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Lisa Zimmer
Lisa Zimmer


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West Palm Beach


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$100 half hour $200 hour

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I think it's important that we connect as souls when we work together.
In that, authenticity is so important, while doing this kind of work. I believe in maintaining a grounded energy, and balanced lifestyle, this contributes to an overall clarity in perspective ,insight, accuracy and as an evolving life.
In connecting with you on this site, I feel it's important to deliver this profile to you, in the first person.
Here is a small synopsis of how I came to work in metaphysics.

Having had an unusual birth, my Mother said, she always knew I was different, not special, just different. Being almost ten pounds at birth, breech, with the so called veil covering me; I had to have been quite the sight, looking like a cross between Jackie Chan and Shrek;)

I have been aware of my intuition since I was four, foretelling things to my Mother. As I grew in childhood, I kept much to myself until I sought out an intuitive development course at sixteen years old. It was there, that doing consults/readings found me; I didn't look for it, but I started professional readings at 16 years old.
I was raised as a child in Catholicism; but found spirituality in my search at 13, and grew in spirituality throughout my life.I have always been interested in all religious and cultural beliefs, knowing we are all created under one God.
My faith and connection to spirit is one that I depend upon throughout all of my life's changes, choices and experiences.
As I evolve , so does my work and accuracy.
I have been conducting personal intuitive consultations for over 30 years.
I have not relied upon advertising for my career ,as I have had an international clientele that has been developed by a word of mouth referral, that I am very grateful for.
I have worked with law enforcement in the past resolving crime, and providing additional tips to detectives.
My work is completely confidential and I have worked with a variety of people from Ambassadors, Professionals, Celebrities, creatives, to soul seekers.
I am extremely sensitive to your concerns and situations unfolding in your life. My insights, and compassion are intended to assist you through the challenging, overwhelming or reflective times for you.
I will also keep you and your concerns in my prayers until resolution.
My radio show is on Blog Talk Radio and is called Unlimited Realities with Lisa Zimmer, live on Thursdays at 11:30am ET Zone.
I encourage you to taking notes or tape recording each intuitive session; but if you record, please let me know beforehand, as technical issues can and do become issues,and that can distort the session.
Since reading energy is one aspect of the work I do, I ask that you be alone and not have anyone listening in on your session as it does affect the accuracy of your session, when another person's energy is with you.
Instead, tape it, and play the tape for them after the session.

Additional Information: 

I am a Published Writer , Metaphysical Teacher,Television Host and Radio personality, in addition to having my own business as an Intuitive Consultant/Life Coach, over 30 years.
I travel conducting workshops on Self Empowerment and Intuitive Development.
My television show focusing upon a body, mind, spirit approach, was endorsed by Dr. Wayne Dyer , Dr. Bernie Seigel, Dr. Larry Dossey, and Barbara Marx Hubbard.
My radio show is Unlimited Realities with Lisa Zimmer on Blog Talk Radio, every Thursday at 11:30 am ET zone as well as archived.
I have been heard on SIRIUS XM Radio
and have been quoted in O Magazine.

Email Questions are $25; if they cannot be answered easily in a yes or no response, a session may be needed.

Listed since: Jun 5, 2007


I have known and worked with Lisa for more than 25 years. She is a delightful, sensitive and kind human being and a gifted reader!5b rM3
I have worked with Lisa for over 6 years now. She truly is a guide for me. Helping me understand what oppertunities are open to me in my career and in my personal relationships. She helps me see with more clarity choices available to me which in turn help me take my life in the direction I want for it to head. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this woman. She is trustworthy, authentic and truly gifted at what she does.
I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa for the past 25 years and she is always spot on with her advice and best direction for moving forward through any challenges in life. She is gifted, articulate and fun to talk to. She will make you feel comfortable from the moment you connect with her. Enjoy!
Lisa Zimmer is the real deal. She is really quite amazing! I have turned to her for intuitive readings since 1988. She is always spot on! And, she does it in a very positive way. She laughs, she jokes, but she always provides insight. She is so good that sometimes I have to fight the urge to schedule a reading with her too frequently!

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