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Jennifer Wallens
Jennifer Wallens


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“Psychic Jen” is a Certified Psychic & Spiritual Medium, Animal Communicator, Psychic Detective, Author, Paranormal Investigator, Teacher & Artist. She has over 30 years experience and competed on TV’s Battle of the Psychics representing the USA. Jennifer has been a repeat guest on the nationally syndicated Coast to Coast AM radio with George Noory, as well as numerous other radio shows, podcasts, and television shows.
As a Psychic, Jennifer will give accurate information & guidance regarding love, life situations,career/ job, spiritual assessments, pets, relationships, family, finances & future trends. She also creates Soulgraphs -her own unique artwork filled with symbols, faces and messages from spirit for you personally. Jennifer also offers Spiritual Psychic Therapy sessions, Soul Contract and Past Life Readings.
As a Medium she communicates with your deceased loved ones & provides evidential information, proof of an afterlife, comfort, answers your questions as well as gives you meaningful, personal messages from your loved ones.

Jennifer can also communicate with your pets, alive & deceased. She provides evidential readings to show they are safe and happy and also what happened when they passed utilizing her gifts as a medium. As a medical intuitive Jennifer can also see any disturbances in their bodies.
She is also an accomplished professional artist creating paintings with spiritual imagery and meaning with underlying symbolism for love, abundance, health and happiness. See her art here https:://
She also can create a beautiful trademarked “Soulgraph” with drawings of those in the spirit world, symbology and messages for you in addition to a phone or Zoom Mediumship Reading.

Jennifer currently serves as the Vice President for Psychic Research and Paranormal Studies and a Chief Examiner for American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums. She is respected as one of the best, most accurate psychics, pet psychics and mediums in the USA and world. Voted by the public in 2015-2019 as #1 #BestMedium, #1 #BestPsychic, #PetPsychic, #1 Spirit Artist & as well as #1 Best Animal Communicator & Best Metaphysical Teacher & Light worker of the Year-in 2017 in the USA.
Jennifer was a top 4 finalist on TV 's International "Battle of the Psychics", representing USA where she gained an international following.

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> Spirit Portrait Soulgraphs

> Small and Large Group Gallery Readings and parties are also available.

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I also conduct a spiritual mediumship development circle, and teach PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT, MEDIUMSHIP, HEALING CLASSES, SEMINARS and WORKSHOPS, please contact me for the latest news and dates for up coming events.

May God Bless you on your path.

