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I am a natural born psychic with a wonderful client base of thousands. I have been reading professionally for over 20 years. I am here to bring you the best possible path for your life's quests and situation. My goal is to help you with all areas of your life. With the deepest respect and a sense of humor we will find the answers you are looking for.
It has also been my pleasure to work with the NYPD on Cold Cases. There is a measure of happiness when you can help bring closure to families.

Specific questions bring specific answers. No one is 100% except God, I do give my best to all.

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I did study at the College of Metaphyisical Studies through distance learning to enhance my gifts. Additionally, I also received guidance from my Guide Rosemarie. She was an angel in this life and with her confidence in me, I learned to combine my gifts of Claircognizant (clear knowing) and Clairsentient (clear feeling) and divination with my tarot cards, (which were gifted to me before Rosemarie's passing)

Although Rosemarie has crossed over, she still continues to assist me as she has become my Spirit Guide.



*** It is with pleasure to endorse Joanne Salem. Joanne assisted me on several investigations while I was a member of the NYPD Cold Case Squad. With minimal information given, Joanne's accuracy was clearly targeted and on point. She was so precise with facts that were strictly confidential. I will not discuss specifics on cases but will go on record suggesting that Joanne was and is a major asset and I intend to utilize her in my new endevour as a Private Investigator.

Mark W. Valencia
Retired NYPD Detective Cold Case Squad
Current New York State Private Investigator

*** It is with great pleasure that I tell you about the special talent Joanne Salem has. I've know Joanne for years and frequently rely on her judgment with respect to my love life, professional pursuits and financial investments.
Joanne has been regularly on the money whenever I consult her. Even when the news is bad, she projects with sensitivity, clarity and Patience.

Joanne has made many guest appearances on radio station talk shows. Over the years, she has shared the microphone with many of my listeners in New York and elsewhere. Once you’ve heard her, you’d be compelled to listen to her advice. Again, it is an honor and a pleasure to endorse her work.

Wayne Gillman
Director of News and Public Affairs - WLIB- WBLS Radio

*** My private readings with Joanne have proven to be accurate time and time again. Therefore, I will continue to seek her guidance when needed in various aspects of my life.

Joanne is a seasoned confident reader who uses her gifts in a very enlightening, positive way. She is a very gifted, honest and compassionate professional.

It is with great pleasure to be able to endorse her sight. It is also an honor to be her friend.

Michelle C.

*** Joanne has been working with me for a while now and she has guided me through some of the darkest times of my life. She has restored hope to a hopeless situation, and has given me the faith and strength needed to move forward. We have laughed and cried together and have become friends. Joanne has a wonderful perspective on life and has shared this with me. I am blessed and it was she who let me see it. She has never judged me. My self esteem has been restored with her help. These are only some of the gifts Joanne has given me. I am sure there is more to come.


*** To Whom It May Concern:

In the year that I have been speaking with Joanne Salem I must honestly say that I have not only found the best tarot advisor, but I have also found a confident advisor and friend, I call her friend even though we have never met face to face only via the phone because she makes me feel like her friend.

Joanne’s readings are honest…trust me she does not sugar coat anything. She tells it the way she sees it. It might not always be what you want to hear but you can be sure that it is accurate. I must admit that I was a true skeptic. Many other advisors told me things that I think they just thought that I wanted to hear. At first with Joanne I was skeptical but to my amazement the things that she told me during our reading have come to be.

Joanne knows how to talk to you in a calming, caring way and has helped me and is continuing to help me through some tough times. I know that I can count on her to help me rationalize my situation no matter what it is. Whether it be a certain person, a child behaving badly, money situation or just that I am in a bad mood. I know from experience that some other psychics that I have spoken to in the pass would seem to get annoyed with me…because of how many times in a row I would call them…not Joanne. With her it is always “how can I help you”, and she does all of the time.

