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I'm here to help you! I am a Tampa Bay, FL based psychic medium. I work internationally with clients all over the world! I am a medium & psychic. You have questions, I have answers. Do you need to connect to a loved one who has passed? Some closure needed or some guidance? Do you want the truth? I have many gifted spirit guides that help me get you the answers you need to hear, not just what you want to hear! I know what is beyond the veil. These gifts run in my family for generations. I live my life with one foot in the physical and one foot in the spiritual world. This is my way of life as far back as I can remember. No frills, no fluff. I offer mediumship, group mediumship, psychic readings, past life readings, psychic parties, special events, and Reiki/energy work/healing, Quantum Touch therapy. Do you want to communicate with a loved one on the other side? Those who have passed on want to speak and communicate with you too. They want you to know that they are safe and doing well on the other side and that they have not left you. You may also get a message for someone else, a friend or family member that may be in real need of hearing from someone on the other side. I have been communicating with spirits and have had psychic experiences since I was a child. I act as the bridge that connects you to your loved ones. There is no guarantee that the person you want to connect with will be the first to show up! Many times others will take this opportunity to communicate first! I am a natural born medium and psychic. This gift runs in my family for generations. As a psychic, I can tell you about things that may be coming up for you in the future and see things that have already happened. Career, relationships, family. Please note, that your free will and the choices you make determine the out come of your future.

My life as a medium started as a young child. I didn't know this growing up, but as I got older I realized I was very different than most people and even different than others like me. I live my life with one foot in the physical world and one foot in the spiritual world, I always have and I don’t know any thing different.

I often communicate with your spirit guides and can tell you about past lives during a reading. I communicate with the angelic realms and ascended masters and access the Akashic records. There is no limit really. I left the corporate world to dedicate my time and natural born gifts to working full time within the spiritual world.

I am a medium, psychic, spiritual counselor, spiritual teacher, Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, and Certified Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher from the International Center for Reiki Training.

I am an energy worker combining Usui & Karuna Reiki, Crystals, Quantum Touch and other healing techniques including Atlantean Reiki (Master), that balance the chakras, clears the aura, and heals on body, mind and spirit levels. I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher direct from the Usui line.

I have been involved in all types of spiritual practices since I was a child. I am a teacher, AND I am a student. I was initiated into the Rosicrucians at the age of 13.

