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Since Carl’s 30-minute conversation with his grandfather (3 months after his passing) in 1988, he realized that he had an ability to communicate with the Spirit World. His personal experience has made Mediumship very dear to him and he is honored to share this ability. If you would like to connect to a loved one who is in spirit, Carl invites you to contact him to schedule an appointment.

For Mediumship sessions, Carl is able to provide real evidence, and it is not uncommon for him to be able to provide you with physical characteristics, names and dates associated with your loved one(s) in Spirit, personality traits, type of employment, passions, tell you who your loved one(s) are with in Spirit, and share current events of your life that your loved one(s) in Spirit have witnessed since their passing, etc.

Carl's sole desire is that when you finish with your session, you have a true understanding that your loved one(s) are still present and still accessible to you, and that you become aware of the fact that life continues after life. They really don't die, they only transition to another form. The soul carries on.

A Psychic Reading with Carl is a session where he receives information for you from a Source other than those gained through the basic 5 human senses. Using his heightened abilities and gifts, your psychic reading is a consultation incorporating the use of specialized methods, tools and areas of expertise to help you get back on track or to find their true path.

Carl is very passionate about this work and he feels so fortunate to be able to help others find or get back on their chosen soul path with Psychic Readings, and connect with their loved one(s) in Spirit, who are no longer here in physical form with Mediumship Sessions.

If you are interested in scheduling a Psychic Reading or a Mediumship Session, feel free to contact Carl.

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Carl is an International Psychic and Medium, who has conducted Mediumship Demonstrations around the US and in the UK, and provides 1-on-1 Private Mediumship Sessions and Psychic Readings. All sessions are by appointment and can be conducted in person or by video call. Carl also offers Video call sessions to International clients.

Although new to this directory, Carl is not new to Mediumship and has several reviews that can be found on his webpage. A sample of them is listed below.

I would like to take this time to say thank you for a wonderful session. The laughter and tears that I shared with you this afternoon have added a little more consolation to my grieving process since losing my Mom last July. You were right on point with so many details. I shared my story with friends and recommended you highly. I truly appreciate the gift that you have and your ability to help others. God bless you!
Janet Pollinger – Florida

I am still grieving and had a rough time keeping positive energy flowing, but Carl was great. He stayed positive and patient and helped me receive messages that gave me some peace.
Jennifer Haney – Oregon

Carl’s abilities are genuine. He reiterated what another gifted reader had also shared with me, so I guess it’s time for me to pay attention and heed the instruction. He is very straightforward and not especially “woo-woo” (for those who may be uncomfortable with that). I would recommend him for people anywhere on the spiritual spectrum – those just wanting to try a psychic for the first time, and those who have experienced much in the spiritual realm. I am grateful for the time we spent together and look forward to more in the future.
Sana Hayes – Oregon

Carl, first of all I really want to thank you so much for having wonderful moments by spending time and feeling again presence of my lovely grandpa. It just touched my heart on so many levels, and inspired me to be even more passionate about following my dreams and finally making them true, with more confidence and freedom. Thank you for letting me feel all that lovely memories and moments that reminded me how blessed I really am for being his grandchild, and having such a wonderful, loving family. All things that you felt and said to me, made me feel like I am again wrapped in my grandpa’s arms, and listening his voice, while he is teaching me about so many things… About life; about what true, pure love is; about what meaning of family is; about what parenting is; about what support is; about what means being humane, kind and generous. I was that kid again, sitting on his knees listening and enjoying the warmth of his presence. Carl, I really appreciate your work, professionalism, your passion. Every single word and thought you shared with me was just real, accurate and just magical for my heart. Hearing my grandpa’s message, by you saying it to me, really enlightened me. It gave me wings, to go for what I always wanted to do. You are really down to earth, and realistic. I just like the way you were telling me all these memories. It was all just true, real and beautiful. Thank you once again with all my heart. Keep doing what you are doing – bringing the truth, light, healings, and positive vibes
Dragana Karadzic – California

