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Heidi Jaffe
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$80 -$450

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(407) 717-2596


Heidi is a Certified Medium through the highly respected Forever Family Foundation, a Certified Advanced Psychic Medium and a Certified Master Teacher of Advanced Psychic Mediumship through the LWISSD(Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development). She has been rigorously trained, formally tested and Certified by World Renowned Psychic Medium Lisa Williams. She specializes in Individual and Group Readings. Readings can be done in person in her Downtown office, over the phone, or Skype.

Heidi's clientele spans across the country and across the world. Heidi is known for her incredible accuracy, detailed evidence and names that are brought forth from the other side. She loves nothing more than to help others get in contact with their loved ones on the other side and help guide her clients on their life path. She is incredibly passionate about her work and cares deeply for every client that she works with. She is able to connect with your loved ones on the other side and deliver detailed messages from them. Heidi will provide you with many details and undeniable evidence from your loved ones, so that you have no doubt about who you are in contact with. This can be a heavy and nerve wracking experience for some people, so she approaches every client with compassion and with the utmost care. With her laid back approach you will find that you will have a lot of laughter too in sessions with Heidi. She is known for her warm and funny personality.

Heidi is also well known for her Psychic Readings. Her clients say that she is "better than therapy!" She helps people change their lives every day. By providing insight into her client's lives through her psychic abilities and spirit guides, she helps people find clarity in their lives so that they may heal and move in the right direction. You can come to her with specific questions about your life that you want answered. Heidi can tap into those areas and show you where your current path is leading and help make decisions to keep it moving that way, or away from it, if that is what is needed. Heidi comes highly recommended by all of her clients.

If you have activity in your home and you are in the Central Florida area, she will come out to read the home and help clear it, if necessary.

Check out her Interview with Ian Hollander on FamousPsychicMediums.com at http://famouspsychicmediums.com/2014/11/10-questions-with-psychic-medium-heidi-jaffe/

Please visit her Facebook page and "Like" it! http://www.facebook.com/heidithemedium

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"The peace I now have after meeting with Heidi is just inexplicable. I have esophageal cancer and am no longer eligible for any treatment. Heidi was able to connect with my husband Bill, who died suddenly in 1990, and with my mother who passed away a few years ago. The intimate details she was able to share with me, things even my own daughter didn't know about, left no doubt in my mind that they are waiting for me."

- Betty, Orlando, Fl

"Meeting with Heidi was not my first experience with a medium but it certainly was the most accurate, honest and amazing session I have ever had. I have always believed in mediums and the afterlife but our session proved this without any doubt. Numerous family members who have passed came through that I was not expecting and the things they shared with Heidi no one who is alive today knows that information, only me, and that was the amazing reality of Heidi’s gift. She is truly a gifted person and any time spent with her and your loved ones who have passed will be time well spent. If you have ever thought about having a session for whatever reason, do not hesitate, do not question, move forward and contact Heidi as she will change your perspective of our life here and our loved ones who have parted."

-Kim F., Daytona Beach, Fl

"I had a Skype phone consultation with Heidi which I have never done before, so I wondered how successful it would be. I also realized that this may be a difficult reading for her, as I am British and the person I wanted to get in touch with most was my best friend who passed over a few weeks prior, who was also British. We had a very special relationship and we knew each other for over 50 years, but for an American to try to decipher what we would do together each week ( we both went to support our local football team at our local ground back home ), I knew would be difficult. Heidi brought not only my best friend, but my mother and grandmother through who where helping my best friend. The messages she gave from my friend were spot on! She told me of the beautiful memories we had together and some of the things we would get up to as kids! and how we both felt always that we were sisters more than best friends. My friend past very suddenly and so I was still in shock, and wanted to know she had made it ok! I had no doubts after this reading and can't thank Heidi enough!!

