Joseph LoBrutto III

Joseph LoBrutto III
Joseph LoBrutto III


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South Florida


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Readings start @ $75-$295 Group Readings $350 and up, Call for more information on readings, groups and home parties

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Joseph “Changing Lives…Healing Souls

Noted by his own peers as being one of the best evidentiary mediums in the country. Joseph has helped countless numbers of people who are grieving the loss of their loved ones by bringing messages of love,hope and joy from the other side. Visit our website and witnesses what makes him more unique than most mediums. Joseph offers Office/Zoom and Phone sessions as well as Online Speaking to Heaven Events© and Intimate and Personal guaranteed a reading group readings.

TESTED AS LEGITIMATE by Medium Channel and to have an accuracy rating of over 95% in his psychic and mediumistic ability. He has received number of awards naming him Best Florida Psychic Medium and is listed as one of the Top 100 Psychics in America. Joseph has been interviewed by NBC and ABC television along with numerous radio shows. Articles have been written about him in major newspapers and magazines.

"My reading with Joseph was like no other mediumistic reading I have ever had. Joseph structures his readings so that you get the benefit of all of his polished abilities. He proved over and over during the course of my sitting that he was making valid and strong connections to the other side. I believe Joseph is one of the best psychic mediums that I have tested and his abilities are truly amazing.” Paolo~Medium Channel.

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About Joseph Psychic Medium and Spiritual Healer

Delivering Messages of Love and Hope

Known for his warmth and humility, Joseph LoBrutto III has touched countless lives by providing comforting messages from departed loved ones. With each reading, he offers validation, love, hope, and joy, bringing solace to those grieving the loss of a loved one. Clarity and Detail in Every Reading Attendees of Joseph’s are often astounded by the clarity and detail of each message received. With love, wisdom, and even humor, Joseph channels the personalities of the departed souls, inspiring and uplifting everyone present.

A Recognized Evidentiary Medium

Regarded as one of the best Evidentiary Mediums in the country, Joseph is highly esteemed among his peers and recognized as a loving bridge to the departed. His unique reading style, using the Direct Dial Method of mediumship, ensures a profound connection to crossed-over loved ones. It’s like having a heavenly phonebook at your fingertips. Direct Channel is when the spirit will speak through him and as a Physical Medium spirit will make their presence known.

Ancestral Roots and Spiritual Heritage

Born in Long Island, New York, raised in South Florida, Joseph’s heritage includes Italian, Spanish, and Taino ancestry, known for generations of psychics/mediums/channels and spiritual healers. Facilitating Miraculous Healings Joseph’s spiritual journey has led him to discover his healing abilities, facilitating miraculous healings and spiritual balance through workshops and sessions worldwide.

Author and Spiritual Guide

As an ordained minister, spiritual life coach, and certified psychic medium, Joseph’s work extends to writing, with acclaimed books including “Is There More to Life Than What We Know? A Spiritual Journey. “Speaking to Heaven: Our Loved Ones are Only a Breath Away.” The Promise: The Metaphysical Teachings of Jesus”.

Global Reach and Presence

Beyond his Boca Raton office, Joseph offers phone and Zoom sessions globally, and appears as a frequent guest on radio and television shows, spreading messages of healing, hope, and love.

