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"Screened and approved by Bob Olson." Psychic/Medium, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and Certified Life Coach
Readings: 15 minutes/$50 (for parties and events); 30 minutes/$150; 60 minutes/$300

My name is Michelle Gray and am an intuitive psychic medium and energy healer. I have been giving readings online for over ten years to many clients looking for answers in their lives, careers, and relationships. Some people are seeking connections with loved ones that have passed to the Other Side which I feel and experience what they felt. Plus give evidence that they are present in the client's session. I hear messages from my Guides that I share and feel goosebumps that tell me the messages are right.

Through my readings, I hope that the client gains a clear insight with accurate, descriptive, direct messages. Clients are looking for validation with present challenges plus in a mediumship session know that their loved ones are at peace. To schedule a reading, please call 630-854-3175. Reading prices: 15 minutes/$50 (for parties and events); 30 minutes/$150; 60 minutes/$300.

I was always fascinated by psychics and mediums however, when I was growing up I had dreams that came true. When I spoke about my dreams to my parents and what I saw, I was told that it was nonsense. So not necessarily encouraged to believe in psychics. It wasn't until after my divorce that I really became awake while taking psychic and mediumship classes. It was through psychic/mediumship classes that I started to receive a lot of messages. I would see and hear messages that would give me goosebumps, ringing in my ear, and just felt accurate. Once started it has only become stronger. Whether it is a question on career, family conflicts, finances, health, love, or relationships, etc., my psychic reading is accurate, descriptive, and straightforward. However, I will give evidential messages from Spirit with a Mediumship reading. Clients are looking for validation, a loved one's connection, and/or have a sense that something is off. By the end of the session, I want the client to come away from the reading with better clarity.

My other area of expertise is fitness which I have been certified for 41years. People can ask me questions about the body which I will be happy to discuss.

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Spirit Talk Radio - Tune in the Second Wednesday of every month at 10 pm EST


In person; phone; Zoom Readings; Email readings; Psychic Parties and Mediumship Gallery Readings.

I just had my first reading with Michelle and came to her wanting very specific information about a specific situation and all I can say is WOW!! I have been using intuitive for over 30 years and Michelle provided more detailed, accurate and specific information than just about anyone I've used before. She doesn't mince words, cuts right to the chase and provides very useful and unambiguous information. I am able to move forward in my situation now with confidence. This is most certainly not my last meeting with Michelle!

Amy Ruppert, January 2021

When I was suddenly - and very unexpectedly - let go from a job

that I had worked at and really enjoyed, I reached out to Michelle. I told her about two different opportunities that surfaced immediately after I was laid - off. She quickly summarized for me what I needed to know in-order to pursue the best option. I had my first phone call yesterday with the company that is most promising. Everything that Michelle told me would happen, pretty-much happened. Because of the conversation I had with Michelle prior to my call, I was able to focus on the opportunity and not worry about the outcome.

Linda K, October 2020

Awesome reading, Michelle was spot on with the people in my life.Her reading was insightful and she was totally honest. I kinda already knew what Michelle was saying, but I needed confirmation. I have spoken to others before but no one ever came close to Michelle. I will be will definitely be back for future readings. Also, Michelle was so generous with her time, we went over, I feel I need the extra time. Thank you soooo much!!!

Anne, September 2020

Michelle is truly gifted. Having never called her before I told her let's talk relationships. She asked me for the name. I just gave her a first name of the woman I care about. She took a few moments and then explained this woman to a "T"!! Looks, stature, behaviors, situations (VERY SPECIFIC), etc. All I could say was WOW!! I have spoken with several other "Psychic Readers" in my lifetime and Michelle actually has a gift of "sight" from God. She doesn't mince words and gets right to the point. The time you choose to spend talking to her..be quiet and listen. Lay out in simple terms what specifically you want to talk about..she will be very specific with you. I immensely enjoyed our time and the coaching she gives along with what she "sees". I will call her again soon.

