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Travel Channel's Psychic Rachel Norway is a GOD GIFTED Born PSYCHIC & MEDIUM known for her ACCURACY. Her SPOT-ON PREDICTIONS come from your spirit guides and loved ones to help your decision making for RELATIONSHIP, CAREER, FINANCE, HEALTH & FAMILY questions. Rachel is a messenger through GOD & the ANGELS & receives NAMES, DATES & PLACES & DETAILED MESSAGES from your loved ones from the other side. She is also a SPIRITUAL COUNSELOR, LIFE COACH, & MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER.

Rachel Norway can be seen on the Travel Channel, BIO network, FOX News, & South Magazine. Rachel is also the owner of radio show broadcast called Spirit World Radio with over 100K followers between radio platforms of Spotify, I-Heart Radio, Pandora, Amazon & Apple I-Tunes.

She has experience in the following:
Spiritual Counseling 15yrs
Life Coaching 15yrs.
Psychic Readings 25yrs
Tarot Readings 25yrs
Paranormal Investigations 20yrs.
Mediumship 25yrs
Intuition on Court Cases 15+yrs
Murder Cases 15 yrs
Unsolved Cases 13 yrs
UFO cases 10yrs
Classified cases 13yrs
Many more....

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Please visit www.connectionswithrachel.com.com to book your reading.

I am born with the ability to connect with the other side & precognition-(being able to see things before they happen). I give accurate readings for reasonable prices. I can connect with detailed information about your loved ones or family who have passed away, remote view or predict an outcome in your love, career outlook, relationship, family, health concerns, court, past lives, dreams, or paranormal situations in your home. I have over 30 years of experience with Tarot, and reading professionally as a living for over 15 yrs. I do not need the cards, as I use them as just a focal point for timelines only and when predicting time frames when but the guides ultimately tell me through the picture meanings of the cards how the situation will unfold. I use intuition only to read the pictures not the book meanings.

I am also a certified Usui Reiki Master.
I do not sugar coat readings and I am a direct reader. I will tell you what I feel authentically hear being clairaudient, and feels being clairsentient. I allow myself to be an intercessor or medium to communicate with your loved ones on the other side. I am a spiritual advisor for your healing and guidance bringing positive affirmations into your life and ideas to make your life more fulfilling as a spiritual counselor.

Rachel is the founder of Spirit World Radio on Spreaker and can be seen on the BIO channel, I-Tunes Radio, Island Packet News and Fox News.

YOUTUBE.COM: https://www.youtube.com/user/ConnectionsRachel


Download on I-Tunes "My Ghost Story" Episode 26 Season 3 to see Rachel on BIO Network.

Additional Information: 

Norway is the founder of Spirit World Radio on Spreaker.com. Rachel's paranormal investigation experience and mediumship skills enables her to communicate with spirits who tell her information about why they still dwell in a particular home, building, and or other location.

One investigation in particular, caught the attention of Biography Channel's "My Ghost Story" which Rachel will be airing on Season 3 Episode 26 "The Gasping Ghost" Dec 2011.

South Magazine called Rachel in Dec 2012 to get Savannah's predictions for the upcoming year.

South Carolina's Island Packet Newspaper interviewed Rachel in 2010 for the 11:11 Phenomenon.

Rachel has been seen on Blogtalkradio, TheMixTalk, and I-Tunes Talk Radio, Fox News and BIO Channel