Listed since: Jun 13, 2007


I am very familiar with psychics and mediums and have experienced readings, but my session with Joseph LoBrutto was simply incredible and helped me finalize decisions. My husband saw me immediately after my session and commented saying that I had a spring in my step and a huge smile on my face Joseph is so accurate and revealed details that only I would know. He is a beautiful soul and a very giving healer who shares his wonderful gift. He is the real deal and I thank him with my whole heart!!
Very accurate he connected with my recently deceased brother, and singled me out of 12 people during a group meeting. I want to do a one on one with him because he is legitimate.
I saw Joe Lobrutto last night. My first time ever going to a Medium and he was amazing! He nailed things that no one else knew! He knew about a tattoo a I had made in honor of my husband that I had Covered for verification. Things I talked about with others that my husband said! He was truly amazing and helped me so much!
I met Joseph at Crystal Vision at his Gallery I was amazed at all the message he had for some many people. The next night I went back and then my Father came through after 20 years I needed closure. He said he was sorry and was afraid to be rejected,he had been in my home I could feel/see shadows . He said I would be proud of him now. Then he tells story of a black shiny rock that I took and broke a window I was shocked only my 2 friends and I knew that. After that I was truly touched by Joseph.
I enjoyed many readings with Joseph over the years. His ability to connect with my loved ones and inspire me with their wisdom and his intuitive guidance help me on my journey to achieve my destiny. I look forward to my next reading.
I have had 2 private parties with Joseph LoBrutto. One in 2012 and the other in 2015. Both times he brought so much peace to my guests. From suicides to natural deaths he was very compassionate when delivering the messages from loved ones. It brings me such joy to be the person in the middle to bridge people to Joseph. Tears of Joy, tears of relief, tears of happiness is how I would describe my Private house Parties. I knew my friends griefs and hearing them find closures was priceless.
Joseph brought my father to me and knew exactly how he had passed. Then he said there was someone there next to him with the same name and that was my brother John who passed a few years before my dad. He then said that they were watching over me and to say hello to Michael. That's my other brother who lives in Calif. He knew their names! He is truly the real deal, and I can't wait to get another reading!
Joseph was amazing. I offered no information and he gave me full names and full first name and details that was personal. I highly recommend him.
I was introduced to Joseph by a friend that had gone to a few of his gatherings. My friend and I went to see him in early March. I wasn't expecting anything for me personally. However, my Mother had given me a ring to wear that my sister (deceased in 1977) had given her, and within 2 minutes, Joseph asked me about it!! I didn't even know about that ring until 2 days prior to meeting Joseph. He is amazing & I encourage anyone wanting closure to speak with him!!
Joseph, I would love to thank you for the session I had wih you! You are a very special person to be a bridge to our loved ones. I found my session with you so comforting, knowing that my husband is truly by my side and watching over me. My penny from heaven is being made into a necklace and will be by my heart forever! Thanks again for the most special reading I have ever had! Donna from RI
After the sudden loss of my Nana, I searched for a psychic with an excellent reputation. I found Joseph and had a reading with him in person. From his very first words, he had me. He knew things about my Nana that he couldn't have discovered through research, and he was spot on. Just as important as the accuracy of his message was the warmth of his delivery. His demeanor and professionalism are outstanding, and I will definitely be scheduling a reading with him again. It was life changing.
My first experience with Joseph was during one of his gallery readings. We were so completely amazed that we had a home reading with friends and family. The loved ones that came through and the messages received were nothing short of amazing. The messages were so personal and comforting. Joseph predicted a pregnancy to my neice, and 5 months later guess who was expecting! We're looking forward to meeting with Joseph again!
I learned of Joseph from a friend that had recently lost her brother. He was able to tell her things about her brother that only she would know. That intrigued me so I gave Joseph a call. He has such a good vibe that surrounds him and immediately makes you feel as if you are old friends. He is very good at what he does and I would recommend him to anyone seeking answers or validation that their loved ones are still close by......
Joseph discerned events in a draining relationship divulged only shortly before by another psychic, and characteristics of deceased family members only known by me. His words touch the heart and soul; wisdom, truth, and love only possible from a higher source. His book speaks of a past and future: exciting in its possibilities. With it and his psychic, channeling, and transfiguration workshops, I'm finetuning my intuitive abilities to share in this journey of enlightenment .
My reading today with Joseph was awe-inspiring. He channeled not only a passed-over love one, but 2 of my spirit guides and told me about one of my past lives. I was able to get answers on my health and that of my loved ones, partnership relationship karma, and a life path reading. Thank-you , Joseph for sharing your incredible gift for the benefit of my highest good.
Thanks for an excellent and positive reading by phone, Joseph! After the reading, I thought about all the information that you gave me and communications from my loved ones and realized that you were perfectly spot on! You are very gifted! Thank you so much, Mary Ann DiMarco
Joseph is a beautiful person inside & out - such warmth. He did a message gallery- there were five of us which was very special as we each rec'd personal attention. For me, there were two important messages - one was a wonderful memory of my grandfather's bakery - it was so uplifting for me & I really needed that lift and my loved ones confirming my desire to make a move - it's a good time - it will be good for you. Thank you Joseph, continue to spread love & light Nancy.
Joseph was referred to me by another trusted spiritual advisor, as a true, authentic, and tested psychic medium who works strictly 'within the Light'. I literally traveled 1,000 miles to meet and train with Joseph...and I would do it again! He is from the God Force, and has become a trusted friend and teacher. His teachings thrust me forward in my psychic development, and helped solidify contact with my Guides. Joseph is unbelieveable!
I checked out Joseph's YouTube videos and they're awesome! Watching them anyone would have to know that mediumship is real and Joseph has got to be one of the best one's out there."God bless you for the work you're doing since you're helping so many people. Peter
I was with my friend Tamara yesterday and you were so very right on target, just as you were when you did a session with me a few months ago. She felt so uplifted and peaceful after she spoke to you, which warmed my heart. I remember how elated I felt after speaking to you and your words still resound in my head. Thank you so very much for your sessions with Tamara and me. Not only did I write a rave review to Oprah Winfrey, I have recommended you to many of my friends. Deborah Alberti
It was a pleasure meeting the gentleman on the back cover of “Is There More to Life Than What we Know?” You brought everything into life for me. Imagine my surprise when my dad came in and mentioned my mom's trip to Spain. No one but my immediate family knows about the trip. I smiled all the way home. That, for me, was the entire reading right there!! It was so cool to actually feel his presence and to know he was sitting right they’re with us; it's been a long time. You are truly amazing.
My first time with a medium was on the radio. Joseph began with the letter “R, at that time it made no sense, however he ended by saying who's the pastor? The “R” stands for Reverend for my father was indeed a great pastor and founder of over 100 churches throughout Florida. He was, Rev. W.L Hopkins. What was really awesome he knew how many years my father has been gone, and began to mention my siblings. Being radio our time was cut short but I'm so grateful for your “authenticity.”
Joseph, I just wanted to thank you so much for all the reading, all the girls had a great time sharing everything you had told them with each other. Danielle really needed to hear from her grandmothers she took it very hard after loosing them with in months of each other. Also if it were not for you and your book I wouldn’t have found the art of Reiki. It has been a great experience for me and now I can’t wait to start using my new gift. I just wanted to thank you for everything.
My session with Joseph was my first "in person" session with a medium. Over the course of the hour true and unexpected information came through and it happened immediately. Even though my logical mind has trouble understanding, Joseph touched on things that really startled and delighted me, and brought me to tears. I appreciated every bit of Joseph's time and energy; he is very sincere and very lucky indeed to have him with us! 

