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Billie is a qualified psychic and spiritual medium who uses her intuition to offer guidance to all of her clients, encouraging them to move in a positive direction. Since childhood Billie realized she was able to see beyond this physical world. She began doing readings for friends and family at an early age and was constantly encouraged to continue developing her gift. Eventually she began offering private readings on a larger scale. She has become a highly sought after psychic working for several agencies doing special events at major theme parks, parties, and corporate functions. This work is very healing and she is grateful to be able to serve in this way. In addition to her connection to the human spirit she has a special bond with animals and can serve to help you understand your pets as an animal psychic.

When you schedule your reading with Billie, you will receive a detailed and highly accurate reading that covers the areas of your life where you need the most guidance.

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What To Expect And How To Prepare For Your Reading

Before each reading Billie will "tap in" and take notes. This process is called automatic writing. She will then throw some cards. Your reading will begin with a brief explaintion of this process. She will then explain everything that came to her. At this time she may get information from loved ones who have passed over but that does not always happen. Also keep in mind that the information is what is most helpful to you at the time of the reading. It may not be what you expected to hear or what you want to hear. She does leave time for questions and answers where you can ask about anything that may not have been covered. Everyone is different and therefore every reading is different. Please try to stay open and without expectation.

The best way to prepare for your reading is to take a few moments to concentrate on your breath. Once you reach a focused state think about what areas in your life you would like to receive guidence on. Make sure you are in a quiet space without interuption for your reading. Billie will not give any medical advise. If you have any health issues seek the care of a qualified physician.

The email question is a quick way to get an answer to one question. It is not a full reading and Billie will only address one question at a time. You are allowed one additional follow up for clarification but it must pertain to the original question.

Services are subject to the client’s interpretation.

Listed since: Oct 26, 2014


I booked a reading with Billie on the 23rd of September 2020. I booked it for my mom. The reading with Billie was out of this world. She was spot on and so accurate. It was so unbelievable. There was no need to give her information. She blew our minds away. She could connect with most of our loved ones and described them accurately. Thank you for bringing us closure. We are definitely going to make another booking. All the way from South Africa!!
Billie is so tapped in that she tells you not to give her info—cuz you don’t have to. I barely have to give a person’s name and Billie has rapid fire insight and information that is very specific. For example, I brought up a person and she asked why it felt like we were in different cities (cuz we are in different cities!). She picked up on phrases I used in my head to describe a person and situation along with other very specific information that I don’t share with people.
Although I met Billie quite a few years ago, I was very surprised to recently discover that she had been a practicing medium and so I eagerly attended one of her events. The messages Billie relayed to me left no doubt in my mind that she genuinely connected with a loved one dear to my heart. I was amazed and impressed! I left feeling moved and deeply touched by the experience, and still am. She and her messages were a blessing to me. I believe Billie is the real deal and recommend her highly.
My dog was at the end of her life, and I had to make the heartbreaking decision on when to euthanize. Billie picked up immediately what was going on, and by reading my dog, helped me come to terms with what was best. Billie's empathy and understanding truly helped me get through one of the most difficult times in my life. Thank you Billie for confirming what I already knew in my heart, but needed the reassurance.
I have had three readings with Billie and I am always blown away at how insightful she is without me feeding her any information. She taps into the spirit world with amazing accuracy and she does this in a kind and gracious way. She nails me and others as if she has already met and knows us. I highly recommend her. i have had experience with other mediums and I think she stands out.
I recently received a reading from Billie and was very impressed with her accuracy, openness and insight. Billie was very helpful in providing feedback from one of our special dogs which we lost last year. Her clarity and interpretation was 'spot on'. I was also very impressed with her perception and guidance in my growth in development of my Spiritual Gifts. Her direction and guidance in developing my skills was invaluable.
This was my first reading with Billie and it was great! As soon as my call began, it was as though she had known me for years. She was so accurate about my work situation and my kids. I have my fingers crossed that the tall dark and handsome "friend" might turn into something more!
I spoke with Billie last week for the second time. I really love speaking with her. There are things about the person I was asking about that she knew without me saying anything! I told my sister that she had to speak with Billie, that she is amazing!! She also took her time to respond to an email, which I really appreciate!!! Thanks again Billie!!!
I had a reading with Billie on May 25, 2015. She was very informative and interesting. She told me her thoughts and insights and found them to be credible and true. I would definitely book another reading with her in the future. She answered all my questions and was very professional.
I really enjoyed my reading with Billie. I felt very comfortable and she seemed to me as more accurate in her readings. I will definitely set up another session with her in the future and have already recommended her to my family.
The information Billie provided me with was accurate and insightful and the energy of the reading was caring and professional throughout. It was a great session! ...I'll definitely be scheduling with her again for both myself and my daughter.
She predicted two things in January that she said would happen---she saw me buying a home, and meeting a man on a beach. I didn't understand because I had no plans to buy a home, and I haven't dated in ten years. Lo and behold, my mother died, and I am not buying her home from my family. Last week, I took a personal week, and went to Florida, decided to walk on the beach, and ran into an old friend I hadn't seen in 30 years. He just asked me to be his girlfriend.
This was my first reading with Billie and I loved my reading with Billie! I really appreciated that the information she gave me was not broad brushed and therefore could be interpreted in many ways. It was specific enough that I knew she was truly tapped in! What I liked the most is the simplicity of the information she relayed to me! I look forward to having another reading with her in the near future!!
I had a great reading with Billie about 2 months ago. She picked up on many things that made a lot of sense to me. At the time, there were several things that I thought would be impossible to actually happen, but they did, and I was very amazed. I love her energy, the way she reads, she really takes her time
I just had a fabulous reading with Billie in October. Unlike some of these readers, she takes her time and really tells you what she sees and understands. She made two predictions that she said would happen in January, and BOTH did. She told me something about my boyfriend that I didn't know to be true, but now I see that it is 100% true. She's a lovely reader.
Billie read me in October and said a bunch of things about my situation with an ex-girlfriend of mine that made a ton of sense. She also made two predictions that just came true in January. She also gave me spot on details about my mother's heath. This woman is highly recommended by me. I have been getting read for 30 years--she is one of the best.

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