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Aubrey is unique in her readings. What sets her apart from other intuitives is that her gifts are multi-fasceted. She has the rare gift of the "4 Clairs" which means she's clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant . She's also a highly sensitive empath, master tarot reader, medical intuitive, & remote-viewer; and Aubrey tends to use all of her incredible skills to give you one, amazing reading! She is never 'vague', nor does she ever try to fish for answers. Above all, her main purpose in life is to help others. She doesn't play games or convince you that you have a spell on you for more money. She's realistic and keeps a very down-to-earth, practical and even scientific approach with her readings. While she never sugar-coats her information, she also ensures that she delivers your reading in the most sensitive and non-judgmental manner. When speaking to her, you will feel comfortable and as if you were talking to your best friend!

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Aubrey has been reading professionally for over 10 years and is rated an average of 5 stars over social networks, including Yelp.

Listed since: Oct 16, 2015


Aubrey has a beautiful and compassionate soul. I reached out to her for guidance during this trying time (Covid-19 pandemic), and she provided me insight in to professional and personal matters nobody else could deliver. She has a gift definitely work investing in. I would recommend her gifts to anyone looking for clarity or perhaps a loving reality check. She is the real deal and provides exactly what you NEED to hear. I would consult with her again.
It has been a long time for me to find a Psychic as grounding, honest and compassionate as Aubrey. She targeted important points that I thought she would never point out because of my experience with 2 other Psychic's (who did not). But she did! I was relieved and felt more open to her guidance and validation. She validated so much in me. For anyone needing some anchoring, Aubrey will help you see with a blast of clarity who and what you are. Thank you for your sensitivity Aubrey!
I had been looking for a good Psychic for years wasted lots of money on bad Psychics then I went to see Aubrey. WOW! She is excellent. In fact, I went to see her twice in a span of 2 days. The first reading she was right on and she advised me what I should do. Well, I screwed up and then had to go back to see if I had done any damage. The second reading was even more profound and I was given very strict instructions to follow when I left which I am following right now. Thanks Aubrey you're great
I went to see Aubrey after multiple upheavals in my life. She nailed the feelings and what was happening without so much as asking a question. She just read my cards. She also help calm me and to guide me through the tough time I was having. She gave me hope that at the end of this upheaval I would do just great. I would recommend her to anyone. I have been to her several times.
I have had two readings with Aubrey. She is very kind and compassionate and was able to very quickly tune into multiple situations in my life. She saw a few things that would be showing up in my life and was very accurate. She did a great job at clearing questions up and helping to lead me towards the right path for my current situations. I definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a straight forward, highly intuitive clairvoyent.

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