Voices from Heaven Medium Event with Lauren Robbins from Married at First Sight - Win a Chance of 30-Minute Session

Thursday, August 18, 2022
Event type: Live Event
Location: Walpole, Massachusetts

Voices from Heaven Medium Group Reading Event with Light Refreshments and a Chance to Win a Private 30-Minute Session – 7:00 - ~ 9:00 pm (Doors open at 6:30 pm) - Meet Lauren Robbins, an Award-Winning Tested & Endorsed Psychic Medium, Author, and Spiritual Teacher who has appeared on The List TV Show, Married at First Sight Boston, on Lifetime, and in The Lady of the Dunes 2022 Documentary. Listen as Lauren channels messages from loved ones in heaven with their personality, memories, and messages they want to share to prove you are never alone. Visit Lauren's website to purchase tickets.

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