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Deanna Fitzpatrick

Located in Middletown Delaware, Deanna is a Psychic Medium who works to connect those in Spirit with their Loved One's here in the living. As a Psychic, She can also help with life related questions. Deanna began this journey in 2001 after a trip to a hypnotherapist brought about changes within her that allowed these connections to occur. Working professionally since 2006, she offers individual consultations in person or via the phone, private...
(Nearest City: Middletown; Reviews 15; Listed since: Nov 24, 2008) :: READ MORE

Angela Bixby

Living beyond the five senses has always been a part of how Angela Bixby sees and approaches the world. She is a Certified Intuitive Consultant and Certified Psychic Medium through the Holistic Studies Institute in NYC, which has deepened her natural intuitive abilities that she gained at a young age. Angela is a Certified Reiki Master and has studied energy healing with many teachers of alternative modalities. Angela offers healing and...
(Nearest City: Wilmington; Reviews 1; Listed since: Apr 28, 2013) :: READ MORE

Tammy Petruccelli

As a channeler and Evidential Medium, Tammy is able to connect with her guides, Angels and the spirits of those that have crossed over, including pets. Receiving messages and information to help spiritually guide your life. Her gifts have grown naturally and abundantly over the years. Author of A Midlife Awakening & A Year of Messages From Ascended Masters, available at Hay House, Balboa Press, Amazon and Barnes & Trained...
(Nearest City: Wilmington; Reviews 14; Listed since: Nov 1, 2015) :: READ MORE