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Joseph LoBrutto III
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South Florida


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Readings start @ $75-$275 Group Readings $350 and up, Call for more information on readings, groups and home parties

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Noted by his own peers as being one of the best evidentiary mediums in the country. Joseph has helped countless numbers of people who are grieving the loss of their loved ones by bringing messages of love,hope and joy from the other side. See what makes him more unique then most mediums and why he is one of America’s Most Loved Medium. Known as a “Man of Mystery & Enchantment” because of his uncanny abilities of mediumship. You will be on the edge of your seat just mesmerized, wondering what Joseph will do or say next creating an unforgettable experience.

Joseph LoBrutto III has been TESTED AS LEGITIMATE by Medium Channel and to have an accuracy rating of over 95% in his psychic and mediumistic ability. He has received number of awards naming him Best Florida Psychic Medium and is listed as one of the Top 100 Psychics in America. Joseph has been interviewed by NBC and ABC television along with numerous radio shows. Articles have been written about him in major newspapers and magazines. One of his greatest accomplishment as an author is to publish one of the most enlightening books in the New Age market,"Is There More to Life than what we Know?" and his amazing new book "Speaking to Heaven."

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"My reading with Joseph was like no other mediumistic reading I have ever had. Joseph structures his readings so that you get the benefit of all of his polished abilities. He proved over and over during the course of my sitting that he was making valid and strong connections to the other side. I believe Joseph is one of the best psychic mediums that I have tested and his abilities are truly amazing.” Paolo~Medium Channel.

"Once again Joseph, you prove yourself to be AMAZING. Friday night Home Gallery was really special. Not only did i receive several messages, but just the experience of watching you put so many people's minds and hearts at ease by letting them communicate with loved ones they have lost and miss terribly, always leaves me in AWE of you. For someone like me, who has lost so many, your galleries are far superior to any grief counseling. You give me vast hope and a bit of peace with the knowledge that my loved ones are not only fine, but incredibly happy and thriving on the other side. The details that come out of your mouth are amazing...Thank you, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart." ♥ Melissa Young

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Listed since: Jun 13, 2007


Dear Joseph, Thank you so much for bringing closure to my father's passing. Through your incredible gift of channeling we were able to speak with him and learn that he is at peace and is always with us. You have reconfirmed the belief that life is everlasting and that our energy is constant. Life goes on!!
My reading with Joseph was like no other mediumistic reading I have had. He structures his readings so that you get the benefit of all of his near polished abilities. He proved over and over during the course of my sitting that he was making valid and strong connections to the other side. He told me about incidents in my life with extreme accuracy. It was an unbelievable amount of information and I didn't want to hang up the phone. Joseph is truly a gifted Psychic and Medium.
Hi Joseph, Whether you know it or not you are making a very large impact on my life through your connections with my loved ones and the people I am meeting at your classes and functions. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! And none of this oh gee schucks it was nothing. This is why you are transitioning so well. You have started to let go and let the vibrations come to you and your success is in the making! Cindy Manner
You mentioned my brother Allen and running out of time. Saw me in a Trans Am like in the movie Smokey and the Bandit. I was disappointed with my reading. Joseph, two days later my brother Allen died. I was having problems with my truck and a friend loaned me his Trans Am to drive to my bothers funeral. On the way home three Semi Trucks boxed me in to slow me down because of a speed trap just like the movie Smokey and the Bandit. Joseph you are amazing! I will never doubt you again. Linda Ireland
Joseph, I sent my friend Cecilia to see you to clarified the way her father died and her family is relived and grateful for your answer. One thing you said that was not possible. Her father said that she would have a baby boy. She has been trying for years and thought that you were wrong. Well, a few days later I convinced her to take a pregnancy test and she is! Thank you for helping her find the answers into her father’s death and having her father tell her that she is going to have a baby.
Dear Joseph, Wanted to thank you for your appearance at the Mediumship Cafe and to all who attended Joseph’s Gallery. Monday was certainly a night to remember because our special guest medium, Joseph LoBrutto, was extraordinary effective!!!His messages were so accurate anyone who doubted that life continues after the physical transition must now KNOW it does! Laura Mendelsohn Intuitive , Spiritual Counseling, Mediumship,
Joseph,I am so happy that you crossed the bridge and contacted my beloved gene for me. I feel we are closer now than ever. You brought back all of the wonderful memories we had. Thank you and God bless! Carol Nelson New Hampshire
Joseph, I must say you are a medium that has been blessed. I felt a total connection with my husband. The information you gave to me over the phone was specific to the events in my life. My mother could not believe the things you knew. You have helped me in many ways. As more time passes I can feel him less but your reading assured me that he will always be there. I would recommend you to anyone you are a good, kind, soul who can comfort people with a very special gift. God Bless, Rosemarie
Dear Joseph, I lost my father and I have been very sick (depression) You can't believe how much I want to make contact. I am Persian my English is not that good. I found you on Internet Bob Olson site. I can't how I should say thank you very much. You knew my father and mother name and how father died. The message from father is what I need to hear. I am amazed at you i never forgot what you did i am so happy, thank you. Mitra Bibak Terah Iran
Joseph, Words can not express what meeting you has done for me. I feel more at peace with the loss of my fiancee. I feel as though some questions had been answered and I totally and completely believe that he came through. Your a wonderful man for being able to share your gift with people who are in some cases just plain lost. That's how I felt, I feel better than I have been, and I attribute it all to you. I cant wait until the next time when we do it again. Warmest Wishes, Alethea
Joseph I must tell you that my daughter was very happy with your messages from her grandfather. She has been missing the memory of grandpa and happy to know he is there, and my cousin Norma is so happy with her reading. It gave her a great deal of peace of mind. She was so tormented with the not knowing of what had happened with her husband death and glad to know the aunts are together and looking out for him. Also I loved your book will be buying more for others. Gloria Alexander
Joseph, your gifts are amazing. The connections my friends and I experienced, through you, with some of the special souls in our lives were quite touching - literally filling our spirits with joy and nostalgia.The memories of our experience with you will stay with us forever. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. Blessings abound us, Marianne
Joseph, just wanted to write you a Quick note to say Thank You, you have brought such peace to me. It was just wonderful hearing from James, knowing he is at peace and his knowing that his daughter, his Angel, will always be loved and watched over. It was also fun reconnecting with my favorite Person in the whole wide world, my Nanny. Thanks again for everything, it was an awesome experience and look forward to doing it again in the near future. Patrice
Joseph, my sister has been feeling guilty for many years about her boy friends death. When he connected with you to tell us that he is sorry for what he put my sister through, gave our family closure. Through you, he was able to ask me about how the family was doing and I'm sure he needed to know so he can be at peace. When you mentioned the bar called Skeeter that we use to hang out with Joe when he was alive, it just gave me goose bumps! We greatly appreciate what you did for us! Margie
Joseph after the death of my Uncle Bob my father and grandparents felt responsible about his death. When Uncle Bob channeled through you, it was Uncle Bob! You sounded just like him. Joseph you have taken away a great deal of pain my family carried with them for years. Hearing my uncle take the responsibility for his own death was the words my grandparents needed to hear. You have healed this family from this burden that we carried for years. We will remember you for the rest of our lives. Tara
Joseph, I was having a difficult time, dealing with the death of my best friend, Chris. I was feeling a loss I had never experienced before. Joseph you are amazing! The way you channeled Chris, someone whom you have never met before, was perfect. You spoke like him, acted like him, and talked about things that only Chris and I knew. The reading set my mind at ease and I knew without a doubt, that Chris was still with me in spirit and will forever be part of my life. Heather


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