Thank you so very much Joseph, from the bottom of my heart.
My experience with Joseph was wonderful and inspirational. I mean he is the “REAL DEAL!” Each time I am in presence of Joseph's he amazes me over and over again. He has been able to connect with my loved ones whom have crossed over and bring back all of my with childhood memories. If anyone has the desire to have a reading with a Psychic Medium, Joseph should be on the top of everyone's list!!! He is not just a medium, in my opinion he is the most amazing Psychic Medium out there.
Joseph, you connected me with my parents who passed, and it was a wonderful experience. This was the first time I ever had a reading and it left me so happy and at peace. The information that you brought through was right on target. I was amazed at how you received it on the first try. You brought through information that I would only know and phrases that were known only between my mother and me. You have a great gift from God and thank you for this session. Marie Graham Lake Worth, Florida
Dear Joseph, I just loved my reading with you. I thought you described my mom's childhood from her deceased father 100 percent. The things you said you could't of known unless you were speaking to my moms dad. Very impressive! God Bless You Lisa A. Milwaukee,Wisconsin
Both my daughter and I wanted to speak with Joseph to connect with my son. Joseph was completely honest and told us that he doesn't guarantee the person we wish to speak with will always come through, but to keep an open mind. I was also very impressed that he didn't ask for any detailed information ahead of time. We were very fortunate that Jordan did come through! Meeting with Joseph far exceeded our expectations. Both of us left with a complete sense of peace knowing that Jordan is okay.
Joseph, the one person I needed to hear from most was the first one that “showed up!” I was happy to hear that Libby knew I named my daughter in her honor and that I visit her gravesite often to keep it up. We were like sisters, and it was so hard to get over her passing. It was over 20 years ago that she passed, but it still seems like yesterday. I continue to miss her, but I’m comforted to know she’s happy. Thank you for this most pleasant experience. God bless you and your gift.
Joseph, we got so much comfort knowing that Maria is happy and surrounded with family. It was good to know that God’s plans for Maria is for her to work with children. I do commend you for the things you were able to tell us especially that Maria knows how much we love her and miss her. As you said, she was a very giving and loving daughter and always they’re when we needed her. Thank you for sharing your God given gift and May you have many years of sharing it with others who are hurting.


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