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Michelle is an Evidential Medium. She connects with people and animals who have passed and who is meant to come through.

When you purchase a session with her she is authentically warm and understanding of your pain. “It’s heat wrenching to lose those we love but it’s comforting to know when they’re around and they’ve found peace”.

Michelle is also able to tap into your personal and professional relationships to guide you here and now.

She is accredited through the College of Metaphysical Studies and the state of Florida. She is licensed and certified. She holds two degrees, one as an Intuitive Practitioner which enables her to teach, counsel and support her clients. Her second as a Spirit Medium which allows her to connect with those that have passed. She is also the Author of Relationship Reset. Your spiritual guide to vibrant love.
Her next book is almost ready with 5 stars on Pet loss. How our pets interact with us when they pass.

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Michelle has a private office in the Tampa Bay area where she conducts private in person sessions as well as phone consults. Michelle can be contacted for relationship, career, financial and mediumship consultations.

Michelle is an up front and personal Reader. She believes in connecting and helping each person to a brighter path, leaving you truthful options. Forewarned is forearmed.

Being multi-gifted allows her connect with individuals tapping into the ability that is best suited in obtaining the most accurate information. Michelle's abilities include; (Spirit Communicator), Clairaudience (Clear Hearing), Clairsentience (Clear Feeling), Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing), and Psychometry (Reading the energy attached to objects and photos).

Michelle has worked on several Cold Cases with families and Police Departments in the following states:
Pensacola, FL
North Carolina
South Carolina
Northern New Jersey
Northern California

Contact: 727-804-5958

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It is with pleasure to endorse Michelle Caporale. Michelle assisted me on several investigations while I was a member of the NYPD Cold Case Squad. With minimal information given, Michelle’s accuracy was incredible. She was so dead on with some of the facts it was scary. To show her gifts and talents she did private readings of my partner and myself that were right on. Now that I am retired I have no problem speaking freely about Michelle’s abilities. I will not discuss specifics on cases but will go on record suggesting that more police departments and District Attorney’s offices should utilize Michelle’s gifts as a Medium. I plan on using Michelle and her remarkable gifts, talents and abilities again in the future.
Mark W. Valencia,
Retired NYPD Detective Cold Case Squad
Current New York State Private Investigator
It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I write this letter of recommendation for Michelle Caporale. Michelle was a student in several of my psychic development and mediumship classes, and I can say without reservation that she is one of the hardest working, most enthusiastic people I’ve ever met.

♥ It is said that you can feel people, tell their quality by their vibrations. Perhaps Emerson had
something of this sort in mind when he said, “What you are thunders so loud that I can’t hear what you say.” The general tone and quality of Michelle has made itself known to me both as a student, querent and friend.

♥ Meritorious success is a matter of fulfillment of Law on both the physical and spiritual planes. When a person follows the correct laws for success, they cannot fail. Michelle demonstrates an understanding of these laws. She has set for herself a mark to be attained and has persevered until the day comes when she reaches her goal.

She has shown to all those who have come in contact with her that each limitation or obstacle encountered have brought with it the opportunity to acquire the virtues needed to succeed. She is proof that success is not a matter of chance. For her this success has come from preparation meeting with opportunity.

♥ Michelle possesses an unwavering sense of confidence and determination that is shared by all who know her. As a psychic reader, I consider her head and shoulders above most psychics that I have come in contact with and I would highly recommend and support her in any endeavor due to her work ethic, intelligence, psychic ability and above all her innate spirituality. Yours in the spirit of love and light,
Paul F. Daniele
Doctor Paul F. Daniele, Ph.D., D.D., P.C.
President, The College of Metaphysical Studies
I was able to have a session with Michelle this past Holiday Season 2014. My Mother and I were finally able to connect. She had passed 11 years ago this Christmas Eve. What a Blessing Michelle is to the community and all she reads for. This was truly the best Christmas Gift I could have ever asked for. Thank You.

Julie – Aurora, Colorado.

