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Jennifer Wallens
Jennifer Wallens


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“Psychic Jen” is a Certified Psychic & Spiritual Medium, Animal Communicator, Psychic Detective, Author, Paranormal Investigator, Teacher & Artist. She has over 30 years experience and competed on TV’s Battle of the Psychics representing the USA. Jennifer has been a repeat guest on the nationally syndicated Coast to Coast AM radio with George Noory, as well as numerous other radio shows, podcasts, and television shows.
As a Psychic, Jennifer will give accurate information & guidance regarding love, life situations,career/ job, spiritual assessments, pets, relationships, family, finances & future trends. She also creates Soulgraphs -her own unique artwork filled with symbols, faces and messages from spirit for you personally. Jennifer also offers Spiritual Psychic Therapy sessions, Soul Contract and Past Life Readings.
As a Medium she communicates with your deceased loved ones & provides evidential information, proof of an afterlife, comfort, answers your questions as well as gives you meaningful, personal messages from your loved ones.

Jennifer can also communicate with your pets, alive & deceased. She provides evidential readings to show they are safe and happy and also what happened when they passed utilizing her gifts as a medium. As a medical intuitive Jennifer can also see any disturbances in their bodies.
She is also an accomplished professional artist creating paintings with spiritual imagery and meaning with underlying symbolism for love, abundance, health and happiness. See her art here https:://
She also can create a beautiful trademarked “Soulgraph” with drawings of those in the spirit world, symbology and messages for you in addition to a phone or Zoom Mediumship Reading.

Jennifer currently serves as the Vice President for Psychic Research and Paranormal Studies and a Chief Examiner for American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums. She is respected as one of the best, most accurate psychics, pet psychics and mediums in the USA and world. Voted by the public in 2015-2019 as #1 #BestMedium, #1 #BestPsychic, #PetPsychic, #1 Spirit Artist & as well as #1 Best Animal Communicator & Best Metaphysical Teacher & Light worker of the Year-in 2017 in the USA.
Jennifer was a top 4 finalist on TV 's International "Battle of the Psychics", representing USA where she gained an international following.

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> Spirit Portrait Soulgraphs

> Small and Large Group Gallery Readings and parties are also available.

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I also conduct a spiritual mediumship development circle, and teach PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT, MEDIUMSHIP, HEALING CLASSES, SEMINARS and WORKSHOPS, please contact me for the latest news and dates for up coming events.

May God Bless you on your path.

