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As a channeler and Evidential Medium, Tammy is able to connect with her guides, Angels and the spirits of those that have crossed over, including pets. Receiving messages and information to help spiritually guide your life. Her gifts have grown naturally and abundantly over the years.
Author of A Midlife Awakening & A Year of Messages From Ascended Masters, available at Hay House, Balboa Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com.
Trained with some of the most gifted International Mediums including- John Holland, Janet Nohavec, Mavis Pattilla,Tony Stockwell, and Lauren Rainbow.
The second half of The Psychic Sisters, Tammy was a frequent guest, featured on WDEL 101.7 FM radio, Wilmington, De., has an international client base and has performed Gallery readings throughout the USA and in Glastonbury, England. Spirit Circles are held monthly in her home based business Pike Creek Reiki & Healing Arts Ctr. Newark, De
Instruction for Psychic/Medium Mentorship Program are held in person and on Zoom.

Pet readings: A photo of your pet, living or passed, 30 minutes $60

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A wife, mother and grandmother I am using my "empty nest" to bring health, happiness and well being to myself, my family, my friends and those friends I have yet to meet.
A Psychic Medium, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Medical Reiki Master, Shiv Yogini Shakti Healer, Healing Touch, Donna Eden Energy Medicine, Magnified Healing and sound healer, ordained non-denominational minister, and End of Life Doula. I began my spiritual journey beginning as a Reiki practitioner since 2006.

Listed since: Nov 1, 2015


Tammy is an amazing, thoughtful and extremely gifted in what she does, she has brought me peace on many occasions while also helping others channel their gifts too. I have attended, classes and meditation which helps me grow and understand what’s going on. A truly wonderful human sharing her gifts.
Tammy is AMAZING! Her gift she has must be so rewarding when you watch others lives be impacted. And that is exactly what happen to me and my best friend when we went for a reading. Tammy has an amazing sense of humor, a kind heart, and really takes the time to process the message and the delivery. To see my best friend tear up to receive a message she’s always wanted to hear was the best thing ever. And if it weren’t for Tammy I don’t know if she would have ever got that! Thank you!!
Very professional! Focused on what I asked her and then offered so much more. Tammy is an exceptional listener and offered concise feedback on my questions. She connected with my grandparents, who asked why I wasn't married yet, and my father who added that I was independent and didn't need to be married. I laughed at the messages because I felt like I was in the same room with my family. I am grateful to have a place where I can make these connections! Her office is lovely.
I visited Tammy on February 5, 2018 bc in the 3+ months since a friend's suicide, I couldn't stop thinking I needed to speak to him. Turns out, the draw was bc he asked me to be the messenger to his family, who he knows is worried about his soul making it to heaven - a fact I confirmed to Tammy. I could feel Tammy's goodness & calming demeanor, the same light that I have felt in other messengers of God. She also accurately described how my dog died in January, and reassured me that Lilly is ok.
AMAZING READING!! My mom passed away unexpectedly and I was devastated. I had a reading done by Tammy. She gave me constant validation throughout my whole reading, and said things only my mom and I would know. I cannot thank her enough for giving me the peace that I finally have. Tammy truly cares about her client’s, not just on a professional level, but on a personal level. I cannot Thank her enough!
Tammy is truly gifted. She has helped me to get through the pain of losing my daughter and brother. The experience helped to bring closure to so many unanswered questions. Most important her ability to communicate with my loved ones was an amazing experience. I would recommend anybody grieving and in pain to see Tammy for help dealing with their loss.
My reading with Tammy was spectacular. I've always been skeptical of whether or not readings were legit and have left a couple previous readings elsewhere more doubtful then anything. Totally not the case with Tammy! Tammy is truly gifted and I have no doubt was communicating with my Mom. The specific details she offered were amazing and gave me goosebumps over and over. She is a wonderful person with a huge gift and I'm still thrilled from the time I spent with her.
I recently had the most amazing visit with Tammy for both a Reiki treatment and a psychic reading. It was truly the most wonderful experience I have ever had. She is the "real deal" and a true blessing to those of us fortunate enough not only to know her, but to be on the receiving end of her God given gifts. Thank you Tammy, and may God continue to bless you!
Tammy is an authentic reader and person, this is very clear in her readings. Tammy is someone who works with positive energies to help give closure. She honestly has gave me some really good advice, many times, over the years.
Tammy has a true gift in connecting you with your loved ones that have passed on. She has done a reading for me several times and given me valued information that I still treasure to this day. Through her loving heart, she will provide you with the messages that are needed with love and light.
Tammy is extremely gifted and intuitive when connecting with spirit. She works hard to make connections and confirm that you know who she's connecting with. Her reconnecting me with my father was life changing. The messages she channeled were accurate and heart warming. She brought my smiles, tears and reflecting moments to look back on later. Her mediumship skills along with her Reiki healing techniques are indeed a blessing. Thank you Tammy for everything that you do. God Bless You!!
Tammy is amazing - I have known her for over 3 years. She is gifted, honest, compassionate and ethical. Tammy has outstanding insights and her readings are focused to get in as much information as possible. I love her Reiki sessions, where she may finish the session with Tibetan singing bowls, depending on what you need. She performed a house cleansing for me when I moved this summer. I highly recommend you visit Tammy for readings, reiki and a host of other services. You will be delighted.
Tammy is a gifted medium. Her accuracy is amazing. She gave me some amazing info that clarified some misinformation. With that said, she is a great person.
I have known Tammy for about 4 years. I was receiving a Reiki treatment the very first time that Tammy started experiencing her psychic talents. She brought my daughter through to me and we were both sobbing! Since that time, I have watched and listened to this wonderfully talented lady grow and grow and bring forth many people's loved ones with messages that are so important to them. She never ceases to amaze me! AND she is still developing and expanding her talents! Highly recommended!
Tammy helped me find closure with my ex-husband. He said that he was sorry for his I was able to reach my deceased ex- husband and find closure. I spoke to him about his lack of emotional support for his two young children. I was able to express my disappointment with his actions. It felt very comforting for me to converse with him thru Tammy's ability to connect with his spirit. Tammy has a way to make you feel comfortable and excited to communicate with your departed loved ones.

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