I have recommended Joanne many times, especially to my friends that…do not believe in psychics or other things of that nature. After they speak with her I always get a resounding thank you…I believe, I believe.
Carol (Brooklyn)

I recently had an in person reading with Joanne. I emailed her asking simply her availability.. I later was told as soon as she saw me that she felt my urgency and just started blurting out the most unbelievable details of what I needed to see her about. It is a horrible situation, but Joanne was so kind as I cried through most of my time with her and I am writing today, months later to say she was totally accurate I have my family back and my sanity.. This woman is a gift from God. Please call her she is a special human being I have been will be too.
Janis D

Listed since: Aug 20, 2014


Loved her felt comfortable talking to her. She was easy to talk to and she told me about things that will be happening excited to see when they do and will keep her posted
Joanne was truly amazing I needed insight on my relationship and the things she sad were shocking she knew before I even said anything,the advice she gave was amazing and she is amazing. Get a reading from her you won’t be disappointed
First and foremost, thank you very much for your time and expertise. Joanne was exactly as her bio says. Friendly, honest, supportive and provided a guiding light to my questions. She was able to provide details to help light the way on my future path. If you have decisions to make that will effect your future why not get insight from a higher consciousness. Thank you to the universe for this reading and much gratitude to Joanne for sharing it with me.
Joanne’s ability is phenomenal. Her reading is solidly accurate. She predicted about my job 3 months before it happened. I was so depressed that I didn’t believe in the outcome she predicted. But I listened to her and kept patient. My dream job finally came! I asked her if I should break up with my POI as I had no hope to move to his city, but she said no. Now we are getting steady together. Thanks for giving insights in my dark time in my life. Thanks for leading me the way. Love!
It’s been a year since I had my first reading with Joanne. I didn’t know what to expect & was planning to have one reading only. Fast forward to July 2021, I’ve had many readings with her. She constantly reminded me to be patient. I don’t see her readings are conflicting with my faith. In fact, I’ve prayed for healing and am in a better place now. Please contact Joanne. You won’t regret it
Joanne was like talking with an old friend. Her reading was accurate about what I have been dealing with the last 2 years. She was very clear that she doesn't guess and that she was only passing along info she received. I appreciated her direct and easy to understand communication. I look forward to some of the information coming to pass. She was also clear about reminding me to "be careful what I wish for" and to "focus on the positive". I'll definitely be calling Joanne in the future. Thanks!
Wow! I love this lady ! I have been to many psychics in the past but Joanne is the real deal . She is very direct with her predictions, and tells you as it is , ,you feel immediately at ease with her and can ask her anything you want to know . I thoroughly recommend her
I’ve read with Joanne a few times and have so much respect for her and her abilities. In our last conversation I asked for a general reading about what to expect in my love life. She told me about 3 people coming my way and 2 have already appeared. She said one would be in real estate and would be so busy it wouldn’t work. I was doubtful, but it happened exactly as she said! Looking forward to her upcoming predictions. She’s reliable, so friendly and accurate!
8 months after my 1st reading with Joanne, the following happened. Relationship with someone I love was restored last December. Former boss (who was difficult) was let go a few months ago. Joanne got these right. She told me I’d receive money because of good karma. And I did. I’m a person of faith. I didn’t meet Joanne by accident. God makes every person cross my path for a reason. There’s still one more thing Joanne’s helping me with. Please contact Joanne soon. She’s honest and sincere.
This is my 3rd review. I started consulting with Joanne in July 2020. I've had regular readings with her. I'm a person of faith and pray and meditate twice a day. My faith in the Supreme Being has been strengthened because of Joanne's readings. She would tell me there's divine intervention, the angels are looking favorably at my prayers and requests. My friendship with POI has been restored in Dec 2020. Joanne always reminded me to be patient. I'm no longer impatient. Prayers help a lot.
Not only is Joanne a wonderful psychic, she is a very compassionate and caring person. Sometimes I call her in a panic (that I know is of my own making) and she calms me down and explains how the situation truly is. She never, ever thinks your problems are stupid or silly but realizes they are important to you! I also so appreciate that she's honest and tells her clients the truth in a kind way. You cannot go wrong with Joanne!
Back in July 2020, I had a reading with Joanne about our CEO. I just mentioned the name and Joanne was able to read the CEO’s energy. Joanne’s description and character were on point. She also mentioned that CEO won’t stay any much longer. Just before Christmas Day, the CEO decided to leave the company. Thanks Joanne!
