Kat Divine

Kat Divine
Kat Divine


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Delray Beach


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"Transforming lives around the world, Kat Divine, a Spiritual Practitioner, Evidential Medium and Psychic Intuitive, shares her gifts by directly working with the flow of source energy and the unseen world of spirit to work with and through her. She has developed an extraordinary ability that helps to uplift and heal from the surface deep into the multidimensionality of our souls."
Kat Divine is a messenger and healer between the seen and unseen worlds. Kat's well rounded and advanced abilities connecting to the spirit world have given her clients peace, clarity, validation & healing. Her readings are heart centered and compassionate. She has been called the "Alignment Master" releasing blocks and limitations for those in need & her work has touched and changed the lives of many worldwide helping to spread and shine their light. She is a certified spiritual practitioner and certified psychic medium, that consists of intuitive healing, psychic and evidential mediumship. She communicates with both human and pets in the living and in spirit. She is an intuitive and empathic transformational spiritual life mentor and LMT. Kat brings clarity and ease through her intuitive body, mind and spirit providing energy healings to aid in the removal of emotional, physical and spiritual blockages. She has studied with the best international and national psychic, mediums and healers and has attended and studied at the Prestigious Arthur Findley College in the UK, mentoring under the top tutors. She is a best-selling co-author of The Last Breath Book True Stories of Mediumship, the Afterlife & Messages From Heaven, and she can be heard as a guest speaker on the Hay House Radio Show with James Van Praagh, “Use Your Intuition To Tune Into Your Pet!” Kat is vetted and tested as a credible and legitimate member of Bob Olson’s Best Psychic Directory.

Kat recalls seeing spirit at a very young age. However, thinking it was her imagination, she quickly forgot until she saw spirit objectively, once again, in her mid twenties. Although she had seen spirit, she wasn't quite ready to know it was her true calling. Along side her partner, she became a successful dog trainer for more than sixteen years. Now, nearly a decade ago, Spirit had come to her once again. She was called with an innate ability to heal others. She began using her gifts with energy healing sessions with great success and then discovered her psychic and mediumship abilities. These gifts have been handed down to her from generation to generation. She has fully committed herself full time to her long time calling as a spirit channel, healing those in need and bringing peace on the planet.

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Upcoming events for Kat Divine all can be found on her website,https://www.katdivinepsychicmedium.com/

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Listed since: Jun 30, 2021

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