Thank you again… I have never had an experience like that, I really could feel her there when you were talking… it was hard not to get emotional, and I will definitely take the “enjoy life more” comment seriously. She definitely lived hers to the fullest… You pointed out things that no one else would know and all of it was connected to her. I didn’t know what to expect and wasn’t even sure that I wanted to go, but I am certainly glad that I did. Thank you so much!
Sandy Clementi – California

Carl is a very special human being! he truly has a gift and has helped me more than I could believe possible! Please, if you are in a place in your life that you are uncertain, confused, just, have a sudden fear you have never had before, or just want to know if you are on the right path, please, please contact this beautiful man!
Jolene Hardy Alexia – Oregon

Carl is one of the most gifted mediums I know. his readings are staring forward, fun, and accurate. He balances straight forward information with compassionate insight. If you’re looking for the real deal, he’s your man.
Robin Linke – New Jersey

Carl is my favorite psychic and has given me great insight into my life. I have had several readings with him and each time he balances the discussion of my challenges with humor and compassion. He is very accurate in his descriptions of what I am feeling and I always look forward to a reading with him.
Kelsey McHugh – Pennsylvania

I am so grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting Carl Seaver at a seminar. Carl has amazed me with the mediumship readings that he has done for me. After grieving the loss of my father for over 20 years I can finally say I have found comfort and clarity return to my life. I thank Carl for changing my life! I recommend that not only someone grieving a loss, but anyone that would like to connect with a loved one on the other side, to contact Carl Seaver without hesitation. He will change your life!
Cynthia Ray – Arizona

Carl is an amazing! Not only is he completely gifted, but he is so easy to talk to and makes you feel nothing but comfortable and welcome. Thanks for being so supportive and understanding through my journey!!
Delaney Zellman – New Jersey

Carl Seaver is a Gifted Medium and Psychic ! If you need answers, if you want to cut through the denseness in your life, receive clarity and direction, Carl is the one to connect with. I have had the pleasure of working with Carl in New Jersey and I’ve witnessed his strong, effective Gifts being shared with many, many happy clients. He has conducted more Readings for me over the last few years personally than I could ever count. He’s the one I go to, the TOPS of my list ! I’m very grateful for his abilities!
Maura Bertotti – New Jersey

My favorite part of Carl is that he speaks the truth and I can always count on his honesty. There are so many pieces of him that form together and produce incredible effects.
Bobbi Torres – New Jersey

Carl is a very gifted medium who delivers such accurate info in a very down to earth, honest way. Carl has a very down to earth way, mixed with humor, and his readings are powerful as well as fun!
Lynne Stansbury Dunn – New Jersey

Since the time I can remember I have always been intrigued by the metaphysical side of life. I have experienced everything from Tarot Readings, Seances, Reiki Healings, etc. I even found myself taking classes in anything that even related to that small voice inside me that knew there was more about me that I wanted/needed to know …but how and where was it or was it just a fairy tale I refused to give up? Then one day I walked into a Health an Wellness Fair and met Carl Seaver who had information I had never heard of. I did a reading with him as well and must say that he “blew me away” and I knew this man was the real thing. No hocus locus here.
Shima Chayvet – New York

Carl- what can I say wow… My first reading from Carl I was blown away. He is extremely gifted, and straight forward. I also received the Reconnection from Carl, and since then experienced many “out of this world” experiences! I believe Carl was put in my life to direct me to my path. You are missed here in NJ Carl, but I know you are a phone call away..
Jacqueline Westlake – New Jersey

I can’t even begin to explain the feelings that came over me when Carl began to speak. Carl knew all of my inner most private struggles and fears, my bad habits as if he were a fly on the wall of my heart. He had me figured out the moment he said I was lost in flowers. Only I would know what that meant… If you are seeking answers or feeling a little lost please give him a try. It was an amazing experience!!!! Thank you Carl!!!!!!
Annie Crecelius – Oregon

I had heard good things about Carl’s readings and was so excited for my first one. Within the first few minutes, the words out of his mouth confirmed exactly what I felt was going on in my life. And then, later, when he saw a talent that has been my secret dream since childhood, I got goosebumps!
Jane Sprovach Gray – New Jersey

