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Heidi Jaffe
Heidi Jaffe


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Heidi is a Certified Medium through the highly respected Forever Family Foundation, a Certified Advanced Psychic Medium and a Certified Master Teacher of Advanced Psychic Mediumship through the LWISSD(Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development). She has been rigorously trained, formally tested and Certified by World Renowned Psychic Medium Lisa Williams. She specializes in Individual and Group Readings. Readings can be done in person in her Downtown office, over the phone, or Skype.

Heidi's clientele spans across the country and across the world. Heidi is known for her incredible accuracy, detailed evidence and names that are brought forth from the other side. She loves nothing more than to help others get in contact with their loved ones on the other side and help guide her clients on their life path. She is incredibly passionate about her work and cares deeply for every client that she works with. She is able to connect with your loved ones on the other side and deliver detailed messages from them. Heidi will provide you with many details and undeniable evidence from your loved ones, so that you have no doubt about who you are in contact with. This can be a heavy and nerve wracking experience for some people, so she approaches every client with compassion and with the utmost care. With her laid back approach you will find that you will have a lot of laughter too in sessions with Heidi. She is known for her warm and funny personality.

Heidi is also well known for her Psychic Readings. Her clients say that she is "better than therapy!" She helps people change their lives every day. By providing insight into her client's lives through her psychic abilities and spirit guides, she helps people find clarity in their lives so that they may heal and move in the right direction. You can come to her with specific questions about your life that you want answered. Heidi can tap into those areas and show you where your current path is leading and help make decisions to keep it moving that way, or away from it, if that is what is needed. Heidi comes highly recommended by all of her clients.

If you have activity in your home and you are in the Central Florida area, she will come out to read the home and help clear it, if necessary.

Check out her Interview with Ian Hollander on FamousPsychicMediums.com at http://famouspsychicmediums.com/2014/11/10-questions-with-psychic-medium-heidi-jaffe/

Please visit her Facebook page and "Like" it! http://www.facebook.com/heidithemedium

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"The peace I now have after meeting with Heidi is just inexplicable. I have esophageal cancer and am no longer eligible for any treatment. Heidi was able to connect with my husband Bill, who died suddenly in 1990, and with my mother who passed away a few years ago. The intimate details she was able to share with me, things even my own daughter didn't know about, left no doubt in my mind that they are waiting for me."

- Betty, Orlando, Fl

"Meeting with Heidi was not my first experience with a medium but it certainly was the most accurate, honest and amazing session I have ever had. I have always believed in mediums and the afterlife but our session proved this without any doubt. Numerous family members who have passed came through that I was not expecting and the things they shared with Heidi no one who is alive today knows that information, only me, and that was the amazing reality of Heidi’s gift. She is truly a gifted person and any time spent with her and your loved ones who have passed will be time well spent. If you have ever thought about having a session for whatever reason, do not hesitate, do not question, move forward and contact Heidi as she will change your perspective of our life here and our loved ones who have parted."

-Kim F., Daytona Beach, Fl

"I had a Skype phone consultation with Heidi which I have never done before, so I wondered how successful it would be. I also realized that this may be a difficult reading for her, as I am British and the person I wanted to get in touch with most was my best friend who passed over a few weeks prior, who was also British. We had a very special relationship and we knew each other for over 50 years, but for an American to try to decipher what we would do together each week ( we both went to support our local football team at our local ground back home ), I knew would be difficult. Heidi brought not only my best friend, but my mother and grandmother through who where helping my best friend. The messages she gave from my friend were spot on! She told me of the beautiful memories we had together and some of the things we would get up to as kids! and how we both felt always that we were sisters more than best friends. My friend past very suddenly and so I was still in shock, and wanted to know she had made it ok! I had no doubts after this reading and can't thank Heidi enough!!