Listed since: Aug 28, 2011


Rachel is INCREDIBLE. All I can say is, you need to book Rachel immediately. I've done readings professionally, and I've also gotten hundreds and hundreds of readings from other psychics. I have rarely come across a psychic medium this talented. Even before I said I wanted to connect with my father, she was telling me he was present. She nailed my life situation right out of the gate. Highly, highly recommend.
Thank you very much for your time on Thursday 21 September 2023. It was a good chat. It is very nice to see how you go out of your way to ensure that international clients are able to reach you the best way possible, this is very special and empathetic. Recommendable reader for sure! Bianca and Paul (All the way from South Africa).
Aloha Everyone, Rachel is legit and is doing God's work by helping people who are in need. Before I even said a word...she told me exactly why I was calling and offered sensible advice to my problems and was able to share her own personal life experiences that she went through... which gave me comfort that I wasn't alone. She connected to my loved ones and I was happy to hear the continue to look out for me and that the best is yet to come. Mahalo Rachel!
I just had a reading with Rachel and was very impressed with not only her accuracy, but also her kindness! I have had many readings, over the years, and Rachel is one of the best! Thank you so much for your help, Nancy
Rachel is very intuitive, and a pleasure to speak with. I appreciated every insight she shared, and am looking forward to speaking with her again.
My boyfriend passed away unexpectedly and I desperately wanted to connect with him. A good friend of mine used Rachel a couple of years ago & couldn't say enough good things (including that she is a Christian (which was important to me). Skeptical, but open, I had a Facetime consult with Rachel. Within minutes, I knew she had a God given gift. I have no doubt that Rachel was channeling J during our call. She knew things that were impossible for her to know. I highly recommend her.
My sister and I Skyped with Rachel to connect with our deceased middle sister, Kelly. We were certain that she came through. Rachel shared facts and details about our lives that only we would know. The accuracy of the reading was astounding. We had the most miraculous and healing reading. We are grateful for Rachel and the positive impact she had on us as Survivors. We have a return of peace and joy that we never thought possible. It is with my whole heart and soul that I recommend Rachel.
My reading was spot on and I got way more than I thought. Rachel is amazing, thorough and very accurate. Would book her a million times over.
There is no way I could say everything I want to say about Rachel in this short little review. Her abilities are amazing and a true gift from God. She is the only person/thing in the world to bring me any comfort after losing my mom. Health insurance should pay for her services, because no counselor or medical professional could help like she can. I'm sorry I can't give all my evidence here, because there is not enough room. She is LEGIT and SHE IS A GIFT FROM GOD!
I recently met with Rachel to gain some insight into all the events occurring in my life at this moment. Not only was Rachel incredibly easy to talk to, but she was also very compassionate as well. It was a true blessing to connect with Rachel as she communicated the guidance from my spirit guides. She provided such positive confirmations regarding my questions about a career change. I felt so at peace with knowing that I’m right where I need to be! Rachel is the real deal!
Amazing and so accurate even from the beginning! She mentioned to me the name of a friend that is VERY uncommon, so I knew she had to be the real deal! She gave me so much information almost without me saying much at all, I truly felt like she was an old friend! Very easy to talk to, and very clear and to the point...I'll definitely be calling again in the future and referring people to get a reading from Rachel! I absolutely LOVE her!!!
My Skype reading with Rachel was one of the most profound spiritual experiences of my life. The amount of evidential detail she brought through from my loved ones in spirit was specific, astonishing, humbling, and left me filled with their energy of love. Rachel is truly gifted, and her gift to me of messages from departed family and friends remains close to my heart and something for which I have eternal gratitude. I am looking forward too my next reading with this miraculous medium.
I came from Toronto, Canada to see Rachel after reading wonderful reviews. I lost my husband almost a year ago to the day that I saw Rachel and she was soooo accurate in her connection with my husband. It gave me so much peace. Everything she said was so spot on. I couldn't believe it. I highly recommend her. She doesn't look at you for your reactions but rather looks away and talks. A blessed and calming experience. I plan on doing another reading with her regarding my own life.
I had am reading with Rachel for the first time this week and in the beginning was very skeptical: however, I am here to tell you she knew things that noone else would know. She also was in contact with the 3 most important people in my life that have passed. I was not a believer until she told me things my dad only knew. Rachel answered lots of my questions before I could even ask them. I will be having another reading.
I came to a time of major transition in my life and decided to reach out for the first time to a medium in my area who could give me a reading and I found Rachel. She gave me some great direction in the professional arena, in Love and relationships, and helped me reconnect with a beloved family member who had passed. Our conversation gave me a spurt of courage to and negative relationships that had been holding me back. I had such a wonderful and positive experience.