I’ve spoke to Joanne several times, until this last time I had a longer reading than most. It was so spot on and I was stunned at what she was telling me. She will amaze you. She’s very accurate and direct, non of that bs nonsense. I highly recommend her. I will keep going back to on her with updates and for new reading.
I have had several readings with Joanne and she was completely accurate about my career situation. In September she saw that within 3 months I would get a promotion, more money but that it would also come with a lot of work. It is now the end of November and last week I was offered a promotion after being assigned two new projects that are a lot of work! I will become a part of the leadership team and am so blown away! I will keep returning to Joanne. She is amazing!
I continue to use Joanne as my Reader. I have read with her for many months now. She is honest, forthright and gives you accurate readings. I love talking to her and she just gets my energy, we have a strong connection.
When you are browsing through psychics, please consider Joanne. I rely on her to give me honest, correct information the way she sees it and I can count on her for all of it. She is unbelievably friendly and will put you at ease and will always make you feel that your problems are important and she wants to help. You will love her! She is phenomenal!!
I had my first reading with Joanne. She’s originally from New York so we had instant connection and made the reading pleasant. She was spot on when she mentioned about my work and bosses. She made reference to relationship issue which I would need to work on. I’ll regroup with her in the fall. July 20, 2020
Joanne has a beautiful gift! She was recommended by one of my closest friends and I have been using her since. Whether it was regarding work or my relationship every detail and prediction she made proved factual. Her advice is incredible- and has saved my butt on many occasions. Also not to mention she's incredibly real- I’d do a girls night with her in a minute!! If you are looking for a thorough/honest reading filled with love and guidance, she’s for you!
Well, Joanne was right again! She has been leading me along for the last 18 months with a relationship that has baffled me, and it is all coming to pass exactly as she thought. She has been a saint to listen to all my concerns and has always given me frank, truthful advice. You won't go wrong by having a reading with her!!!!
Joanne has read for me a few times. She is right on. She has guided me through some tough times. Thinks of you as a friend she would like to help. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with her.
Joanne helped me so much! When I called, I was in a really bad place and she immediately alleviated my pain by answering the question I had within a minute of our consult. She caught on to small details that I never asked about and her cheerfulness helped lift my spirits. I feel so much better after our meeting.
Joann was so spot on with my reading all I can say is Wow! She is truly amazing and shs has good vibes.
Joanne was great. She really tuned in on what I thought was impossible and made me feel comfortable. I was happy to know my boyfriend is in love with me just a little damaged so he requires more patience. I believe what she told me and will definitely call her again. She makes the effort to fit you in her schedule.
Joanne is THE BEST!!! I have read with her 4 times now and she is the most accurate Reader I have ever read with. I love her soul and energy. She gets my personality and understands how to relate with me. I will continue to use her as my personal Reader. She always gets back to me promptly when I want to schedule a reading.
Again and again Joann is so amazing . I can not Wait to update her on all predictions to paaa ❤️Thank you for always being so warm , comforting and fun to talk to !
Joanne Salem is the real deal! She has told me over and over that the man in my life would be back and not to give up, and it is happening just the way she predicted. She has listened to all my doubts and worries and has given me honest, straightforward advice and listened to me with humor and compassion. I have given her a review before, but I just needed to update it. She is truly a wonderful psychic and person! You will love her!
Thanks Joanne!! I highly enjoyed our conversation, I'm super happy that you did not sugar coat my situation and provided me with intel with how things are going to transpire. I look forward to what you saw coming ahead. I'll take your advice and be patient ;) Thanks again and will be in touch!
One of the best readings I have had! Joanne not only answered burdening questions that I had but gave me hope and comfort. Our conversation flowed so naturally, like talking to a motherly figure; I felt the love and care in her voice<3 Thank you for the confirmations and I can't wait to update you soon!
Had two readings that were spot on!! Gives very detailed information and narrows in on exactly what is going on. I feel very grateful to find someone who is so honest and direct in the information given. I look forward to speaking with Joanne and can't wait for our next reading! Call her you will not be disappointed!
Almost 8 yrs ago I started speaking with Joanne after a sudden split up. She saw that the person in question would come back, couldn't delineate when, as free will and personal choice can skew time frames. That said we spoke about multiple things the last many years, and even without asking, she'd come back to this person coming back. It had been awhile, but an out of the blue contact, 8 yrs later has brought us back together! If Joanne sees something happening, it will. It did for me 8yrs later


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