Christopher, September 2020

This was my second reading with Michelle - I had to return because the predictions she had made about a situation in my first reading - including timeframes - had come to pass. During the reading, once again she was spot on. Also, I felt as the reading progressed that her energy and ability to tune into a situation just gets stronger. It was a healing experience that provided me valuable insights, empowerment and validation that I am on the right path.Thank you so much!

Liz, July 2020

Thank you so much Michelle. You were 100% accurate on everything you said. I asked my question and you went straight into the reading and immediately picked up on the energy without me saying anything. Your gift is genuine and I will be using your services again.

Julie, June 2020

I have spoken to Michelle 3 times. 2 of these were last Fall and the other time was today. She is VERY good at what she does. She can tell you everything about the situation you're in and hit to a "T" of what a POI is doing, their intentions toward you and what's coming. I'm still floored on how she picks this stuff up. Give her a call, listen to what she says (no sugar coating & point blank), relax and watch it all unfold as she says it will. At the end of the day.. she will not steer you wrong!

Brian B, June 2020

Michelle was incredible and 100% spot on during our 30 minute conversation. She definitely provided positive reinforcement to my current situation in life and was very accurate. I cannot wait to continue working with her moving forward throughout 2020! Thank you Michelle for a wonderful experience!

Neal, May 2020

I wasn't really sure what to expect when I first booked a session with Michelle, but I quickly realized that she is an amazing source of insight into my old patterns of behavior that I couldn't see myself. Michelle not only enabled me to see my strengths in a much more realistic light, but also gave me specific advice on how I can deal with my less fortunate sides. I am so happy that I found Michelle and I will definitely be back. I warmly recommend anyone facing major life decisions or events to engage with her - you will not be disappointed. :)

Peter, May 2020

This lady is amazing. I first encountered her last year and she disclosed some things that no one knew and I didn’t listen to her. Fast forward a year later she was not only accurate and everything she told me and every production has come true. She is a caring individual non-judge mental does not sugarcoat and will tell you the truth you will not be disappointed in your reading with her

Cindy, April 2020

This was my first reading with Michelle and I was mindblown!

She is able to pick up on things and situations with incredible accuracy. This was an amazing experience which provided much needed clarity and direction.Thank you so much.

Liz, April 2020

I had my first reading with Michelle Gray yesterday. It was not my first psychic reading as I have had many over the years with top psychic mediums and am a Channeler and empathy myself. Each one has different gifts and some are more specific than others in the messages they deliver. My experience with Michelle was beyond amazing! it was the most SPOT ON reading I have ever had ! Her abilities as a life coach zone in on exactly what you need to hear to help assist you in moving forward with clarity and ease. Nothing was sugar coated and I loved that about her as well. If you are looking for a truly remarkable reading, then do not hesitate to book one with Michelle Gray. You will not be disappointed. She is AMAZINGLY GIFTED !

Lorette M. - February 2020

Michelle is amazing and her talent as a psychic intuitive and medium always puts my mind at ease. She helped me through a difficult time in my life and helped me gain insight into what was to come. I know with 100% certainty that she is the real deal. So many qualities about the person I lost and those people around me she was able to pick up on. I trust her guidance and suggestions to make the right decisions.

