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Patricia Bischof
Patricia Bischof


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Patricia is a third generation psychic who received the gift from her sage grandmother. She is an Internationally Respected Psychic Counselor with over 40 years experience in reading the Tarot. She has taught classes at universities and appeared on radio and TV. Her intuitive readings have brought balance and inspiration to thousands of seekers from around the world! Her amazingly accurate readings offer an opportunity for solace and understanding to those who wish to lift a heavy heart.

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Patricia is a professional psychic who's focus is exceptional in matters of Love and the Heart. If you are seeking that special someone, allow Patricia to help.
Over the years she has been responsible for 736 marriges and countless others who are happily together due to her gifted counseling. Her skills also include health, business, finance, career and legal issues.
She can also receive messages from your
departed loved ones.
All readings are confidential. Readings can be done over the phone and are as accurate as when done in person! Her customers primarily come from referrals, so add to your blessings by telling a friend!
All readings take one hour and include a FREE CD if in person or mailed, an additional $2.00
For more information or to set an appointment call (941) 255-6904 or E-mail Patricia Bischof, 2331 Abscott Street, Port Charlotte, Fl. 33952
For your convenience, payments can be made by cash, check, Western Union, money order or through PayPal on the Internet or sent to your phone number or through Zelle.

Listed since: Apr 24, 2007


I have gotten two readings from Patti and I have to say that I’ve never had a reading so accurate and detailed. So far everything that Patti has predicted has come true. It’s amazing how she is able to predict and know the details about things going on in my life without me telling her. She covers all aspects of life. She is truly a gift from god and I am grateful that we have crossed paths. She will always be the psychic I go to in the future! I highly recommend her to anyone!!
I cannot say enough about Patricia and her gift. All my readings with her caring and ever so accurate. Her advice and guidance helped me so. I am so glad to have her as my psychic. And I can’t thank her enough for her gift and kindness.
I received a few readings from Pattie,the best experience ever with a psychic reading She was so on point, I definitely recommend Pattie
October 10, 2015. I had an amazing reading with Patricia on October 1, 2015. She was so kind and friendly, which put me at ease. Didn't know what to expect from her reading. I've had many readings throughout the years. Very few great, some good, most terrible and dreadfully inaccurate. Patricia dived into my info without prompting and was so accurate. As of today 2 things occurred the way she stated. I was surprised when I realized it. More predictions coming within the next 6 months.
I was truly amazed by Patti's ability to "see" my current situation very clearly. Her words were exactly what is happening in my life with both family and past relationships. I am excited to see if the near future reveals itself as Patti has predicted. She also gives down to earth advice. What a blessing she is and I am glad that we crossed paths. I will be surely seeing Patti as my adviser for here on out. Sherri Zimmerman/author of Success After Insanity
I had a reading with Patti on Sat.I was referred to Patti by a special man, whom I'm thankful sent me to Patti.She knew immediately what I was feeling.Patti gave me news I've been praying for. She sen my husband and I reconciling and being happier than we were before.She seen us going on a trip soon and it being a turning point for us.I can't wait to have Patti read for me again. What a blessing you have been to me.
If You want a really beautifull reading from a really beuatifull person then Patti will Bring that. My reading was such that I felt she was totally into my life and my need to see . Patti, was so warm and friendly and so 'into and seeing' that I can only say that the reading was 'spiritually inspired'...
Patricia has an incredibly warm, caring and positive manner in her readings. She gives clear guidance regarding one's current situation and indicates future outcomes with amazing accuracy.
Through benevolent spiritual guidance Patricia was given significant wisdom and knowledge about our personal lives. We continue to use her insights to guide us and attain success in every aspect of our lives.
Patti is the most accurate and incrediable psychic I've met. She understands what the spirits are telling her and concentrates on what's important for you to know. I was blessed to find her.
Pat is a pure and lovely spirit. Her readings are accurate and in-depth. She is truly in-tune with her guides beyond the veil.

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