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$125.00 for 60-minute session


As an Evidential Medium, I ask Spirit (loved ones, guides) to provide me with evidential validations so you are certain the messages and guidance are coming from your loved ones. I also, always, ask for only positive messages to come through that are for everyone's highest good. The specific messages and valuable insights from Spirit ,(loved ones, guides, guardians, angels, your Higher Self), that come through will help you, (or a family member or friend), with a challenge you may be facing in your life.

These connections often heal any guilt, worry or fear you may have. This can give you great comfort, relief and hope, so you can move forward in your life in a healthy and positive manner knowing you are heard, loved and supported. I also give you various tools and exercises so you learn to trust your own intuition in order to connect with your loved ones on the Other Side directly.

I was the host/producer/writer of a weekly call-in BlogTalkRadio show for three+ years called Messages From The Other Side where I gave free mini-readings to callers, and taught how Spirit sends signs and messages, what may be blocking us from sensing them, and how to overcome those blocks so we may better receive reassurance and guidance from our loved ones on the Other Side.

I draw upon 45+ years of study and knowledge along with decades of personal experience to give you specific tools and resources which resonate with you as guided by your loved ones, guides, your Higher Self, as well as her own guides and Higher Self.


NOTE: Please know I cannot guarantee who exactly will come through during your session. If you want your mother to come through, a friend or a grandparent may come through first or you may even hear from your father instead of your mother. I believe the Spirit who comes through, at that time, is meant to and has a reason. There is always a validation and/or message for your highest good, so please be open to anyone who wants to say hello.

SPECIAL NOTE: I also recommend waiting at least three months after your loss before seeking a reading to give you time to get through the initial waves of grief and brain fog. After that time, it's a little easier for you to mentally register the validations and messages that come through for you.


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In December 2016, I suffered the tragedy of losing my beloved husband of 29+ years. He was my best friend and greatest supporter (in all respects). Before he passed away, he begged our son and me to find the silver lining to losing him. The only silver lining I can see is that I now have a deeper understanding of, and can fully empathize with, the grief widows and widowers experience It is a loss unlike any other. I now know the specific challenges (and filters) they may have when trying to connect to their spouses, and/or partners as well.

By connecting you with your loved ones on the Other Side, I hope I can help to alleviate your sorrow and give you tools to connect with them directly, thereby, giving you hope for the future, knowing your loved ones on the Other Side are loving you, supporting you, encouraging you, every step of the way. Grief is a long journey to endure and we never get "over it". How we carry our grief evolves over time, and having lost my beloved spouse, I fully understand that now.

I want all of us to get to a place where we can smile more often than cry when we think about and talk about our loved ones who are no longer physically here. It's taken me more than five years to do that after losing my husband, but I finally made it. If it's taken you a shorter amount of time or you're not quite there yet after five+ years, that's okay. We all grieve at our own pace.

Ultimately, I want us to be free to remember all of our loved ones with grace and ease allowing ourselves to move through deep sorrow to inner knowing and peace, realizing our loved ones hear us and are still a part of our lives, just in a different form.

So, please be patient and kind to yourselves as you journey through your grief, (in your own time, at your own pace), embracing it for what it is: an expression of your love.

Sending you love, light, and peace,


Listed since: Jan 2, 2018


My reading with Lisa was very insightful and reassuring, she is genuinely a gifted evidential medium. She hit the nail on the head with so many points that I could easily verify, relaying things no one else knows. Lisa connected with many of the loved ones I had hoped would come through. She also helped me come to terms with some problem relationship issues and why they occurred. I will absolutely go back to Lisa again, only this time for business direction and help. Thanks so much Lisa!
I was amazed by the things that Lisa said. She confirmed she was speaking to my mom by telling me something that NO ONE else knew… except my mom, apparently. For the first time in over 30 years, I felt close to my mom again. I’m feeling connected again to my mom and know that she is always with me. This was a reading that I will truly treasure. I was truly blown away by Lisa’s reading & I recommend her to anyone wanting to hear from their loved ones on the other side.
I had a lovely session with Lisa. Several people came through with messages for me that were perfectly timed. Lisa was great, she sorted out the messages and communicated them to me beautifully. I think anyone would be happy with a session with Lisa.
Lisa and I had a positive discussion over the phone a few years back. Although I don't remember the entire conversation, I do remember that Lisa was very respectful and sensitive to my needs. These are delicate issues, when we are reaching back to loved ones who may have passed. Lisa knows how to handle the emotions and the surprises and the sensitivities. I would definitely recommend her. You will learn a lot about yourself in the process too, which is an added bonus.
I had never been to a medium before and when my husband passed away three years ago I felt I needed some assurance and validation that he was in a good place and I scheduled some time with Lisa. I also brought my daughter with me. The session with Lisa was extremely helpful and brought me comfort and understanding. I recommended her to a family member who had a reading with Lisa as well and she was pleased with the information, guidance and feedback that Lisa provided. I highly recommend Lisa.
Lisa is a very talented medium. She helped me understand things going on within myself, connected me to my past loved ones, and helped me heal past guilt. There were many validations in my reading with her. I would highly recommend her if you are seeking answers, or even just comfort knowing past loved ones are near by or at peace. I would absolutely get another reading with her!
I rarely consult psychics but I had got to know Lisa over the years so decided to book a session. The most striking aspect of my reading was the help I was given by my ancestors and how Lisa was able to inform me of the qualities within my family. This was in stark contrast with my in-laws (who also showed up) and I understand their family are still working through some difficult issues. Knowing this has helped me keep my mouth shut when needed. I am happy to recommend Lisa.

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