Gina D. - January 2020

So, I wanted to do an update-testimonial, a few months after my one-hour session with Michelle. I think that sometimes people really don't know how much of an impact they might have on others, unless, of course, they are told about it. And, Michelle is not just a psychic - she's also a life coach/trainer. One thing that she told me, after we talked, is that I must end my relationship with the guy that I was with. She asked me to promise her to never talk to him again. And I did - I blocked him and I promised. But then a few hours, or a day later, I talked to him again... However, what Michelle also did for me is she gave me an incredible resource. She gave me one name, Marisa Peer, and she asked me to look her up and to watch her YouTube videos. I have never heard of this woman before. And, as to be expected, nothing really changed with my EXTREMELY toxic, abusive relationship. The guy continued to treat me very badly, and I continued letting him... However, at the same time as I was still talking to this guy and being very unhappy, I started to look into Marisa Peer. I remember her first YouTube video, 10 minutes, which talked about Self-love and being in unhealthy relationships, it left me awestruck. It was pretty painful to watch and listen to, but then, later, I watched it again, and again, and again... It helped me to see the other person's, my ex's, point of view and how much he must hate himself, like I did. We could never be in a healthy, wholesome relationship because neither of us loved each other, and we could not love the other person. Marisa Peer says that "you can only love the other person to the degree that you love yourself." So incredibly true. So, even though I continued being with this guy for another month, during that month I started to really immerse myself into what Marisa Peer was saying about how to love yourself. Eventually my curiosity led me to check out her website and to listen to her "Loveability" hypnosis, which is ALL about loving yourself. At first I found that hypnosis very uncomfortable and even boring to listen to, lol.. But a week after I first listened to it, I listened to it again, and now I've been doing it for over a month, daily. Anyways, I remember that at some point, I just didn't feel like I wanted to be with my ex anymore - I couldn't take in what he was telling me, how he was making me feel. I started to realize that he was super toxic for me, all the verbal and physical and emotional abuse that he was putting me through, how he wanted me to even abuse myself... I just couldn't do it. I started finding it disgusting what he was saying to me. It took some time to end it because he kept not letting me go, but then, finally, through help of the law, I ended it. Sometimes I still go back to the old thinking patterns, but I continue to listen to that Loveability hypnosis. I really don't think that I would have had the courage, the strength, the self-love even to end that relationship if it wasn't for Marisa Peer, and in turn Michelle. That guy would have continued being a very destructive part of my life, and in extension my son, Lukas. My son would have probably become like this guy if I had continued being with him, and if I had not talked to Michelle for that one hour. I am extremely grateful that I talked to her and invested in that one hour of the advise and support and education that she gave me, and us, really - me and my son. Thank you Michelle, and Happy New Years!

Diana - January 2020

Michelle is very good at diagnosing situations and reading the people involved in that situation. My reading was on career. She accurately described those around me, their motivations, fears and the predicament in which I was involved. She also gives you a straight answer. That is what I wanted. She does not give vague responses or one size fits all answers She is confident in her response and correct. Will definitely work with her again!!