- Julie J., Kissimmee, Fl

Listed since: Feb 26, 2014


I had a psychic reading on the phone. I was really skeptical at first but she immediately knew exactly what was on my mind. She truly has a gift! I was really amazed at the things she knew about me. She was on point about everything. There is no way she could’ve researched the things we talked about. I don’t even have social media. She has given me the clarity I need in my life. She was worth every penny! I will definitely book another reading in the future. Thank you!!!
I had a reading with Heidi on Feb 18th, 2020 in hopes to connect with my mother. Me and my mother established a code word to have when I would have a reading to validate her crossing and to see if there really is an "other side". I would only believe a medium that would deliver her code word. I gravitated towards Heidi for the reading and now I know why. Not only did she deliver the code word for validation, She had my mother down to a science. LIFE CHANGING!
Words will never be able to explain what Heidi has done for me and what doors she has opened for me. My Heart was so broken 3 yrs ago and because of this amazing soul. I’m connected more than ever to the Devine because of Heidi. She doesn’t just contact the spirit world and give messages from the other side, but if you watch, listen and are open to new experiences. She actually teaches you in every session. That everyone has the ability to heal their own hearts and the hearts of others. Nameste
Exceptional talent, articulate and a very relatable kind human. These are my first thoughts to describe Heidi after a my reading with this amazing woman. Her clues to who she’s communicating with are super clear and do not feel vague or unsure. She very much trusts her gift and so should you. One hour flies by, so 90 mins is worth every cent. The healing from these messages is as if your soul is a dry neglected house plant that finally gets a big drink of water. Powerful.
I had a reading with Heidi today. I wanted to connect with my daughter who passed away 4 years ago. Today she would have been 32. I have had readings in the past, but this was by far the MOST accurate and detailed reading i have ever had. Heidi has an incredible and amazing talent in connecting with the spirit world and communicating with your loved ones. Thank You Heidi, for turning a sad day into a very beautiful day knowing my daughter is always next to me. Blessings from the Universe-
I have had two sessions with Heidi in the past, and she's been fantastic both times. The details that she mentioned were so specific, it's impossible that they could have been inferred. Some details included the pattern on my grandmother's china, my father's style (or lack thereof), as well as my ex's personality. She is warm and honest and strives to make you comfortable and ease your concerns. She is a wonderful, gifted human being, and I'd recommend her 200%.
I had a reading by Heidi, and she was spot on with how she described my sister, my mother, uncle and other family members. She helped me with some closure that I was needing, and helped me figure out answers to questions that I had related to the passings. Heidi has a good personality, and is easy to talk to and makes the experience comforting. I would recommend Heidi, as she had been recommended to me by a friend.
Thank you Heidi for an incredible experience in our telephone reading today. Your the real deal very Hubble but talented you brought up things that really amazed me and valadated my family on the other side are still there just in a different form. No words can say how much this means to me.
My husband & I each had private readings w/ Heidi in 9/2016. Heidi brought through so many members of my family and she told me things about my Dad that I didn't know. He died when I was 4 so when he showed her a violin, I didn't get it.Heidi insisted that I write it down because it would mean something to someone in my family. My mom & 3 of my 4 sisters all knew he played, only the two youngest of us did not. The way my BIL came through left no doubt that Heidi Jaffe is the real deal!8
I came down from NJ to visit family and made an appointment with Heidi for my sister and I. We were so impressed with Heidi! She draws you in with her personality. She warm and sensitive but tells it like it is! We weren't sure what to expect, but she was on the money! She went beyond our expectations, communicating with family members. It helped to answer some questions and gave insight to my sister and I. I was very pleased! Thank you Heidi!
I had an amazing experience w/Heidi! I couldn't believe how accurate & detailed she was! She gave me 6 names, how they passed, details going on in my life that nobody could know and my loved ones validated so much information. I honestly didn't expect this much from her, Everything was accurate. Just truly unbelievable and blown away of her abilities. My friends know I'm skeptical and they knew if I approved of her, then she really is that good and they r making an appt w/her!
I never had the chance to write a review for this amazing caring woman. Heidi is just a blessing. I have had countless sessions with her and the outcome Heidi predicted has always been right even when I doubt her at times...she is always right! The most amazing psychic I have ever come across and the most sincere genuine and loving woman! She is a true psychic..definitely a client for life! Thank you for always being there for me when I needed you
I am forever changed after my session with Heidi. Grateful doesn't even begin to accurately describe how I feel. Heidi was so spot-on accurate with so many details about my loved ones. The information I received was not only healing for me, but also for other family members. My days are bit brighter now...I know my loved ones are with me.
I had never had a reading and had been skeptical, until yesterday when i had my reading with Heidi. She is very caring, easy to talk to, and the real deal. She was able to bring me tremendous comfort and eased my mind about what had happened to my boyfriend who passed recently. She was able to verify things that no one would have known and things about his personality that he didn't show to others. I'm very pleased with the reading I recieved and will never go to anyone else now.
My session with Heidi gave me confirmation that what I did for my mother at her passing was what she needed, and that made me feel relieved and reassured that the steps I took were the right thing for her. I found Heidi sensitive and caring, and using the right words to pass the messages. I recommend her, no hesitation. Thank you, Gina