I met with Rachel recently with the hope of connecting with my deceased fiancé. The reading exceeded my expectations and I gained a great deal of peace from the experience. I have never sought the intervention of a psychic medium before. My fiancé came through with a great deal of specific information, that only he and I would know. I also had an uncle come through who had recently passed, who no one would know about. I am very grateful for Rachel's gift.
Me and my mom met with Rachel together recently and we both walked away trembling in astonishment of her spiritual capability. The things she discussed with us were very deep and personal. She was able to accurately tell my mom things about herself and our family that I myself didn't even know. She also made one prediction in particular about my father's health. The very next day he was sent to the ER. He is okay, but we are taking her advice VERY seriously now. Looking forward to next time!
Very nice, and good to talk to. She was dead on a lot of things. She was amazing. I will be calling her again in the future. Thank you Rachel !!!
Rachel is so good. I kept my card close to my chest until I was sure she was real. I am an empath myself and she picked up on that as well. I'm definitely getting ready to schedule my next time with Rachel!
I have had readings with Rachel since I moved to Savannah,GA 3 years ago. Rachel is an amazing gifted soul. She has helped me so many times with personal issues , as well as clear and accurate communications with the other side. She has gave me messages from the other side that no one would know but myself and my passed love one. I will never go to another psychic and Rachel has been a blessing to me and as well has read for my family. Thanks again for another amazing reading !
What can I say about my reading with Rachel? Wow is the first thing to come to mind. She was not only dead on with the things she told me but also about a friend of mine who we discussed during our conversation. I've had experienced with other psychics before but nothing like this. She turned a skeptic into a believer and I look forward to future readings with Rachel.
I did my first reading with Rachel, and was nervous and anxious. After talking with her, I can feel myself calming down gradually and she even answered some of my questions without me asking her. It's like she can read my emotions and see my character from my spiritual guide without me telling her anything. I really do look forward to doing another reading with Rachel, she is OUTSTANDING in what she does!!
Rachel is awesome. She has been right on target with the 3 readings I have had with her. I would highly recommend her.
What a blessing Rachel is.My son passed this yr n August,I went seen her before I even got the autopsy an other text back on how my son passed.she told me what happen,an how .now I got the tests back,she was right on point with his death.I would tell anyone to go see her.u will believe an feel better.I can rest now.she is a gift from up above.I could spend hrs with her if I could.I thank u Rachel.see u soon again my friend for life
I loved the way Rachel made me feel,she was honest with me even thou the pain it had caused me when I lost my son.she explained how it happened,after our meeting I was in a better place in my mind.relief of knowing what she knew,I got peace an comfort to let my son go so he could transition.She knew,I would invite anyone and everyone to go talk to her.I won't be disappointed.I am going back next year. Going to ask her when I go back to be my spiritual advisor.I hope she says yes.Sept.2015
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE RACHEL AND I RECOMMEND HER %100 to anyone who has lost a loved one, needs direction in life, or simply needs a friend. For all of the skeptics out there, let me assure you that this is real. Rachel has given me such closure in my life through connecting with my mom and my late husband Gustavo who have passed. She's also alot more affordable than most psychics out there gouging the hell out of people so you can't go wrong with Rachel.
I spoke with Rachel for the first time 2 weeks ago and was IMMEDIATELY blown away by her accuracy and descriptions. Not only did she accurately describe what I was going through, she called out someone BY NAME. Utterly amazing. I spoke to her again a few days ago and she told me when I'd get a call about a job I was waiting on and exactly how the conversation would go. Yesterday I got the call and the entire conversation went EXACTLY how she said it would go. I'm in complete awe with her ability
Rachel has a gift of making you feel very comfortable. She answers all your questions and makes sure to cover everything that is bothering you. As a medium, she really surprised me with her knowledge - of those I have lost in my life, from the recent - to years ago. As a psychic, I was given positive feedback for my future. I am much more calm and better able to face the things we discussed in months to come. I am so glad I called Rachel.
I had a phone reading with Rachel this morning and she was wonderful, she made me so relaxed. She brought my husband thru right away and had informations that that I only knew. Connecting with my beloved husband brought me tears of joy and knowing that he is with me in spirit put me at peace. Rachel has a great attitude, great personality and loving and I love her southern accent. I highly recommend her.
The connection Rachel made with my deceased husband resulted in the elimination of terrible nightmares that plagued me nightly for 3 years after his death.Since our sitting in December, 2014, the nightmare has never returned. Other connections and advice were 100% correct. I've recommended her often; saw her again today, leaving with all questions answered. She is the real deal.


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