now home with us has made all the difference. Thanks so much!
Regina was clear in her messages from spirit and was right on point with what I needed to hear and validate. It’s like everything I needed answered came through in “my language”...I am beyond grateful that her name came to me through a friend. She is exactly who I needed to talk to at this point in my life. Thank YOU Regina for your pure heart and guidance❤️✨
What a touching experience with Regina. She is such a kind and truly gifted soul. I have had readings before but never have I had one felt so personal and warming to my heart. She is a remarkable woman and very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. She took time to help me with so many areas of my life where I was feeling blocked and needed guidance. I would very much recommend her for anyone in need of her gift.
I was really surprised by how effected I was by Regina. I have never had a reading, and she made the space very comfortable. I knew anything that happened would be positive and good and geared towards healing. She made the whole group very welcome and made sure that each of us got individual readings, even though it took longer than she expected. Regina has a true gift and am glad I was able to experience it with her.
My cousin Darlene and I had a very powerful session with Regina today. Although Regina had absolutely no background on our family and who we wished to connect with she was able to accurately describe our family members and most importantly who we wished to connect with. It was a very peaceful and we were grateful to connect with them. She also conveyed everyone was joyful which was also great to learn. I look forward to another session with her. Thanks so much for sharing your talent!
I recently had the privilege of having a psychic session with Regina Byrnes. I was so nervous the morning of my scheduled read but was immediately put at ease by Regina’s warm, genuine and down to earth presence. She was spot on with answering my questions and gave me some tools to help tackle my issues. She was very clear delivering the information I needed to hear. I can attest she is the real deal. She knew things about my life she could not possibly have known without a real psychic gift.
Regina is amazing! This was my second session, the first was a group session and Regina was able to connect everyone with a loved one. My solo reading was fantastic. Everything was spot on! Not only did some loved ones come through with messages, Regina also offered me advice and guidance on issues I am dealing with. I highly recommend Regina you will not be disappointed.
I have always been interested in the life beyond, have always believed it existed. But what I didn't know is that Regina could expertly and accurately connect me to my departed loved ones OVER THE PHONE! I have connected with both my parents, all 4 grandparents and my favorite aunt! Regina would describe who was coming through and I could immediately identify them. Some things she herself didn't understand but she could relay the message and I sure did! Regina is a phenomenal medium!
It was a pleasant 1 hour session with Regina. I was able to understand the concerns about my two pets that currently share my life. In addition, I was able to gain insights from my beloved Edward that passed away in March. I heard sufficient detail to be comfortable that I was in contact with Edward and I am now in a far better emotional state than before the session. I would recommend Regina to other people that are mourning a pet that has passed.
I really enjoyed my visit with Regina. She is very calm and soft spoken. I had some specific questions about my horses and dogs. Regina helped with answers and even felt the presence of my little dog, Gussy, who had passed away several years ago. She said he was dancing around my legs telling me everything would be fine! I had just found out I have cancer. Little Gussy danced around my legs when he eas alive. I knew then that he is AhAstill with me! Regina was just terrific!
Regina did a spot on emergency communication for a female wolf who's preparing to cross. I was blown away by both her accuracy and compassion. She's the real deal!
Regina has a diverse and powerful gift, and is exceptionally interactive, patient, calm, warm and insightful in her reading with me. I have spoken to many psychics over the years, and Regina is possibly the best. I was surprised at how much she knew and how quickly she knew it. We had a two-way conversation: I want to interact with my pet, and, if I have a question, I want to bring it up right then. Regina resolved a situation which was impacting my life in a significant way. Very grateful.
Regina's reading was detailed and the messages she relayed brought me comfort and peace. At my request, she provided guidance on how I can connect to my spirit guides (meditation tips, books she recommends, coaching sessions). She also answered my questions about souls and reincarnation. Thank you for being so generous and open!
Regina is gifted. Her spirit is bright and calming. My experience was emotional and very personal. She produced strong validation our loved ones are with us.
My session with Regina was everything I had hoped for and more! She talked about health issues I was experiencing and solutions to help treat the issues. I can validate her recommended solutions were spot on! My session with Regina offered an avenue to connect with loved ones who had passed. The messages received were personal and very specific, and I was left at peace due to the validation I had received. You can feel Regina's warm, glowing spirit resonate through her soft words.
I had a reading with Regina an I must say , she was right on with the things she told me. Stuff no body would know but me. Was amazing .
Regina is an amazing talented medium and an extraordinary person. My mother passed away when I was thirteen and Regina was able to connect with her. She was spot on with details regarding things that happened between my mother and I, such as a funny conversation that occurred when I was about eleven and my mothers frustration at my inability to keep my room clean when I was younger. Regina gave me comfort in telling me that my mother is still with my siblings and I and I can't thank her enough.
Regina definitely has a talent. She told me things that nobody could have researched on google. Everything she told me about my deceased parents and wife was correct. It was very encouraging to know that my wife was happy with that I could move on and remarry. She ended the call by telling me that my white mixed breed dog was outside the door wondering how long I would be on the phone. How true.
Thank you for the most amazing reading, for all your kindness and time spent being so completely present with me. I am so thankful that our paths have crossed. Your gift is vital, you are an extraordinary brilliant being. Thank you again and again.
I am a bereaved parent of 12 year old Nicholas. My hopes of connecting with Nick were validated in my reading. My reading did let me know that Nick is around me all the time. He is also with his brother and sister Tabitha who often talks to Nick. He loved to throw balls to the dog. i knew Nick came through when Regina mentioned the "sticks" Nick would tap his pencils at home and school. I was lucky to get a health boost from Nick. It was his way of telling me to take care of myself.
My friend & I both had our first time ever reading with Regina in August. We each had our own reading. It was the most life changing experience ether of us had ever had! Regina's remarkable ability to read our Auras and connect with spirit just blew us away. She gave me a very important message from my Father. My companion connected with his Spirit Guide! At my second reading,3 months later,she saw my guardian Angels & a Spirit Guide.Regina is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. SO AMAZING
Regina Byrnes is not only an amazingly gifted medium and psychic but she is also a beautiful soul. The guidance and advice I have been given is always extremely accurate, and detailed. Her style is down to earth, warm with a beautiful touch of humour. I highly recommend Regina to anyone wanting to connect to the other side or for guidance.
Regina is an amazing psychic, psychic coach, and an outstanding medium. I have had multiple occasions to view or hear her first hand in various situations; experiencing individual and group readings as well as conference call readings. Regina is my Medium Extraordinaire! Her memory is amazing, referring back over 2 years to what she told me and who had come over, then references them in the moment. Regina is amazing & extremely accurate. She wowed 2 famous mediums on stage that I attended.
Regina , Thank you so much for your help and support . me and my brother were very impressed with your ability and gift to communicate with the spirit world. alot of our questions and concerns were answered , it was a honor working with you. Thank you Regina .
Very satisfied with Regina's reading. Excellent medium gave me a lot of answers I was looking for! Will definitely contact her again very soon. Thanks again


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