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Jody Rowe Staley
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Spiritual Intuitive Readings, Psychic Readings, Lifestyle Consulting, Life Coaching, Mediumship, Channeling, the sacred Tarot, Meditation.

THE SPIRITUAL INTUITIVE READING / CONSULTATION provides an awareness of your Soul’s codes, your Life purpose and the energy patterns that impact your self development. Resourcing Your Akashic Records (otherwise known as your Book of Lives, or your files), as they energetically contain every thought, word or action you have ever experienced, past, present, all of which influence the outcome of what you choose to create in your future.

This knowledge brings greater awareness of where you are, where you need to be and empowers you in identifying lessons that are opportunities for you to heal and liberate to create a more intimate relationship with your Creator Source and your Higher Mind your true Spirit Nature.

Working with the alignment of this powerful alliance during the Reading/Consultation, you become more conscious and open to receive the insight as your Inner Guide and Teacher energetically empowers you as you experience shifting your perception into a greater place of clarity. This healing experience supports you in taking further action with your personal imbalance providing the ability within you to change present life circumstances which are unsatisfactory, creating a better quality of life you deserve, attaining long sort after goals your Spirit’s true purpose to accomplish.

As Jody surrenders to the Oneness of our Spirit Mind, knowing she is but the instrument in service to our Holy Presence within, our Divine Intelligence which is Source, she works with you as you experience retrieving and resourcing data through your Inner Teacher, your Spirit Guidance. She uses her clairvoyant skills and a variety of tools to access your Psychic Reading and Akashic Records, forecasting and setting up effective strategies with the use of:

• The SACRED TAROT is applied in healing and instructional ways, utilizing its sacred symbols with interpretations and translation through allegory with the energies being presenced through you.

• ACROPHONOLOGY is a methodology used to access and understand how your soul’s true code resonates in your energetic field through your name’s vibration frequency and their influences in your life. It is a sacred healing art and science formulated from the teachings of ancient Spiritual Mystics. It also reveals the true dynamic Spirit potential of your energetics you can tap into, activate and express through your conscious mind and perceptions of your innate identity, Spirit nature or character. These insights can help you in resolving and releasing past negative thought patterns and experiences (of the ego mind) imprinted in your mind’s projection of the false self. This tool reveals and supports your shift in awareness to activate more fully your true potential, talents and skills which are your real strengths available within you.

• The SHAMANIC WHEEL OF LIFE is another divination tool and alchemical energy, Jody uses, passed on through Oral Traditions of the Indigenous Elders, Healers and Teachers of the Star Nations. Not only is it trans-formative in it’s deeply Spirit minded transmissions, it energizes and brings greater awareness to the themes and influences in support of enhancing healing within, living in the moment and creating how to prepare oneself for better results during incoming cycles of the days, weeks and months ahead.

• This HEALING EXPERIENCE and wisdom brought forth in the Spiritual Intuitive Reading Consultation you will receive is a first step which formulates the ground work and strategies that will guide you to be better able to identify embracing your Inner Teacher/Guidance and manage your life more effectively. The benefits are numerous, supporting immense growth and healing as you continue to pursue further sessions along your Spiritual Path working more deeply within yourself should you choose to do so.


Adriana B. Guerra - "Jody is a great spiritual healer. She is patient, understanding, very knowledgable in the healing arts, mysticism, intuitive spiritual consultant. She is a connection between this realm and others which empowers the persons spiritual nature."

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Listed since: Aug 30, 2017


I absolutely ADORE her!!! The reading that she gave me was the BEST reading that I have EVER had in my life!!! She's extremely accurate, patient and very sweet!!! Please give her a try, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

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