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Listed since: Apr 28, 2015


First off let me say she blew my mind away. I’m sure everyone is hesitant at first when you are new to this but let me tell you Karla is as real as it comes. She was spot on so many things and with such little information she had from me. I’m still in shocked from my session with her..I would recommend her over and over again. I’ve been depressed for so many months now and she gave me the closure I needed and was able to tell me stuff only me and my loved one who passed away knew. Take a chance!
Karla, I just want to thank you for giving me the gift of a lifetime. You validated so many things for me, and truly moved me to tears with your reading. You spoke about things that no one could just “know”. I will forever be so grateful for your beautiful gift that you were able to share with me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. ❤️
I had my first ever reading with Karla and she did not disappoint. I went in pretty open minded, but wrote in my notes app I wanted my dad to come through w/ answers on his passing. She delivered without prompt. My grandpa also came through which was a surprise because he wasn’t on my mind… I’ll never forget she said his name, I was speechless!! Her reading brought me a new perspective on family and it was exactly what I was needing. Can’t wait to book again. Thank you so much Karla!
My reading with Karla was amazing and her talent is pure. It made a difference in my life when I was lost in focus and needed help. I felt like the world was finally lifted off of my shoulders
This is the second time I have left a review for Karla because I have to, again, reiterate how much I truly believe Karla is just a phenomenal psychic/medium. She is always right on and is very kind and caring. She never belittles your problems or situation and gives you honest, caring and honest information. She is terrific and you can't go wrong by getting a reading from her!
Karla is the real deal. She is caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and will help you in any way she can. A true medium with a gift and insight to any questions you may have. She brought much comfort, insight and knowledge. Highly recommend.
Karla was so spot on and accurate but also extremely kind. As someone who has never had a reading before, it was a great experience and my expectations were more than met. As a side note, I really valued how in tune with animals she is and will definitely be making more appointments in the future.
Karla has been my mystic advisor fro several years. Karla's efforts has enabled me to stay tethered to my true essence while paying deep homage to my ancestral lineage. For those seeking the unadulterated truths of the Universe throughout antiquity seek counsel from Karla.
Yesterday I had a mediumship reading with Karla and, as usual, I was totally amazed at how totally tuned in she is with spirit! She picked up my mother's nickname and my father's name with absolutely no prompting. I KNEW that both my parents were talking to her because they talked about things that no one but I would know. Karla is kind, easy to talk to and absolutely amazing! I could not have been more satisfied with my reading!
Thank you kindly todays reading with Chloe. Anita & I very much enjoyed connecting with her through you & learning more about what she is up to on the other side. Karla, you are a special person & I am so appreciative of the opportunity you provided to enable me to continue a relationship with Chloe despite us being either side of the veil. I know this is what will enable me to live on & I know Chloe is thankful too! I am now realizing that our love & energy never die, they merely change form!
Words cannot express the amount of healing that I have had during my 2 sessions with Karla, one in person and one video due to COVID. Both were equally amazing. I have had many of my loved ones pass over in traumatic ways which has left many questions unanswered. Karla was able to help guide them to connect with me, and to help me find a sense of peace. I have recommended Karla to many family, friends, others I hear dealing with grief to and will continue to. Thank you Karla!
I am so thankful for Karla! She gave me answers to questions I had about my husband’s passing and closure about feelings that I never thought I would get. I am so grateful she shares her talent with the world!
Karla was very insightful and informative of what she advise and read to me. It was helpful and pretty much on point. I appreciate the extra help you provided and your guidance. Thank you so much!
There are no words that do justice in describing how incredibly awesome Karla is. I lost my sister in Jan 2020 to a drunk driver. For my first reading ever, Karla exceeded all expectations. She immediately connected me with my sister, but in a way that was indescribable as they shared a unique bond (i.e., a car accident right down to the very same details). I felt like I had a direct phone line to my sister thru Karla, and her personality shone through. I am thankful Karla exists. Amazing.
I reached out to Karla after hearing her give a talk from her you tube channel. She talked about integrity in the industry, and she spoke in a manner that was very "down to earth". She was on time and prepared for my reading. The reading itself was similar to talking with a good friend about issues in your life. Her insight was helpful and felt very empathetic.
What can i say, so may things that were shared were pretty amazing, made me laugh made me cry in a good positive way. She was so calm and honest. She definately is amazing. She has a calming vibe that i just love about her. I would definately recommend her any day!
I met Karla a few years back at the Min, Body, Spirit expo and had a short reading there. She impressed me in that 15 minutes so I have gone to her for individual readings twice. Karla recently connected me with my husband who died suddenly. She was able to tell me what happened when I stepped out of the room and came back and found him unresponsive. It brought me a sense of peace. I highly recommend Karla! She is down to earth and tells it as she experiences it.
Went to see Karla several months ago. She knew a couple things almost right away. Was very pleased with my reading. Told me my late fiancé was still here . I knew that already,but never mentioned it to her. Plan on going back soon as I can
She was amazing! I would definitely recommend her to my friends! She knew things about me that was impossible for her to know! She is the real deal!
I have been seeing Karla regularly for 2 years now, with the occasional quick reading in between. I have had Psychic, past life and mediumship readings. Her warmth and ability to put me at ease is amazing. She is extremely intuitive and spot on. She picks up items without any guidance, several of her predictions have proven to be true. She goes out of her way to help and has given me much peace during difficult times. I can not recommend her enough.
Karla was great, she was very easy to talk to. She is definately someone that inwould recommend to anyone.
Saw Karla for my first time. She knew a couple things right away. During my reading,she brought up other things she couldn’t have known. Was comfortable with her and could’ve talked all day to her. I was impressed and will be seeing her again
I had a 60 minute psychic reading with Karla last December. Within less than 60 seconds into our Skype call, she had made contact with my sister who passed in 2001 at young age. The detail that was given was remarkable, and even the way she died and information about her that only I knew. For the next 60 minutes of the call we spoke with her and more information surfaced including future events. I was skeptical at first and this was the most remarkable real expereience I am so thankful for.
I went to Karla for a psychic and past life reading. The experience was amazing, although not my first reading I was slightly uneasy about what to expect. Karla put me at ease right away. She thoroughly explained everything & was so understanding. The information she shared with me was spot on, and some of the information provided on some of my past lives better explained my current struggles. She even took some extra time to share details she wanted me to know. I absolutely recommend Karla.
Karla Gutierrez is the real deal! I could tell in the first minute of the reading that she was practiced and confident. The material she gave was highly evidential. The only information that came through that I couldn’t validate, my dad was able to validate for me after the reading! There were so many things that she knew from my loved ones, I felt like I was with THEM for the hour and that feeling has stuck with me. I love this work and think Karla’s skill is top notch.
First of all, Karla made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She was very friendly as was her adorable dog. Karla explained everything that was about to happen and set my mind at ease before beginning. Karla validated that it was my dear late mother who was coming through immediately. Exactly who I wanted to come through to me! I am very convinced that Karla is the real deal and can connect with the departed. I miss my mom so very much and Karla helped me heal from the pain of losing her.
Karla did a medium reading for me. I lost my only child a little over 2 yrs ago. People who honestly have the gift that she does are few and far between. Even though I believed there are people that do i was skeptic about doing the reading. Karla truely has the gift. I've also allowed a few others who were close to my daughter hear the taping of it all of us were amazed and found some comfort from her reading. I got to talk with my daughter i would advise any one to reach out to Karla
This was my first time. It was amazing the facts that she told us that she could not have known before hand. Names of people, personalities of those that have passed. Highly recommend Karla.
Karla was amazing. She was able to connect with multiple relatives and provide us with dates how long they have been gone and their names. She got every detail right, including the names and ages of my living children. She described my moms personality to a T. I can't say enough about how good she really is. I have seen a few other mediums and never walked away feeling comforted or better about the passing of my parents. I will be back.
I have been seeing Karla for the past 3 years now and she is nothing short of amazing. Her skills are highly tuned and she is incredibly real and relatable. She often channels my grandmother who is always there to give me advice during times in need. Time and time again Karla has given me priceless psychic insight into my career, my business, and my relationships. I highly recommend Karla for all of your intuitive needs!


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