In Love and Light,
Jennifer Wallens


Listed since: Oct 27, 2009


We had a wonderful reading with Jennifer. She was very personable and accurate.
Get a pen, get a paper - a large paper and be prepared to scribble what she says, she will freak you out ...
Jennifer was warm compassionate & caring....her readings are inspired from the Divine, which is the gift she shares, with you.
I went to Jennifer after losing my husband suddenly and unexpectedly. I was in so much pain and wanted to speak to my husband so badly. Her reading was incredible. I felt like I was with my husband. She gave me so many details that confirmed he was right there with us. Jennifer is so compassionate and warm and I felt so much comfort from the reading. I would recommend her to anyone who needs and wants to speak to a loved one that has already crossed over.
Jennifer is an amazing medium. She was so accurate and specific that I had no doubt that she was channeling my father. It brought me so much peace and joy. I can't recommend Jennifer enough. She is so kind and loving it made the experience truly one of the most incredible experiences of my life. If you have lost a love one and want to communicate with them, Jennifer is just the person!
Jennifer has such a warm personality and I felt instantly at ease with her. She knew things about me that were spot on. She brought messages to me from my grandmother and also my spirit guides. My only complaint is that the reading went way too quickly - I could have sat and chatted with her for hours! : ) If you're on the fence about going to see her, just do it - you will not be disappointed.
I found Jennifer on A Ukrainian Tv show and turned out to be one of the most powerful psychics in all of Europe. Her talent drove me to contact her, and without any surprise she has exceeded my expectations. Her raw talent brought definition and clarity to the road ahead for me and my family. She answered all my questions from Finance to health and relationships. Jennifer is purely amazing and greatly talented. Jennifer is the person to turn to if you have any questions about your future!!
Mrs.Jennifer Wallens, You are such an incredible person. Your words of comfort and kindness from spirit enable people to move forward with their lives in a direction they choose. For me there will never be an award big enough that will ever truly reflect the love you project from your heart into the lives of people you have helped across the world. Mrs.Jennifer, you are made of stardust and were born to shine and you make every person you come across feel the same.
Reading with Jennifer was a lots of fun! Some predictions already coming to life, looking forward for the rest of them as well as another reading pretty soon for that next steps. She's very nice and positive person! :)
Jennifer is the Best! I have consulted with her over the past 2 years and she has always been right on with her predictions for me. She has never been judgmental towards my situation and has always made me feel at ease when reading with her. Jennifer has been right on with her timeline of events. She is such a great person to talk to - every time I hang up the phone with her I always think how much fun it would be to have a cup of coffee with her. She is simply THE BEST!
The details Jennifer revealed during the reading were accurate and helped to make right life decisions. Thank you and you're the BEST!
Jennifer is amazing. One can feel her warm compassionate presence immediately. Jennifer was able to relay messages from loved ones on the other side. She also gave me very important information to be given to my mother regarding her health. Jennifer is the real deal!
Jennifer is true. She knows thing, not like others who claims to be a psychic. I heard about her from my mother who lives in Europe. People know her around the globe :)
I had the privilege of meeting Jennifer when she was my neighbor in upstate New York. She is an elegant woman with a very accessible, generous spirit. Jennifer is very intelligent, educated and truly gifted person. She conveys all her talents and sensitivities with a warm grace and kindness that leaves an indelible impression. Jennifer Wallens is a genuine spiritual intuitive who is well worth knowing.
Jennifer is fantastic and has been able to accurately describe my situations and people in question accurately. I really enjoy her readings, personality and how great it is to talk to her. Overall she's been very honest and on target, highly recommend her.
Jennifer was fannnntastic and upbeat! Put me in a MUCH better mood. It means so much to me when an advisor is down to earth and easy to talk to. Loved the way she delivered the information quickly and confidently. Some things didn't make sense to me right now but I will save the transcript and keep it all to refer back to! She was great!
Barbara Y. says: Had a reading with Jennifer and she was able to pick up on family members that crossed over years ago, and those that recently crossed over. Jennifer is a kind and caring person that puts you at ease and explains all that you need to know before session. What a comfort knowing that family members are surrounded by positive energy & love. Can't wait to be able to talk with Jennifer again. I had the best sleep after speaking with her.Thanks Jennifer.
I made my appointment with Jennifer with hope, and with some fear and scepticism, having been unfortunate in some previous experiences with psychics. She put me at ease right away, and spoke to me about specific details that could not be guessed, and must have come from psychic knowledge. Not only did the spirit guides talk to her about me, but also sent a message specifically to one of my sisters, giving Jennifer knowledge about my sister that not even I knew at the time. Highly recommend her!
This was my 3rd reading with Jennifer and she is amazing. Her predictions from my first two readings have come to pass. She accurately predicted details of meeting my fiancee's family for the first time , right down to the table we were sitting at. She is able to provide accurate information without asking me questions. I will continue to use Jennifer in the future!
Jennifer couldn’t have hit the nail more precisely on head when she brought forth my favorite Aunt when she read for me! Down to knowning that she had a special nickname for me. Jennifer gives specifics and timelines in her future predictions and I look forward to them all coming to fruition. Her kindness and caring, for humanity, animals, and world, show in her dedication to helping all. Hope everyone will be as fortunate as I was to have Jennifer share her gifts with you!
Jennifer is an amazing medium, she brings messages through with love and compassion.
Jennifer cares deeply, and it shows. My reading with her felt like I was with a longtime friend of the family which meant a lot since I was dealing with the passing of my sister. Thank you, Jennifer, for being so caring, personable, and down to earth.


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