I have been studying the metaphysical world for 20 plus years and I found Carl to be the real deal. I have had two physic readings with Carl and was amazed both times. Totally different information was given and they were spot on. He is straight forward and direct and I trust in his abilities. I recommend him without reservation and I will continue to use him for direction and guidance in my life.
Summer Bangert – Oregon

I’ve had two readings with Carl and have recommended him to friends as well as allowed him to read for my daughter. He works very hard during a reading to accurately communicate what he is receiving from the Other Side, and his talents are impressive. By far his most impressive mediumship reading was for a dear friend of mine who had just lost her husband. Carl’s messages blew us all away and helped a very young widow through an extremely difficult time, giving her the courage to move forward and the confidence of knowing her loved one was still right by her side.
Diane Gatfield McHugh – New Jersey

Master is the first word that comes to mind when I think about Carl. Second is healer. Third is capable. The insights and clarity Carl has brought into my life is priceless and I am very grateful for having the good fortune to have met him and to have occupied his focus and time. What Carl offers is what you don’t know, you don’t know, known. Repeat that 5 times fast…. Yeah, deep things from a deep masterful man. Thanks Carl!
Michael MacDonald – Texas

I get a reading from Carl approximately every quarter. I was skeptical about getting a reading over the phone because I thought it was BS so I wanted to test it. I ended up getting a reading from Carl, and another medium. I asked them both the same questions and ended up getting similar answers, which confirmed it actually works. I would say the one thing that really got me is when Carl asked me if I had been drinking enough water during a reading once. My diet was crappy at the time (still is sometimes) and I in fact, wasn’t drinking much water. I have received about eight readings from Carl over the past two years and he will continue receiving my business because he has been a huge help for me understanding myself and how I can proceed forward. Whether you get a reading from a medium, take music lesson, classes, or whatever, you have to go to someone who presents information in a manner that resonates with you. Carl is not a fortune teller, but instead gives you an accurate “picture” of where you are in your life at the time of the reading.
Curt Sassak – Texas

It was a pleasure meeting Carl when he was back in New Jersey. I am not sure how or why, but for the last year + I have been having dreams of being lost, can’t find things, always looking for a way out of some place.. There were vivid dreams that I can remember and recall when I awake.. After my session with Carl, I have had not one of those dreams…thank you
Corinne Kaas – New Jersey

Carl is an incredible psychic and healer. He has helped me open up doors of perception that I didn’t know, I didn’t know. His deep wisdom of life and the super-natural inter-connection is truly awe-inspiring. I feel blessed to have connected with him, his insights have changed me for the better forever. Thanks Carl!
MM – New Hampshire

Listed since: Mar 2, 2015


I had my first ever reading with a medium and I’m happy it was with Carl. I was nervous and didn’t say much . Carl mentioned two life changing events that happened to me in my past. He definitely would not have known this prior to the call. Since the call I feel like my loved ones are around me and that has lifted my spirit . Thanks Carl
Carl is a gifted, compassionate person who makes you feel extremely comfortable during a reading. He exceeded all my expectations, as I had not had a reading in many years. He was genuinely interested in my thoughts and connections that were made, and spent time in discussion outside of the actually reading. If you are considering a reading, you will not find any person who is more talented and caring. A rare find!
I was in my doctors office and picked up a over 50 paper and there was an advertisement for Carl and I read reviews from other people about him and then made an appointment to see him.He was fantastic everything he told me was true so I would recommend him to anyone who wants to have a rreading.
My sister and I had a reading with Carl and he was spot on. There is no way he could have known the family things he brought up. We also had a surprise visit for our brother-in-law at the end which was a bonus. He is the real deal. Awesome...
There are few times in life you meet someone so kind, so true and so capable..Carl Seaver is more than just this, he has a special gift that if you are open and able to receive is one of the most precious gifts life can offer. We were simply blown away and were able to get our family back to a place we never thought we could. Thank you Carl, the world needs you now more than ever!
Carl Seaver is a gifted Medium and Psychic. He has a thorough and straight forward approach, bringing through our loved ones who have crossed over! He is not just dedicated to his work of helping clients, but also to his constant development of his own Gifts, growing and expanding both here in the United States, as well as Internationally. I recommend Carl because connection brings healing to our grief when we have lost someone, you can find such healing by receiving a genuine Reading.

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