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Joy Sagar is a Certified Medium**Healer**Teacher from Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association (SCSCMA), Cassadaga, Florida. Joy is always honored by his connection while communicating with Spirit Loved Ones. Joy works with energies, clairaudient (hearing/audio), clairsentient (sense), Clairvoyance (seeing), and Clairgustient (smell). Joy also sees Auras and some aspects of remote viewing.

Joy is available for :-
Psychic Readings (Sessions), Spirit Readings, Readings for Couples, Family Gatherings, Special Occasions for Groups, Astrology Readings/Sessions, Speaking Events in Churches and Fellowships.

Joy also structures his reading to bring insight and guidance to the table as "life can be life". Joy utilizes your energies to understand where possibly could lay the key to open up the pathways to initiate flow and fulfillment in your life. We, your Spirit Community and Joy as a Medium, work together in bringing peace, hope, and the beneficial information that you receive through the message.

As it has been shared with Joy, the sessions are very instrumental in uplifting ones spirit and bring transformation on several levels and on some level these messages allow closure with your loved ones in the spirit realm.

Sharing some of the testimonials ...

October 04, 2017 @ 8:11pm .. Name: Ian E. .. Hi Joy, I have been flying high from my reading yesterday. Thank you!

Diane ... 09/19/2017 7:49 AM ... Thank you Joy. It was a soul gift to have this time and experience with you.

JAN 6, 2017 ... Name: Demetra L ... Comment - What an amazing session I had with Joy!! His ability to connect with spirit is a gift that I am so lucky to have had the chance to experience. Joy is down to earth and put me at ease about any anxiety I had about a reading. His approach brought me comfort. I was also lucky enough to experience a group reading as well. His ability and patience as we deciphered the many messages coming through was enlightening!! My mother, my daughter and I are blessed to have had met with Joy.

DEC 27, 2016 ... Name: Cheryle D ... Comment - My session was so insightful! You were able to clarify some things which had been weighing heavily on my mind. The guidance I received, through you, was exactly what I needed to begin to move forward in several important areas of my life. I left feeling uplifted and at peace. I will definitely be returning to see you in the next few months. Thank you so much!

Listed since: Dec 11, 2015


Joy Sagar is one of the best mediums in the state of Florida. I had many sessions with him in the past. His insights were dead on.
I had an exceptional session with Joy, he is the real deal. Very caring and warm person. He blew me away with his connection with Spirit. I will definitely go back. I left feeling a big weight lifted off my shoulders and felt peaceful and happy. Thank you so much Joy.
Great medium! I have been blessed to have had several readings with Joy and he is always accurate and insightful! 7f8LA
I met with Joy Sager this week. I did not know what to expect, so tried to have no expectations. Well, it was a worthwhile experience!! He validated much of what I struggle with. He communicated with ancestors, with clear descriptions. At the end he asked what a certain year and month meant to me. They were the year we married and the correct month. He is for real and I will go back.
We had an exceptional session with joy. He is very professional and very kind. We will be seeing him again

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