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Crystal Reader

Michael J Kaminski

Michael J Kaminski DD, Metaphysician: Are you looking for meaningful insights into your present life path? At Spirit Quest your session will draw on a wide range of information from your present and past lives, including the energies in your Aura and Chakra systems, assisting your growth and aligning your present life path. We can also provide unique Astrological Charts, Maps and Synastry information to help you discover answers and clues to...
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Allison Hayes

Greetings - my name is Allison but my friends call me THE ROCK GIRL. I provide evidential, detailed and accurate readings for your personal growth and spiritual transformation. I offer spirit communication as a psychic medium, guidance as a psychic, & past-life information as a channeler. Whether you’re seeking to solve a current challenge, heal an ailment, recognize obstacles you’ve carried over from past lives, or discover your life’s...
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Stephanie Van Hoose

Many Blessings! I am a Spiritual Medium, Certified Medical Intuitive & Health Advocate, Reiki & Energy Practitioner If you need guidance and would like to set up a session, please visit A life Reading includes messages from loved ones as well as guidance for all areas of your life.. ...
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Karen Sealey

Tarot Reader, Healer, Intuitive Artist Often accused of reading with whizz bang accuracy in a wonderfully unique and effective style. Tarot has played a very strong role in my life, since and I began reading cards in 1988. However my first experiences of connecting and working with intuition started as a very small child. Many of my earliest memories are of sitting with my grandmother, looking into the open fire and telling stories about...
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Alicia Bickett

I am an Australian Psychic and a Medium. I communicate with the living souls already in your life, your deceased loved ones and your future lovers and babies... I can also see your spiritual guides and your star families... Your future career... your future home... your pets in spirit! ​ My journey started in energy healing, my empathic abilities helping me understand your pain and the new direction you need to take for a happier life....
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Karina Collins

Karina is a renowned Tarot reader based in West Cork, Ireland. She has been reading Tarot for 15 years and has helped people all around the world connect with their intuition through her online community. Author of Tarot in 5 Minutes, Karina believes everyone should take a few minutes to learn how to read their own cards. During her readings, Karina uses a combination of Tarot, numerology and astrology to look at your true path in life. This...
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