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Located in Middletown Delaware, Deanna is a Psychic Medium who works to connect those in Spirit with their Loved One's here in the living. As a Psychic, She can also help with life related questions. Deanna began this journey in 2001 after a trip to a hypnotherapist brought about changes within her that allowed these connections to occur. Working professionally since 2006, she offers individual consultations in person or via the phone and Zoom. She also connects with Spirit in Public venues such as the Milton Theatre, the Everett Theatre, and the Revival. Deanna teaches psychic development and Mediumship. And, she also has the ability to connect with animals both living and passed.

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Listed since: Nov 24, 2008


I held a group event at my home and Deanna just blew us away with the accurate details about the loved ones we connected with. Within five minutes she had the full attention of everyone in the room because she immediately made connections with compassion and accuracy. As others have said, she was spot-on with details that could have only come from our loved ones that had passed on. She's soft-spoken and genuine, and was able to give us peace of mind!
I held a group reading in my home March 2014. I can no say enough about Deanna . Everyone that attended that wanted to connect with a loved did indeed. I myself was able to connect with more than one loved one. There are no prompts just information only I would know. I certainly believe in God but this is comforting to know that spirit is always with me. Several friends came to hear from a beloved loved one and did indeed. Dean is amazing.M
I attended a group spirit gathering last night with Deanna and was pleasantly surprised to have received a message from someone so dear to me that passed 20 years ago. After all this time, it is heart-warming to know he is watching over me and using music as a sign to get my attention that he is around me. Her validation was spot on and her delivery was full of compassion and warmth. I have been recommending her to others after meeting her in a class several years ago and will continue to!
Before I saw Deanna for the first time I was an Atheist. I did not believe in the afterlife at all. My mom guilty me into going to a group reading with her and my life was completely changed. It was not only what she said --although that was spot on - - but also the feeling I had. I actually felt the presence of spirits for the first time. She also was able to connect both my mother and I to family. Since then I have been to two private readings and sat in on a friends private reading.
I recently attended a group reading with Deanna. WOW she could not have been more accurate! I did not know anyone else in the group but she came through with unbelievable accuracy. Things that no one else would have known but me. I felt so happy when I left there and so at peace. Thank you Deanna for relieving so much of my stress and lightning my heavy heart.
Deanna is amazing! She was able to reconnect me with several family members, including my mother. I couldn't believe how many things she hit on that even my closest friends didn't know about. What an unbelievable experience!
You'll be glad to know that a few things u told me bout my family n the people who came through that said things were true,,my father in law came through n said watch out for my mother in law,she's not well,n she got sick not to long after,,thank you deana,,thank u for everything,,
During a reading, Deanna shared a message about my sister in law, who was in another state at the time, she shared the awareness a challenging time, the awareness of some struggle...Deanna's message to my SIL was that her parents were aware of the challenges and that everything would be ok. When I shared this message with my brother, he stated "I had no idea how much they needed to hear this message from her parents". Deanna is one of the most caring and genuine mediums I have ever met.
I attended Deanna's Reiki Master and Psychic Development classes. I've witnessed Deanna provide mediumship readings in a group setting many times with astounding accuracy. It is truly a blessing to have such a talented psychic medium in our local area who charges reasonable fees and also shares her gift through teaching others. I recommend her to everyone I know who is curious about the spirit world. You've been guided to this site for a reason! Schedule a reading and go with an open mind!
Deanna has been in my life for over ten years. She is an awesome Medium, Reike Master, Psychic Development teacher and I could go on and on. She has touched so many lives in her Galleries and reading parties. She is spot on with her information and verification of those in Spirit that are communicating with her. I have learned so much from her and would encourage anyone to give her a call if you are looking to connect with your loved ones in Spirit. Love and Light is what Deanna brings.
Deanna has an amazing gift of connecting with loved ones who have crossed to the other side. I continue to be in awe of her ability to help people heal and bring closure regarding a loved one's death or unresolved issue. My favorite public spirit gallery of hers was one where no one came through for me; the people that got read were the ones who really needed to hear a message. Deanna is inspiring and helps people realize that family and friends are always with us.
Deanna has an incredible gift. My reading was very accurate. My family history is non traditional and she was on target with information that many couldn't guess if they tried. I've referred multiple friends to her for house clearings to private readings and she's been on target each time. When she is unable to make a connection, she says so and will refuse payment. She is the real deal!
I had group reading with Deanna and she was pretty accurate. I had lost my beloved fiance to a heart condition only a year before the reading. He was only 38 and I am still devastated. Deanna had his personality down pat. The way Mike talked and joked around was all him. Plus she knew things that no one could possibly know. I'm thankful to her because I now know that he is alright and he is still himself and making his same jokes.
Deanna was right on the mark with my reading on April 11, 2012. I have always believed we can talk with those we loved and to have someone who knows nothing about your life tell you things no one else would have a clue is amazing and extremely peaceful. Thank you so much.
I met Deanna and had a wonderful medium reading. I've had an inner peace that is priceless! I refer Deanna's services to everyone I come in contact with and would highly recommend her. Deanna has an amazing gift. I encourage all those who are "on the fence" to give her services a try. You may be a skeptic now, but afterwards, you'll be a believer. I plan on taking classes in the future with her. In my eyes, she's an Angel and has been a blessing for me and my family. Lisa B. Townsend, De

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