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“Psychic Jen” is a Certified Psychic & Spiritual Medium, Animal Communicator, Psychic Detective, Author, Paranormal Investigator, Teacher & Artist. She has over 30 years experience and competed on TV’s Battle of the Psychics representing the USA. Jennifer has been a repeat guest on the nationally syndicated Coast to Coast AM radio with George Noory, as well as numerous other radio shows, podcasts, and television shows.
As a Psychic, Jennifer will give accurate information & guidance regarding love, life situations,career/ job, spiritual assessments, pets, relationships, family, finances & future trends. She also creates Soulgraphs -her own unique artwork filled with symbols, faces and messages from spirit for you personally. Jennifer also offers Spiritual Psychic Therapy sessions, Soul Contract and Past Life Readings.
As a Medium she communicates with your deceased loved ones & provides evidential information, proof of an afterlife, comfort, answers your questions as well as gives you meaningful, personal messages from your loved ones.

Jennifer can also communicate with your pets, alive & deceased. She provides evidential readings to show they are safe and happy and also what happened when they passed utilizing her gifts as a medium. As a medical intuitive Jennifer can also see any disturbances in their bodies.
She is also an accomplished professional artist creating paintings with spiritual imagery and meaning with underlying symbolism for love, abundance, health and happiness. See her art here https:://
She also can create a beautiful trademarked “Soulgraph” with drawings of those in the spirit world, symbology and messages for you in addition to a phone or Zoom Mediumship Reading.

Jennifer currently serves as the Vice President for Psychic Research and Paranormal Studies and a Chief Examiner for American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums. She is respected as one of the best, most accurate psychics, pet psychics and mediums in the USA and world. Voted by the public in 2015-2019 as #1 #BestMedium, #1 #BestPsychic, #PetPsychic, #1 Spirit Artist & as well as #1 Best Animal Communicator & Best Metaphysical Teacher & Light worker of the Year-in 2017 in the USA.
Jennifer was a top 4 finalist on TV 's International "Battle of the Psychics", representing USA where she gained an international following.

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> Spirit Portrait Soulgraphs

> Small and Large Group Gallery Readings and parties are also available.

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I also conduct a spiritual mediumship development circle, and teach PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT, MEDIUMSHIP, HEALING CLASSES, SEMINARS and WORKSHOPS, please contact me for the latest news and dates for up coming events.

May God Bless you on your path.

