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Nicolebeth Williamson
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Hi there! Thank you for choosing me to read for you! I understand choosing a Psychic Medium is a very personal and intimate choice...feeling a connection with your reader will always open the flow of energy, permitting a reading or healing session that is for your greatest and highest good! Animal Communication is my favorite part of our practice! They have a lot to say both living and in spirit. I specialize in all areas associated with your pets including their health needs and the difficult time of transitioning.

*Nicolebeth is a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, Energy Channel and Certified Spiritual Counselor. She attended a private mentorship program at Conscious Life Institute with Dr. Shirley Ryan.

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Listed since: Apr 20, 2013


I have had the blessing to meet Nicole on 2013, I love her as a psychic medium, healer and friend. She helped my family and helped me personally with her channeling, her meditation groups, her classes for adults and kids and all her lessons. I believe hings happen for a reason and when we talked about how much I learn and grew as a person and spiritually, I just looked back and I feel thankful and blessed. Nicole is an angel, Thank you always for being in my life. With love Alejandra Marrero.
Nicolebeth has read for me a couple of times and she is the real deal .. She has the capability to connect with spirit and at the same time be so grounded and aware.. With her help, I've been able to seek and live a more fulfilling , meaningful and spiritual life .
Nicolebeth is such a special and wonderful person! My sessions with her have brought me such comfort and insight. She continues to guide me to be my best self and even speaks with my pets!Anyone who needs to heal and grow can benefit from her beautiful and giving spirit.
Nicole is an awesome energy with incredible gifts! As a loving and caring person, Nicole's approach to connecting with spirit is not only accurate and evidential, she brings a laugh and love to the reading that I have experienced first hand, when Nicole connected with not only one of my brothers, but both of my brothers who are now in spirit. The message she delivered not only filled me with hope, laughter and spiritual love, it healed my heart and I am forever grateful! Thank you my friend!
I loved my session with Nicole! She was able to connect with many of my loved ones and I received beautiful, healing messages to pass along to others. She truly has a gift! I look forward to seeing her again :)
As a mentor I work with those who have the courage to remove the amnesic blocks to their gifts. I became aware within weeks of the start of her program that Nicole had the ability to connect deeply to her soul purpose. We only had to part that veil and she awakened quickly and fully to her mediumship capability. Not only is she a very gifted medium, but a beautiful, loving person as well. We are all born psychic, we just don't know we can tap the energy we bring with us, our birth rights.
Incredible person. I have had multiple experiences with Nicole and it just amazes me with the gift she has. Her desire to help others and communicate with spirit is comforting and fulfilling. Nicole is an incredibly giving individual who will make you feel comfortable and her intentions are whole-hearted.
Nicole truly is gifted. I've enjoyed three sessions with her and can't wait for more! She helped me connect with my loved one, whom I miss dearly. She has an amazing ability. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet her!!
I love Nicole !! She is so loving and caring person/soul. I frequently visits with her to get confirmation on things that I know and know that she understand me as a soul. Nicole is a great "Medium and Guide/ Mentor also.... Your a Blessing in my life. Thank You So Much ! With all my Heart.. Love Guylaine xoxo

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