In Love and Light,
Jennifer Wallens


Listed since: Oct 27, 2009


Jennifer is absolutely amazing. She makes you feel so comfortable and is so easy to talk to. I could have stayed on the phone all day. But even bigger than that is she is ridiculously good at what she does. My family but most importantly my son came through and led the conversation with things no one would know but us. She gave me the gift of peace and knowing he is with me and he is happy. I also received a soulgragh and it is BEAUTIFUL. Above and beyond what I could have imagined. Thank you!!!
Not only is Jennifer amazing, but she is both professional and a delight to talk to. I’ve had three readings with Jennifer in the last four years and have come to know her. She has comforted me with my intense grief through her gift of mediumship. I highly recommend her. Thank you Jennifer. Talk soon.
What a magnificent experience! Jennifer and I connected instantly on our call and it only got better from there. Our reading was light and comfortable and totally useful. I had a psychic reading, which was excellent. I gave her three topics to speak about and she hit the high points on each one. I highly recommend her to everyone and plan to have another session at some point. ~ Gary B. Smith
Thank you Jennifer for the wonderful reading. You are right on point with everything that was going on. It gave me answers that I was looking for and it gave me positive hope for the future. I highly recommend Jennifer
I love Jennifer’s softness and connectedness without anything weird. I’m very careful and not at all doing these kinds of things. Jennifer and I met in upstate with a friend needing support on tumultuous events. Currently I need guidance with those in my life who feel to me to be draining my energy. It was the same soft sweet connection. I have my path and style and Jennifer fits right in with a support that keeps me in the right direction. Thank you!
Thank you so much for a great reading. I have a metaphysical background and chose you by intuition. I can’t wait to follow up about my next dog and other relationships. Very very interesting. The loss of Leo , my beautiful boy Lhasa, brought me to you and gave me peace. ☮️ donna
I wanted to do this so long after my mother passed. I needed some closure and hopefully peace. I did the shorter reading to test the waters, and was very happy to hear what i needed from Jennifer about my mother and others. I want to thank Jennifer for such a wonderful experience ! You are truly gifted. Thank you and god Bless!
Jennifer was so filled with correct information for our family! She saw my mother, knowing that she was not comfortable with "readings". Yet came to say that she was an angel that helped heal my great grandson, at 3 weeks old, having some super virus almost dying! God healed, but she assists when we need help! She saw my husband as a young, super jock, which helped him throughout life! She described his HI father, who came to tell him how he was so proud of him! She was spot on! Thank You
Jennifer was wonderful. This was my first reading with her and it won't be my last. She was right on with so many things, including information from my late husband and mother. It was a short reading but very interesting and put me at ease about some things. She gave me information about my mother she would not have known. I was very at ease and relaxed at the end. I would highly recommend her.
Jennifer was amazing. There is NO way she could have known this information if she wasn't communicating with spirit. Here's how it started out/one example: "I see a Golden Retriever running around, and this is weird, I see a Yo-Yo". I had a Golden Retriever named "Yo", then.. "I see him with your parents, together, did they all leave the earth around the same time ?" My mom passed 5 weeks before my dad, and my dog 2 weeks after my father. The whole reading was amazing. It just gave me such peace
At first she didn't seem to be connecting,but then my husband came forward and she was very accurate with what she said about him. I just wish she could bring him back! Jennifer was very kind and caring. I don't know if I'll call her again because I have no doubt and never have, that my husband is in the spiritual realm and not just in a box in a closet.
I love her reading style! Only asked for my name. So pleasant to speak with and had so much to say that time flew by! So accurate. I'll definitely call back!
My time with Jennifer flew by because my reading was so intense and rapid fire. Jennifer already confirmed most of what I thought and made quite a few predictions for my future. Great psychic and worth the $$$$. Yes, I'll be back again.........Thank you Jennifer
My mom and I had a reading with jennifer and let me tell you she was spot on! We had such a lovely time talking to her and spirit. She has an amazing gift. We will be getting more readings in the future. We had cries and laughs. Such a life changing experience and I wouldn't want anyone other than Jennifer doing it!
Jennifer was great. She gave me so much strength by telling me my future. I am so happy I got to know her. She told me everything what happened in the past and told me what will be in the future. She is very kind and truly amazing person. I am so glad I got reading from her. Thank you Jennifer. You are the best.
I had my mediumship reading this morning. i have NEVER done anything like this in the past. Without question, Jennifer, explained to me what to expect and walked me through the process. YES!, I got feedback from my Dad, Grandmother and Uncle! As a matter of fact, I have ALREADY booked an appointment for my wife! It was unbelievable to me! Jennifer spoke to me about things NOBODY would ever know! I'm SO glad I did it! If your on the fence..JUMP! It is great!
I only spoke to this medium for a short time, but her reading was right on. She said a few things I did not recognize at the time of the reading, so I wrote them down. Afterwards, I was able to validate her comments. She gave me actual names that were direct links, and I left feeling peaceful and happy. She is the real deal!
My friend Mandy and I had a reading with Jennifer while in Vegas to celebrate my 65th birthday. I was hoping to hear from the love of my life, my husband, who passed away 9 years ago. His love came thru for me and what he said was information only I alone knew. My mother also came thru with very specific words. I cried and laughed throughout the reading. It was amazing and I am thankful to Jennifer for giving me this amazing birthday present.
I thoroughly enjoyed our reading. My friend and I laughed, cried, hugged. She really had so many details that only a handful of my friends/family would have known and personal things that only the person on the other side could have known. The whole reading was compelling and she was just the best. Thank you again for making my friends birthday extra special. Great job!
I had a reading with Jennifer, and I knew she was for real! The things she told me, she could not have possibly known. So glad I did it; losing my son devastated me; she and he gave me things to watch for! Though I was sad the next day, I still had a different kind of peace; and for once I felt connected again to my son. I will definitely be using her in the near future! Thank you Jennifer and my wonderful son!
Jennifer was amazing! Great insights and was able to provide a connection with loved ones on the other side. She was professional AND approachable. Very kind. She was able to provide relevant information about my present as well as give direction about my future. REALLY very good at connecting here and on the other side.
Jennifer was warm, inviting and extremely friendly. She told me a few things no one else could know, and also gave me some relief over something I have been carrying with me for some time.Now I can let it go. She also gave me some interesting information on my cats, and how my sister was connected to them. I felt her reading was very good for me.
My daughter and I had the most spectacular experience with Jennifer. She reconnected us with our passed loved ones. Jen did an amazing thing in bringing out their personalities. That's not easy to do. She was spot on and we are still talking about our experience a few days later. I have a different outlook on the afterlife now and I know I'm not alone if I don't want to be. Also, my bird, Winnie, absolutely fell in love with her. I replay the audio I made and Winnie still reacts quite happily!
Jennifer is amazing ... She is a psychic who truly cares and is able to pick up things without you telling her much info at all. She has been an amazing advisor and always spot on! Best of the best! I am a client for life
Jennifer was quite amazing. I was most impressed and would surely recommend her to anyone wanting an animal communication session. I have a litter of dogs and she read them astonishingly accurately. And she is a delight to speak with. Very special person. Would certainly use her again without hesitation.
What an amazing reading. Jennifer connected me with my daughter who had passed away two years ago. It felt like Jennifer was on the phone with my daughter. Every single message was exactly right on. Especially something special that had only recently happened. The reading from Jennifer was filled with so many messages that only I would know about from my daughter. What a blessing to have Jennifer help me find peace. Jennifer has a true gift and I highly recommend her to everyone. Love Her!!
I recently had a reading with Jennifer. Wow! She keyed in immediately on where I am in my life now and what she saw for me in the future. She also saw my dad and blessed me with a message that is more meaningful than she can possibly know. I was worried a phone reading would be difficult and impersonal, but she put me to ease at once. She has a wonderful sense of humor and it felt like I was reconnecting with a long lost friend.
I spoke to various Psychics before speaking to Jennifer, I found Jennifer gave additional layers of more specific information, and predictions. I look forward to following up with Jennifer again soon.
I found Jennifer Wallen's through the Bob Olsen "afterlife book". My first reading ever, Jennifer was amazing - there is No Way she could have researched most of what she told me! I want to have her do another reading for me, but not sure how long between. Terri
Jennifer is amazing! She told me many things that hadn't happened yet. I was skeptical and everything turned out just like she said. She seemed to know everything about anyone I asked about, and the ones I didn't ask about! She is a very pleasant and sweet person. She is eager to answer any questions you might have. She gives very specific answers, not vague answers that could fit anyone.


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