I am very happy with Heidi. I had a reading and most of my family showed up and she was able to identify some of them by their first initial and the way their character was. She was very kind and patient with me as this was my first reading and now I really do believe there is another side as she gave me details about my family that nobody would of known. She even told me about an unborn brother which I confirmed with my own mother and was true!! I will recommend her to my friends :)
I had a medium/psychic reading with Heidi and it was amazing. Not only is she a truly gifted medium and psychic, she is also a very considerate, caring, and gracious woman who helped me tremendously. I highly recommend her.
My mother passed over and there where so many things left unsaid. Heidi gave me clarity and a deep validation of all I was feeling. She also gave me direction in my relationships and business. Heidi gives readings with integrity and care and I would certainly see her again or recommend her to anyone.
I recently met with Heidi in hopes of connecting with my son, who died in a tragic accident this past year. She connected with my mother and then my son. There was no way that she could have known some of the personal things she brought up about them. My son had messages for myself and for his father. I left feeling uplifted and more at peace. I was so glad I did this and will do it again sometime.
I am one of the biggest skeptics out there. I've done online readings and chats with "physics" and what have you. No one has came close to Heidi. I met her in person and her warming personality just puts you to ease. She told me specifics about the people who showed up and I just knew she had this special gift to connect people to their loved ones. I'm so happy God put her in my life. She gives me goosebumps with her accuracy! She will seriously blow you away. I can't wait to meet again!!
From the get go it was brilliant. Heidi has a gift- she was spot on about everything. We had only a phone call, not Skype. There was clarity and directness that I've yet to receive from others. It was very peaceful and delightful session. With no way to know anything about me she surprised me with her reading. She is the real deal. All of what we discussed was absolutely accurate. And is continuing to happen just as she said. I will return for sure. I'm very satisfied. Thanks Heidi!
I have been to many psychics and mediums in my life. Heidi blows them all away. I felt as though we were actually having conversations with my family as if they were in the flesh. Heidi was also able to answer many of my questions about the afterlife that nobody has been able to. I highly recommend Heidi if you want to connect to your loved ones. Heidi also was able to give me some guidance with m life. I can't say enough good things about Heidi and my experience. Thank you so much Heidi.
Heidi made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in. I was there for a psychic reading and hoping to connect with my brother. She allowed me to have closure with my brother's passing. The information she provided and the details of his past were spot on, down to telling me his initial. I now know he's OK. She also allowed me to connect with my mom and made me laugh at things my mother said. Again, she was accurate and it was as if my mother were talking to me. Thank You Heidi!
What an amazing experience with such a wonderful person. My sister and I had recently lost our Mom and found Heidi while on vacation in the Orlando area. She put us at ease and we shared an amazing hour being in touch with family members who have passed. Thank you for letting us know she is okay and the messages you had for us. We are looking forward to talking to again in the future Shari Ajax, Ontario, Canada
I cannot express how thankful I am for the reading I received from Heidi. I was blown away with the details and descriptions of my passed on loved ones during our conversation. Heidi is very easy to talk to and I felt like I'd known her forever! If you are looking for a psychic reading, Heidi is the real deal:)
Heidi was very welcoming and has a really relaxing vibe to her which made us feel very comfortable, then got into the reading and explained to us exactly what to expect, we went in wanting so badly to hear from 1 soul and right away she told us many details and we were assured it was him, down to the word motorcycles which was it for me, we cried, laughed, she knew his personality. It was a great experience! We were able to record the session and is great to be able to replay! Thank you Heidi!!!
My reading with Heidi was amazing. The information she gave me was incredibly accurate. She was so friendly and made me so comfortable. She answered all of my questions and I left her office feeling incredible. I would absolutely refer her to anyone who wants to speak with a lost loved one or to learn about their future.
Heidi was amazing. The second I met her, I felt instantly "calmed." She has this incredible presence that makes you feel as though you are meeting up with an old friend. I gave her NO information about me at any time, but she immediately began telling me about loved ones I had lost...down to their exact names. She helped me in so many ways regarding my current path in life, and validated so many things that she would have NO WAY of knowing. If you need peace in your life, Heidi can help you.
Heidi was my first experience with a medium and she seriously blew me away. I came in feeling extremely nervous, but her calm and light demeanor completely changed that. She knew details of loved ones and events that nobody else knew and was able to confirm so many things. She was able to help lift the unbearable weight off my shoulders wondering if my loved ones were okay. Saying Heidi is incredible is an understatement - she is phenomenal!
Heidi is a very healing soul. She is kind, compassionate and truly gifted. My reading was quite therapeutic for me as I was reunited with my father who had passed 20 years ago. Heidi gave me a beautiful message from him. She told me that he would visit my son when he was small and would play with him as well. It meant so much to me to know that my father had shared special moments with my son. I can't thank Heidi enough for making that possible. Now I know he is still a part of my life.


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