Liz, December 2019

Listed since: Sep 12, 2015


Michelle is the real deal. What I like about Michelle is she gets very detailed in her readings. There is no guessing. You know exactly the path. She is willing to answer most questions and is definitely someone who has your best interest at heart.
Ahhhhazzzzzing! I had two readings with her. Both were insanely accurate & she was so detailed & thorough!!! She’s beyond the real deal. And one of her reading predictions came to pass! I called this morning to ask if my neighbor would move out & she said yes. By the end of the day I received a text from my landlord stating she was moving out in June just as Michelle said! Excited for her other predictions to pass. Hands down the best! Will continue reading with her. Very gifted!
Michelle is wonderful. She is so friendly and relaxed and made me feel relaxed asking about a sensitive question. She gave me such great detailed information and helped me to understand my situation and what my options were. She was a joy to speak with and I would recommend anyone who has a question to speak with Michelle.
Michelle is truly gifted. She began by describing my deceased wife right down to her pony tail and wicked sense if humor. She was spot on accurate in every detail. She told me intimate things that only my wife could have seen in spirit! To know that my wife loves and forgives me and holds me when I cry has helped me in my grieving. I still grieve, but her messages have lifted my heart! To quote others, Michelle is the “Real Deal.” God bless her!
Michelle was to the point and super honest. She made sure I knew what I needed in order to improve my situation, and didn't sugarcoat things.
Wow! Michelle is amazing! I have had 3 readings with her and each and every time she has blown me away! She’s a great psychic and really enjoy speak with her as she gives great advice too! She can really sense the situation and truly amazing! Give her a try! I will continue to contact her.
From a previous reading with Michelle something extremely profound came through, something that had eluded me for far too long! With that information, and some techniques she gave me to follow, I was able to flush out and understand what had influenced me from a very young age. I was blown away!! An amazing transformation is now occurring in my life!! It has been an epiphany!! Michelle is astoundingly accurate, honest and 'real'!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Michelle!!!
I had my first reading last week with this young lady. She was well informed through her guides on the person we were looking at. I must say, she did not sugar coat any of the information. I was given the information I need to make a decision on this matter. I will use her again.
Wow!! Words cannot describe how accurate Michelle was when describing my situation as well as the people that I had in question. I have been to a few psychics but I can say without a doubt Michelle is the real deal. She is a straight shooter, which I truly appreciated. This will not be the last reading from her!
I recently had a reading with Michelle and was very happy. She was very thorough and went into great depth about my family. Just loved her and will call her again!
Holy Smokes!!!!! Michelle is amazing (no....more than amazing!!!!) at nailing down every little detail about the people in your life right now!!!! She can access and describe their attributes and imperfections with acute accuracy! Let Michelle guide you so you can make the best of the best of the best decisions regarding those around you and your energy field! She is a no-non-sense type of psychic who speaks quickly and efficiently. Michelle is generous with her time and compassion.
Michelle is the real deal. I have never had an intuitive so spot on with peoples energy and reading individual personalities. She will describe in great detail what she sees and feels. A no nonsense straight shooter with a huge heart. She is my go to psychic. She truly cares for her clients and wants the best for them. Amazing intuitive and person in general.
I am so happy. I finally connected with a psychic that read my energy so well. She is a straight shooter, I love that, and kind and patient. She told me things about my future and also how I can live a better quality of life. She is the perfect psychic for me and I am so happy I met her before the new year. She really is special.
Michelle Gray's lively reading displayed astonishing insight. My questions concerned family and friends. These insights were later confirmed. "Amazing" was the word I most frequently heard from them. I only had time for one question about myself. Next time, however, I will ask about my own hopes and dreams. She is a warm and personable individual, and her imitations of people about whom I questioned were so deft that it was as if I were hearing the person speaking! She was marvelous!
This was my 1st reading with Michelle. I have had a "lot" of readings from others. She was the most accurate I've ever had. One of the predictions she gave me was shocking as I accepted that it was going to happen, but I thought it would be a few weeks. It happened that same night. That has never happened to me before. She was fast with the information that was coming to her, but she was right about ALL of it. I highly recommend a reading by Michelle. She's also very friendly, which I love.
Michelle is a caring yet no-nonsense intuitive who tells you what you need to hear. She tunes in on point and gives details only you would know. She's AMAZING!
Michelle was great and dead-on with a number of topics. She also made me optimistically anxious for the near future. It was a pleasure to talk with her...I'll definitely be looking forward to another reading. Highly recommend!!
Michelle is a very gift person and a pleasure to talk with, I feel very comfortable discussing personal matters with her and appreciate her Insight and honesty.
Had my first reading with Michelle today and it was incredibly insightful. Her assessment of the issues was so clear and concise. She helped me with a problem that I have been struggling with for years. Helped me to finally release and move on. Sad information, and not a fun reading for either of us, but really helpful. Looking forward to my next reading to help guide me.
Michelle is an amazing psychic! She is extremely accurate and super detailed and everything she has said in readings resonated and I mean everything, she's that good!Also she reads fast so have a pen ready. I have talked with many psychics and Michelle stands out as one of the best I have ever spoke with. She is fantastic!
Michelle was exactly what I was hoping to find to clarify some relationship issues in my life. She was open to telling me exactly what was going on. I didn't feel like she was sugar coating anything. That's what I needed, to be open and straight about what she could feel the problems were, and what I needed to know so I could move on. I will definitely stay in touch with her

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