I am also available for Private Parties and Events. Please e mail for more information to set up events. Parties can be a lot of fun as I have done more than I can count. There is a minimum of 5 people so we can set up Readings. Please e mail for more information.

If you are interested in a House Cleansing or having a problem in your residence, you can e mail for more information and to set up a date and time with me.

When I am holding an open session for 20 or more, Tickets will go on sale, listed via the web site so check back if you are local to the area. I would love nothing more then to meet you.

Listed since: Oct 21, 2011


Wow! The first words from Michelle were from my father who passed over 20 yrs ago. It was accurate and even funny how she captured his essence and humor. I asked for a general reading and Michelle was able to talk to me about all the issues from my past and I’m still shaking my head at her accuracy. Michelle recited back to me what I’ve gone through and her advice and assurance about my future left me with a feeling of calm. I would recommend her 1000%. Or
Michelle was Amazing and such a delight. She told us things that only we would know and answered many unanswered questions we had. It was so nice hearing from my father that passed away two years ago and I am just amazed that Michelle knew what exactly I said to my father in his final hour. I highly recommend her. We will defiantly be back for another session.
Enjoyed my phone reading with her. She's very honest I needed no fluff so o can move on. I appreciate that and you having her in this site she's an honest person and that's hard to find. So far half of what she said happened in the time frame given.
I saw Michelle in October. I had never seen a medium before, and now I'm convinced that there are truly gifted people out there. Some people came through with very important messages and I felt honored to be the one they got "in touch" with . I also got a little insight into the world beyond this one. She was very sensitive to my needs and gave my daughter and I affirmation that I we really needed. I plan to see her every time I'm in town.
I recently had a reading with Michelle & it not only brought closure to my unanswered questioned that I had with those who have passed, but it was done in a way that also brought me joy & laughter during my reading. I come from a loud Italian family & apparently when people pass, their personality doesn't change & Michelle was spot on describing my Grandmother who was quite loud & outspoken. She is also very honest & doesn't sugar coat the truth & was very accurate with many details. 5 Stars!
Met her in person. She was awesome, honest and upbeat. The best was that she was able to describe personalities and names. Love her forward and funny personality.
Excellent Psychic and medium. Real down to earth on the phone and in person. Highly recommend her.
Excellent! E mail and phone follow up was right on!
I found Michelle on this site and I'm very glad I did. Michelle Caporale is simply put, amazing. She was able to clarify details regarding my cousin and his passing. She was very sweet and generous with her time, answers and follow up. I will be seeing her again in the future. It is difficult to find an honest reader, I have gone through several. She was honest and explained things that she could have never known. Thank you. Andrea 3TN8y
We found Michelle through this site. She was very accommodating, professional and on spot hands down with our phone reading. A gifted Psychic and medium for real!!!
I have read with Michelle in NY many years ago while she was traveling doing cold cases. I was able to meet with her again in her Tampa office and was again very impressed and found her to be accurate. She is very recommended. I simply have had nothing but fantastic experiences with her on both occasions! Thank you.
Michelle was very helpful in connecting me with my Family. I really appreciate her honesty. I was able to meet with her in person. I highly recommend her.
My Mediumship with Michelle was by far the most amazing experience of my life she had my father right there. He relayed things to her that she could not possibly have known things that were from my childhood that even I had forgotten and then validated by my mother. Her delivery is warm and kind and touching and helped me through the toughest day of my life... dad's passing. There are a million mediums out there but Michelle outshines them all. You will never regret the experience, a treasure.
Michelle you are amazing! I have to tell you that you were the most exact psychic that I have ever talked to. What set you even more apart from others, is your reading was delivered with love, compassion, and even some humor. Talking to you felt like I was talking to an old friend! You provided detailed information about my loved one that had passed. And you knew everything about all the things going on in my life! Thanks for sharing your gift it brought so much comfort. R.W.
Michelle has been helping me with the passing of my Mother as well as my Relationship struggles. She is professional, kind and very on target.

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