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Jenn Fields

Jenn Fields
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Panama City Beach


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$75 for 30 min

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There is something that brought you here. Searching for answers and clarity and seeking peace of mind is not an easy burden to carry alone. I am a different type of “seer”. I am unashamed and honored to give my heart to and use my calling for God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. I counsel all faiths with no judgement as Christ Himself embraces the world as it is. You are loved regardless. If you schedule a reading with me be prepared for a full and detailed message. I do not encourage one or two minute readings or “fast food” questions. It is my belief that a full message is always needed and time to connect and build momentum in a reading is necessary to reach clarity. I also feel that it is fair to tell you that there is no message and to let me pray about the issue and call me at a later time or allow me to email you later in the day. I hold a degree in both Psychology and Executive Leadership. I also serve my community as a full time Life Skills Coach with an expertise in coaching families coping with autism and other challenges. I am very upfront and to the point and have the professionalism needed in getting to the heart of a matter and setting out “next steps” for you to succeed in your path. I do not consider myself an entertainment piece but value my time with you and hope to establish a relationship to last for years to come. My clients become like family and I always seek the best outcome and path for them and hope to do the same for you! So grab some coffee, a pen and notebook, and lets chat about your path and get to the heart of what matters in your life!


MA Executive Leadership
BA Psychology
Bob Olson Certified as Legitimate (Best Psychic Directory)
Selected as Top Psychic Consultant for 2018 American Media, LLC

My heart's true calling is to build a ranch for families of high functioning autism to heal and grow using horses. All my proceeds go into building this organization. I look forward to sitting with you and connecting with you!

You will not be disappointed and will leave feeling loved and assured of your direction and "next step". I am professional, intuitive, and thrive on motivating others to find the realness they desire in their life! Call me today for an amazing reading!

Additional Information: 

All proceeds go towards my future working horse ranch for high functioning autistic individuals and others who are in need of space to be themselves!

Much Love


Listed since: Feb 28, 2017


Quickly connected with me and picked up my energy. Very sincere and has gone above and beyond to help me on my journey. Hard truths but much needed for growth. She's the real deal! :)
Wow. This had to be the best reading I have ever had. I have had many so that is saying a lot. This woman dug into my brain and clarified my path for me in 10 minutes. It was as if she just knew what I was doing wrong and explained what I need to do to get what I want. I feel invigorated, directed and blown away. She has an AMAZING gift.
I did an email reading with her and I was surprised of the detail she was able to provide in a paragraph. She accurately tuned into my current situation and was able to provide her guidance for moving forward as well as her sense of a timeline. Very curious how much unfolds in the next coming months.
Jennifer is a very compassionate and kind reader and was very accurate with what she picked up with regard to my situation. She is easy to speak to, non judgemental and very easy to talk to. Very sweet person
Jennifer is a gem!!! She truly has a gift and extremely intuitive!! I was blown away by how she nailed it for me!! If anyone is looking for the real deal it's Jennifer!! She will be the one I go to for all my future readings!! She tells it like it is!! Wonderful person!! Thank you so much Jennifer!
Jenn, You are wonderful! I would best describe you as compassionate, understanding and kind. You are not judgmental and have provided clear advice which will be so very helpful in my situation. Thank you. Ejaz
Awesome and informative direct reading.

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