- Julie J., Kissimmee, Fl

Listed since: Feb 26, 2014


What is amazing about Heidi is the level of compassion and caring she brings to her work. Her reading was not only accurate but I could tell she was feeling the feelings of my relatives. She really works hard to make sure you get evidence of who is coming through and also is naturally curious about each person's history. She is great and I look forward to my readings.
Before seeing Heidi I had never had any kind of reading before. I was prompted to search out a psychic meeting by a chance encounter I had with someone a few months prior. I was left with some questions but felt I needed someone who was less questionable than someone stopping my on the street. I got all of that and more with Heidi. I would highly recommend her to everyone. The piece of mine she gave me was priceless.
My sister passed away in Sept and I'm sure she led me to Heide. I have been very sad since my sister's passing and was hoping she could connect. I told Heide nothing about her but I smiled with tears when her visions and comments could only of come from her. Next time I will ask more questions and come better prepared. Thank you Heide for helping me to understand we are never alone.
My session with Heidi was honestly life changing. I miss my parents so much and was able to communicate with them through Heidi. Now, when they do things to show me they "are here with me", I giggle and tell them out loud that i know it is them who are playing around with my electric door opener instead of being freaked out. I feel calmer and look forward to having more sessions with her. Now, my other family members are going to call her :)
Heidi was amazing! I loved her energy! This was my first reading and she was so excited to work with me. She was very honest with me. I left the office feeling at peace. A lot of questions I had have been answered. I even learned new things about myself. I will definitely use heidi again.
Heidi is the first psychic/medium that I have been to visit. I'm so glad that I chose her. I had a 2 hour session and it was a wonderful experience. Heidi was very accurate. I recorded our session- some of the things that did not make sense to me during the reading - did make sense after listening to the recording. She was able to provide guidance towards some of the issues I was having. I would definitely recommend her.
I cannot express how amazing Heidi is as a medium and a person. She answered all my questions without me even asking! I was blown away with how accurate she was. I have never had an experience like this before and I can't wait to have another one. I want to recommend her to anyone who is willing and open, so that she can help them like she helped me.
Heidi was truly amazing! I have been to a few mediums and none of them have ever given me as much confirmation of whom you are speaking with as Heidi did. She took her time with each message, making sure that she was interpreting the messages correctly. The messages that came through couldn't have been anymore accurate, and i cannot wait till my next reading with Heidi. I left there with an overwhelming feeling of peace, knowing that i had guidance from my loved ones on the other side.
My Heart smiles because of Heidi there is something magical about her....and I love it. She has Blessed my life tremendously with the guidance and clarity helped make my life improve with more understanding. She is a very kind and loving Spiritual lady. Thank you Heidi.
- Shante R., Brandon, Fl Honestly meeting with Heidi is one of the best things I could have done. She gave me more clarity not only within myself but also with my grandmother who passed away. I never thought that I would be one to go to a medium but I'm glad I did! She gave me information and proof as to who I she was connecting with and it was really legit! I am grateful for her patience and understanding. I can say that Heidi really opened up my mind to a whole new world !
My reading with Heidi was amazing, she knew things she could not possible have known. Things about me as a child growing up, things that my dad and I shared. I was blown away by her. She was kind, sweet, funny, we really connected and she had no problems connecting with my family. She is truly blessed with her gift and I look forward to having another reading with her in the future. I know now that my family is with me and I feel a sense of comfort and relief
Heidi is amazing! She hit the ball out of the park on so many levels. Meeting with her was one of the most wonderful, calming, and positive experiences I have had in a very long time. She is honest and answered my questions accurately. I can say that because I have actually been able to confirm some of the information she gave me. I am definitely going back to see her in the future and I highly recommend her!
What a pleasure! Heidi is really amazing. She was patient and kind. Really honest. Took her time to answer every question. She makes it feel like she's tapping into your energy. I left her office feeling relieved and with a clearer perspective on what I need to do to achieve the things that are in store for me. I came in with some specific questions and her advice was sound. I highly recommend.


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