In Love and Light,
Jennifer Wallens


Listed since: Oct 27, 2009


I had the pleasure of having a reading with Jennifer Wallens this past week. She is truly a gift from God. Her messages were clear and specific and delivered with the utmost care and genuine love and concern for her clients. I have been read by a significant number of psychics, and Jennifer is most definitely among the best. I whole heartedly would recommend her to anyone. Wishing you light and love, Jennifer! I am looking forward to talking with you again.
She is amazing and very knowledgeable. She told me where I worked at right from the beginning. She is easy to talk with and eager to help you. Her information is accurate and precise. I would highly recommend her.
I recently had a reading with Jennifer. She was wonderful and knew so much about my life and the turmoils I am presently going through. She gave me hope and guidance that things will be much better for me. I would definte recommend her. She was a blessing to me.
I have had several readings with Jennifer and she is nothing short of incredible. She has picked up on specific details, events, and people with such accuracy. For example, she picked up that I what city I was visiting overseas a month prior to my trip. Many of her predictions have already come to pass. I have recommended her to a friend and she was spot on with her as well. I highly recommend her.
Jennifer is amazing! I know for sure she was communicating with my Dad, as nobody else would have said things that way. It was so beautiful and touching to have a reading with Jennifer. I would surely refer my friends to her and get additional readings myself in the future. She was sensitive to my emotional state and gave me a thorough and touching session!
Jennifer is a warm person with down-to-earth sensibilities. Her gift of intuition is genuine, and she is honest. I was happy with my reading and would recommend her to others. Her appointment management system is excellent and she is a very efficient communicator....all things that make talking to her a real pleasure.
I am so grateful for the fun and caring manner in which Jennifer shares her gift. Jennifer's information was specific and accurate. She was able to provide information that really helped to shed light on some life situations for me. Thanks Jennifer! Jennifer is also a gifted animal communicator. Jennifer brought forth information that my dog wanted to communicate with me. Greatly appreciated!
Jennifer is truly amazing. She is a complete professional and well worth the pricing. My daughter passed away one year ago and I have struggled every day without her. Jennifer was able to contact my daughter and share so much information. Everything that she told me was accurate and true. There is no way that she could know so many private memories without her gift. She has helped me find peace and comfort now and I cannot thank Jennifer enough. I will be back to see her again.
Thank You Jennifer! This was my first experience at anything like this. The setting was very comfortable and welcoming. Jennifer told me information that only me and my family would know! NO amount of research could have given this information... I felt like I was talking to an old, dear friend. I some cases I guess I was. Ha Thanks again.
I had an in person reading at Jennifer's home near Las Vegas in July of 2014. This was my first time visiting a psychic or medium and I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. Jennifer immediately put me at ease with her calm and friendly demeanor. I can tell you that my reading exceeded my expectations in almost every way possible. I am convinced that Jennifer communicated with my family members and even made one obscure reference that blew my mind. Thanks Jennifer!!
I've had a lot of readings over the years, but Jennifer's was wonderfully different. I was blown away by her ability to speak to me almost conversationally while simultaneously hearing spirit, never had a reading like it before!
I had a reading with Jennifer in December of 2013. She really helped with our 12-year-old dog, Gillian. She mentioned that Gilly was having pain in her right leg. We knew she had a little arthritis, but nothing serious. I examined Gillian after the reading and found a bright pink spot on one of her toes. It seemed painful to her. We took her to the vet and it was a bad infection. She ended up having her toe amputated, but the vet said she could have easily lost her leg had we had waited.
We had a group reading. There were 9 of us and every single one of us left there knowing our loved ones had reached through to give us messages we needed. Everyone was crying. Everyone was thrilled. And, Jennifer was so real and fun! We are definitely going to do this annually. Thank you Jennifer!!!
I am blessed to have been sent to Jennifer for a life changing & validating Reading. Jennifer's Gift is fabulous, accurate and she delivers messages with such grace and love. She is a pleasure to be around with such kind and supportive nature. I'll definitely seek her kind guidance in the future and wisdom and recommend her to anyone who is serious about receiving the Real Deal in their own life. Thank you Jennifer! Blessings!
I am not sure I can say enough or convey how full my heart is with gratitude and peace after my time with Jennifer. Not only is her God given gift evident, her sweet and gentle spirit is laced in her messages. While situation was unique to Jennifer, it didn't stop her from meeting that challenge with grace and love. I am thankful that out of something really horrible, light has come from it. Beauty from ashes, the bible says. Jennifer defines that beauty with a sparkle of light!
Thank you Jennifer for this amazing session, I learned so much about my past and where I am to go in this time. Many answers were given to further my growth, just confirming your true gift. I am very blessed to know you and work with you. I look forward to sharing more with you. I would recommend you to anyone.
Jennifer is such a breath of fresh air! Love her, Love her, Love her! Jennifer uses her gift to not only connect with your loved ones but to touch your heart in a truly amazing manner. Every kind word you read in Jennifer's reviews multiply it by 100 and that is the essence of Jennifer. I am counting the days to my next reading!
I can't even explain the peace that Jennifer has given me. My mother passed away a little over two weeks ago and Jennifer was able to connect with her right away and give me so much proof that my mom was there. It was so exciting because she said that it's so hard to get recent deaths to come through but that my mom was so good and gave her so many things that would speak to me. Words can never express my thanks to her!!!!! She is the real deal and a healer in my heart!!!!!!
Jennifer is amazing. She new exactly the amount of time I had been seeing someone. My dad came across to her also. The reading was amazing!
This afternoon I had a wonderful reading with jennifer. She is a very caring person and is very easy and fun to talk to. I had some great insights and advices on things that will yet to happen. She truly is a gifted person. Also her background in environmental science was an immense help to my one specific question. I would choose her again without a doubt.
I had my appointment with Jennifer on 8/3/13. This was my first reading and Jennifer made me feel very at ease. Jennifer mentioned information to me that only family new about. She was also giving me information about my wife's health and even nailed the disease that my wife has. I will definitely recommend Jennifer to family and friends. She has changed my life for the better. I will definitely be getting another reading soon. Thank you Jennifer!
jennifer has read for me before this time. she was accurate in prediction. she is warm, funny and clear. highly recommend.
Jennifer was AMAZING read for us for hour and half. Every single thing she said was spot on, my daughter and I did not want to leave. I highly recommend her to bring peace and comfort to anyone who has lost a loved one OR just needs guidance!!
I would highly recommend Jennifer Wallens as Physic and Medium. She compassionate and reassuring. It is comforting to know our loved ones have not left us, I will always be grateful this wonderful women is part of my life.
Thank you so much Jennifer for connecting me to my beautiful husband Steve. It gave me so much comfort to know that the signs I have been receiving from him since he passed 8 weeks ago are absolutely real. You verified the name of my husband, his best friend & even my spiritual grandmother who is also one of my guides! I will be forever grateful for your reading and will certainly make another appointment with you soon to communicate once again with my amazing Steve and to grow spiritually Xo
We really enjoyed our session with Jennifer. She is a lovely lady and put us all at ease right away. We felt like our loved ones were in the room with us. We were all amazed at the facts she brought forth. I will look forward to our next visit. I would recommend her to anyone who needs guidance in their life.
Jennifer Wallen's is a gifted, accurate medium whose psychic skills come second to her compassionate and uplifting personality. She put me at ease right away by providing compelling evidence of loved ones and guidance from my spirit guides that were specific, identifiable and resonated with who I am. I could have remained on the phone for another session because I was totally enjoying the cast of characters who graced my session. Thank you for the guidance. It is priceless.
My reading with Jennifer felt very warm and comforting. Jennifer was able to help me with several questions I had about some of my life circumstances and Jennifer was also able to connect me with my deceased father. The information she brought through was accurate and correlated with my questions. I highly recommend Jennifer and I look forward to having another reading with her as well.
Thanks Jennifer for helping me, you provided specific details confirming the authenticity of your communications. My situation was a shocking, tragic and avoidable loss and the information you provided helped to further reconfirm our thoughts about the circumstances. It helps to know that the person who has passed knows that we love them and is comforted by it.
Jennifer is very gifted. My daughter was having a hard time coping with her father's death. He came through in the reading and we were very happy. He said things that Jennifer could not have known. It was a really amazing experience I recommend anyone that is trying to connect with the other side call Jennifer.


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